ERC Meeting 6: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 23rd August 2022

The key items discussed were:

Under 21 Survey
It was agreed to publish the results to all WCF Members.

The high numbers of young players in Czech Republic are based on the initiative in a private school. In England most are around 20 years old and come from the Universities. In Latvia, most of those playing are children of club players.

It was felt that recruitment and retention of young players is a job for local clubs. The WCF and National Federations can only provide some guidance and best practice examples.

Events involving young players should ensure they have the necessary safety checks in place.

Future Events
The dates for 2023 events are fixed and can be found on the ERC page of the WCF Website.
Members are to be emailed asking for bids for 2024 and 2025.

European Club League
The Madrid venues, which had been the planned venue for the Grand Final, will not  be ready in time with sufficient lawns. Other clubs in Madrid are too small with only 2 lawns. England is not a good place for an event in October/November as season ends there much earlier than in Spain.       Potential solutions would be to host the event in Spain: 1) at Vista Hermosa and Seville (a total of 6 lawns), 2) at Vista Hermosa, Sancti Petri and Cherry (a total of 7 lawns).

Update re the trial events in 2022
Ian informed that 4 clubs are still in negotiations. There were 7 clubs for the events in September, but coordination has been difficult. Still there is a chance to hold an event in Portugal in November.

The format and dates for 2023 events are being discussed again given the above issues with lawns for the final.

    • The entry procedure has 2 steps: 1) find hosts and then 2) the clubs can apply for them. The hosts can offer the dates: 1 or 2 weekends.
    • The number of clubs at the Grand Final should be reduced from 12 to possibly 8(?) depending on the number of lawns available.
      Send out information in November, and move deadlines for 2023 entries earlier: 1) hosts till December, 2) other clubs till January.
      It would be better to allow a heat of just 3 clubs, if 4 not available
    • Number of clubs from a country in each heat should be limited to two (ideally one), but that might be difficult to achieve.

Ian agreed to make an improved version of ECL Regulation

Other Items

Referee courses are recommended prior to Championships. It was agreed that the Teams Event due to be held in Cheltenham next summer would potentially be a good time.

A coaching session prior to the U21 event should be offered to the young players one day upfront of the tournament.

The next ERC meeting will be held on September 27th at 7pm UK