ERC Meeting 9: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 12th December 2022

Roberts Stafeckis, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, Kerstin Loretz, Daniel Larsson, John Swabey. Apologies from Debbie Lines.

ERC Approved variation to the Sports Regulations
The ERC is currently finalising variations to the WCF Sports Regulations that will apply in ERC organised events. This means, in particular, adapting the allocation process for Member places and the sequence in which Ranking places are allotted versus extra places for the host country. These variations will be published on the Europe Page of the website when finalised.

European Clubs League
The rules and calendar for the European Clubs League are being finalised and will be published soon.

2023 Open Events in Continental Europe
The ERC plan to collate a list of Open events in Continental member countries. The list will be drawn up and published on the Euope page of the website. It is hoped this will encourage players to travel to other countries to play.
Note: Events in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) can already be found and entered on the English CA website: Fixtures Calendar

ERC Meeting 8: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 7th November 2022

Present: Roberts Stafeckis, Debbie Lines, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, John Swabey

ERC events 2023

a) Event agreements for the 2023 Teams Championship and 2023 Singles Championship are with their respective hosts for signature (Cheltenham and Budleigh).

b) Singles Championship

i) allocation principles. It is proposed to have a cap of 5 players per country, to avoid swamping with English / Spanish players. Ian to draft wording.
ii) Event Lead Ian Burridge

c) Team Championship

i) Squad size. Squad to be up to 5 players
ii) Cheltenham are happy to host coaching the day before the event. Funding still an open issue. Sarah Hayes happy to do AC coaching also the day before the Team event
iii) Event Lead Andrés

d) U21 Event, Latvia.

i) Format - to have maximum 28 players (4 blocks of 7)
ii) Potentiallly Begoña - tbc

ERC Budget

Overall budget for trophies to be 270 euro.

Team Championship trophy is with Tony Le Moignan. TBD whether Peter can pick it up or Gavin bring it to the Inter-Counties tournament in England, or get it couriered.

U21 should have a perpetual trophy (not too expensive?) plus a personal memento for the winner. Suggestions invited

European Clubs League

a) Grand Final … Madrid still doesn’t know if it will get local authority permit for extra lawns. Andrés to ask Madrid same question about hosting if delayed till 2024

b) last weekend’s event in Portugal was won by Roehampton club. Players seem to have enjoyed themselves overall despite issues over paying an unexpected green fee and for lunch. Clarity of communications with host clubs must be improved.

c) for 2023 there should be 4 heats announced (4 clubs want to act as hosts) and a 6 team final but if a lot more clubs want to play we can be flexible. The need is for there to be at least 3 lawns available

General issues

John will coordinate collecting a timetable of member countries Open events. Debbie to send him a link to the existing database


Roberts will draft a reply to the message from the German Federation request for the Team event to have 2 AC and 1 GC. The ERC maintains its position that we keep things as published but ask members for feedback after the event in 2023

Latvia will run their traditional Baltic Open GC 1-3 September 2023 and also want to host one of the weekends of the Clubs League


ERC Meeting 7: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 10th October  2022

Present: Roberts Stafeckis (Chairman), Kerstin Loretz, John Swabey, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, Daniel Larsson, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu

Apologies: John Swabey, Samir Patel, Debbie Lines

The items of the agenda were addressed as follows:

ERC event list
Discussion was held regarding the events held by the ERC.
No immediate comments were made regarding format nor amount of events. A window for comments or questions etc is open until October 12th. They should be sent to the chairman of the ERC, Roberts Stafeckis.

Regarding the ERC events, they use the same template as the world events.

ERC budget 2023 (entry fees, event income, expenses)
Questions regarding perpetual trophies for certain events was discussed to keep costs down a bit. Otherwise the fees looked alright and should pose no real issue.

The ERC agreed that the WCF method of funding and costing events would be followed going forward. As such, the entry fee, if adopted by the WCF, will henceforth be £17 per player per day.  This will be split £10 to hosts and £7 to the ERC for singles events, and £15 to hosts and £2 to the ERC for team events.  It was further confirmed that there was no provision for the WCF to fund the ERC and that the ERC would need to stand, financially speaking, on its own two feet.

European Clubs League
A first trial heat will be held in Portugal in November, with 4 teams. Entry fee is 50 Pounds Stirling or 60 Euro.

It was decided that the payment of the entry fee will be postponed until a payment to the WCF is set up and ready later this year.

According tot he regulation, each team will compete with 4 players.

The host will arrange for meals etc, which brought up the discussion of accompanying people. Accompanying people is not part of the competition, therefore not covered for any costs otherwise covered by the host.

