ERC Meeting 5: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 5th July 2022

The key items discussed were:

Report about the Women's Championship 

The European Women's Championship had just finished. It was a sucessful event held during a Latvian heat wave.

Referees: different opinions about situation in the game, speed of the game, language difficulties between the different nationalities.

Change of DGrades: Spanish players achieved 38 points per player, Latvian gained 21 per player, all others lost on average 42 points per player. Debbie advised that the Ranking Operations Committee are looking into this.

Streaming: sometimes 3 games were parallel streamed. Facebook blocked streaming partly because there was music in the background.

Format of the 2023 Teams Championship - duration, etc.
Venue: Chaltenham is still ready to take this tournament. Host is the CA.
Date and duration: it was agreed to hold a 4 day event on August 2nd – 5th 2023.  

Format of the 2023 U21 Championship - number of players, age groups
Latvia offered to be the host and use the same format as for the recent Women’s event.
Dates: best would be first half of August, but there could be a clashing with the Team event, so 18th/19th is best.
Under 16 as a sub-event? There is no better solution than all play together, and a sub-trophy is given to the highest placed players of the sub-age group.

Ian Burridge suggested to talk about a general issue next time – what else can ERC do apart from event organisation

The next ERC meeting will be held on August 23rd 7pm UK