Situation regarding the Grand Final of the Club League
No updates has been received from the Spanish Association regarding this. They can’t comment on this matter until the regular tournaments in Spain are completed. The clubs in question will get back tot he ERC within a matter days.

Procedure and calendar for 2023
We can potentially get hosts from the clubs that has already experessed an interest. So far, 7 teams have shown an interest in the event.

Until end of October, we will know the host for the grand final. Once we have that, we can make another round of advertise, in November we till have the first heat done. After that we can start planning for the league next year.

Allocation principles for ERC singles events (distribution of membership places, limits of players per member)
By January, decisions regarding allocation for the ERC singles events will be made.

Since this is a ERC/WCF event. Depending on your membership status, you get different amount of seats.

The remaining seats are under advisement on how to allocate.

General issues - what can ERC do apart from events?
The possibility of the ERC arranging coaching courses was up for discussion. One way to achieve these is to place these courses adjacent to an event such as a championship or club league event. The ERC recognized that a coaching coordinator might be preferable for this task.

A wish for an international European calendar was requested where not only events held by the ERC is registered but also individual countries Open games.

That way players can easily access all open tournaments, happening in Europe.

Estonia has shown some interest in starting playing croquet. The chairman, Roberts Stafeckis of the ERC has had some communication with some of the people in Estonia regarding croquet.

ERC Meeting 6: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 23rd August 2022

The key items discussed were:

Under 21 Survey
It was agreed to publish the results to all WCF Members.

The high numbers of young players in Czech Republic are based on the initiative in a private school. In England most are around 20 years old and come from the Universities. In Latvia, most of those playing are children of club players.

It was felt that recruitment and retention of young players is a job for local clubs. The WCF and National Federations can only provide some guidance and best practice examples.

Events involving young players should ensure they have the necessary safety checks in place.

Future Events
The dates for 2023 events are fixed and can be found on the ERC page of the WCF Website.
Members are to be emailed asking for bids for 2024 and 2025.

European Club League
The Madrid venues, which had been the planned venue for the Grand Final, will not  be ready in time with sufficient lawns. Other clubs in Madrid are too small with only 2 lawns. England is not a good place for an event in October/November as season ends there much earlier than in Spain.       Potential solutions would be to host the event in Spain: 1) at Vista Hermosa and Seville (a total of 6 lawns), 2) at Vista Hermosa, Sancti Petri and Cherry (a total of 7 lawns).

Update re the trial events in 2022
Ian informed that 4 clubs are still in negotiations. There were 7 clubs for the events in September, but coordination has been difficult. Still there is a chance to hold an event in Portugal in November.

The format and dates for 2023 events are being discussed again given the above issues with lawns for the final.

    • The entry procedure has 2 steps: 1) find hosts and then 2) the clubs can apply for them. The hosts can offer the dates: 1 or 2 weekends.
    • The number of clubs at the Grand Final should be reduced from 12 to possibly 8(?) depending on the number of lawns available.
      Send out information in November, and move deadlines for 2023 entries earlier: 1) hosts till December, 2) other clubs till January.
      It would be better to allow a heat of just 3 clubs, if 4 not available
    • Number of clubs from a country in each heat should be limited to two (ideally one), but that might be difficult to achieve.

Ian agreed to make an improved version of ECL Regulation

Other Items

Referee courses are recommended prior to Championships. It was agreed that the Teams Event due to be held in Cheltenham next summer would potentially be a good time.

A coaching session prior to the U21 event should be offered to the young players one day upfront of the tournament.

The next ERC meeting will be held on September 27th at 7pm UK


ERC Meeting 5: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 5th July 2022

The key items discussed were:

Report about the Women's Championship 

The European Women's Championship had just finished. It was a sucessful event held during a Latvian heat wave.

Referees: different opinions about situation in the game, speed of the game, language difficulties between the different nationalities.

Change of DGrades: Spanish players achieved 38 points per player, Latvian gained 21 per player, all others lost on average 42 points per player. Debbie advised that the Ranking Operations Committee are looking into this.

Streaming: sometimes 3 games were parallel streamed. Facebook blocked streaming partly because there was music in the background.

Format of the 2023 Teams Championship - duration, etc.
Venue: Chaltenham is still ready to take this tournament. Host is the CA.
Date and duration: it was agreed to hold a 4 day event on August 2nd – 5th 2023.  

Format of the 2023 U21 Championship - number of players, age groups
Latvia offered to be the host and use the same format as for the recent Women’s event.
Dates: best would be first half of August, but there could be a clashing with the Team event, so 18th/19th is best.
Under 16 as a sub-event? There is no better solution than all play together, and a sub-trophy is given to the highest placed players of the sub-age group.

Ian Burridge suggested to talk about a general issue next time – what else can ERC do apart from event organisation

The next ERC meeting will be held on August 23rd 7pm UK


ERC Meeting 4: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 8th June 2022

The key items discussed were:

Current events
- The European Championship at Budleigh Salterton Devon was successfully held. Winner Aston Wade from England.
- The European Women's Championship is full. The trophy has been agreed and ordered.

Forward 5 year European Calendar
- The forward calendar is now ready for publication. Since the meeting this has been published on this website.
- Number of players for each event will depend on the hosts and number of lawns.

European Club League
See Meeting 3 for launch info relating to this new event. The meeting discussed some fine points in relation to the rules. It is expected that these will be finalised within the next few days, at which point the new league will be formally announced.

European Team Championship AC+GC - August 2023
It is proposed to restart this event which has lapsed in recent years. The format will still be a mix of GC and AC.  The format proposed is for 10-16 teams, over 3 or 4 days. The size of the event may depend on lawn availability, which would optimally be 10. Conversations with potential clubs have been initiated. We hope to hold it in Cheltenham in August 2023. Since the meeting Cheltenham have initially confirmed interest in hosting this - to be confirmed.

General procedure of finding a host of an ERC event
It was agreed that the WCF Event Regulations provide a very formal procedure to find a host. It was agreed to follow these rules as much as possible but not strictly.

Event budget principles
It was agreed to follow the usual WCF procedure that players pay to the WCF, and WCF pays to the Host which is a national CGB.

Discussion about the design of the forward event calendar
Robert will send a draft to Debbie Lines for publishing. Before publishing Robert will send it to the members. Together with the calendar, members will receive an invitation to consider the hosting of future events.

The next ERC meeting will be held on July 5th 7pm UK


ERC Meeting 3: Summary

Communiqué of the meeting of the ERC held on 17th May 2022

The key items discussed were:

Current events
- Roberts updated that all is ready for the European Open  at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England which starts on Thursday 26th May
- The European Women's Championship has one space left which will be advertised.

Forward 5 year European Calendar
- The draft was approved. This will be published after the WCF World Calendar is finalised in early June. This to ensure no clashes with the final programme.
- Number of players for each event will depend on the hosts and number of lawns.

European Club League
- This new event will invite club teams from around Europe to play against each other. Some matches are planned for this year with a full roll-out and grand finals weekend to be held October 2023 in Madrid.
- The two dates scheduled for teams to participate during the first stage this year are: 10-11 September 2022 and 17-18 September 2022.
- The entry fees will be €60 per team (or £50). Teams will be composed of 4 players.
Full notification and Invitation to compete will be sent out shortly

Young Players Survey
- It was agreed to survey European Members to determine how many young players they have and how they are supported and encouraged.

Next meeting of the committee: 8th June.


ERC Meeting 2: Summary

Communiqué of the meeting of the ERC held on 19th April 2022

The second meeting of the ERC was held on 19th April 2022. The key items discussed were:

    1. Daniel Larsson, from Sweden, was welcomed onto the committee. His term lasts until 31 December 2023.
    2. The ERC is exploring the possibility of organizing an under 21 European GC tournament. More information will be provided soon.
    3. The AC European Tournament will from now on take place every two years. The host for the 2024 edition will be indicated shortly.
    4. The GC European Tournament will continue to be held on a yearly basis.

ERC Meeting 1: Summary

Communiqué of the meeting of the ERC held on 22nd March 2022

1. Daniel Larsson, from Sweden, was elected as a new member of the ERC . His term ends 31 December 2023.

2. The ERC is exploring the possibility of organising the European GC Club League. The first edition could take place on a trial basis between years 2022 and 2023. Further information on the potential format will follow shortly.

3. The two ERC events to be held this year are the GC Open at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England and the Women's GC Championship to be held in Latvia. See page ERC 2022 Championships for dates and further information.


Introducing your newly elected ERC Members

The ERC is made up from elected representatives from WCF European Members.

Following an election process finishing on 20th February 2022, the committee has four members as below.

Per WCF Statute 126.4, the Chairman will be Roberts Stafeckis, being the only representative from the WCF Management Committee.

The fifth position on the ERC is currently vacant.

Chair - Roberts Stafeckis - Latvia

Re-elected on 1st January 2024.
Term ends 31 December 2027.

Andrés Álvarez‑Sala - Spain

Elected on 21 February 2022.
Term ends 31 December 2025.

Alan Looney - Ireland

Elected on 1st January 2024.

Term ends 31 December 2027.

Duncan Catterall - England

Elected on 1st January 2024.

Term ends 31 December 2027.

Michael Böer – Germany

Elected on 1st January 2024.

Term ends 31 December 2027.