New WCF Treasurer announced

The WCF are pleased to announce that Chris Clarke has been elected as the new Treasurer.

 Chris won the election with 37 votes, beating strong competition from Tarek Abdou, who received eight votes and Jose-Maria Alonso-Gamo who received nine votes. The WCF are pleased to have had such strong candidates and thank the unsuccessful candidates for their interest.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the role, both from a croquet and a finance perspective. He had a career in financial management and logistics before moving to New Zealand. He has many decades of experience in croquet administration, having supported our sport at both club, regional and national level. A UK citizen, with permanent residence in NZ, he understands the workings of the WCF, having previously acted as Secretary-General.  Twice WCF World AC Champion, and winner of over 50 other national titles he understands world class croquet and so will be able to draw on this experience to contribute to the Management Committees discussions and business. Chris has been inducted into both WCF Hall of Fame and the CNZ Hall of Fame.

 Chris starts his role immediately and his term ends 31.12.2024.

WCF Working Groups Update

The WCF coordinates the development of croquet around the globe and it is one of our highest priorities. There are currently four key initiatives being investigated:

A summary of the status of each working group can be found on the new page on our Website "Working Groups" which we will update regularly.

March 2021 Newsletter

Upcoming Events
Since our last newsletter the Covid vaccination program has begun to roll out and things appear to be improving at last. However, it is too early to confirm any events. We have already decided that the July GC World Team Championship Tier 3 at Guildford and Godalming will be postponed to 2022. With only smaller members participating, this can be done without otherwise disrupting our calendar of events.

Decisions will be made in the coming months with regard to the Tier 2 event scheduled for October in Spain and the three WCF New Zealand Events scheduled for early 2022.

The WCF Upcoming Events calendar can be found at:

WCF Treasurer wanted
The closing date for applications is 31 March 2021. Those interested can see the full job notice at:

Our new look website
We launched the new website in late February
We would like to ask for more pictures please, particularly for the Championship Archive page: We are trying to use the site to collect and store photos from these past events for everyone to enjoy. If people have commentary or old tournament reports to share, these would also be welcome additions to the tournament archives.

Many people have previously asked the WCF to provide a global list of clubs and events. This would be extremely difficult to keep up to date but we have made some progress and would draw your attention to the following two website links:

WCF Membership page: links to the relevant pages of our Member organisations' websites are included for both Clubs and Upcoming Events, where these are available

Oxford Croquet
: this website, maintained by Dr Ian Plummer, includes an interactive map of worldwide croquet clubs.

YouTube Channel
Our YouTube Channel has proved very popular and this means we now have enough subscribers for YouTube to allow us to customise the URL. Please take a look to view and enjoy video footage from some of our past World Championships

Regulations & Laws Updates:
- The 7th edition of the Association Croquet Laws was approved by Council on 24 January 2021:

- Version 5.1 of the Refereeing Regulations was approved on 7 March 2021:

- Sports Regulations: a temporary amendment to Appendix 2 paragraph 2.3 was approved by Council on 21 February 2021. This recognises that, due to Covid, limited games may have been played and allows 24 months of ranking data to be used to determine eligibility for Ranking Places, instead of 12 months, for the next three WCF singles events.

- Ranking Regulation Consultation with Members: this closed on 7th March 2021. The comments will be considered before a version is proposed for approval by Council.

Latvia Project

Latvia new clubhouse.

Here is the latest photo from the new club being developed in Latvia with the help of WCF grant funding.

A walkway is to be built between the two huts.

Advantage GC

An invitation to Associations, clubs and players to try a new form of handicap GC

The current form of handicap GC uses extra strokes and is played mainly in Australia, England, and New Zealand and almost nowhere else.  It is not generally regarded as the optimal way of allowing players of different abilities to compete on equal terms.

In 2020, the WCF Management Committee (“MC”) obtained details from the Croquet Association of Ireland of a form of handicap GC that it had used successfully in recent years.  This did not use extra strokes but instead gave the weaker player an advantage in the form of a certain number of hoops.  Unlike the current form of handicap GC, this version did not require different tactics from the level game and it was believed that this made it easier for new and improving players to develop.

The MC then established a Working Group with representatives from Australia, England, Latvia, Uruguay and USA with the task of coming up with a statistically sound and yet simple-to-use algorithm which would give both players a 50/50 chance of winning a game through an adjustment of the number of hoops that needed to be scored by one or both players to win a game.

The Working Group has developed a form of GC which has been named “Advantage GC” which is described in the three documents below, namely (1) an introduction and outline of the game, (2) a table of starting scores for a GC handicap game which depend on either the handicaps or DGrades of the players and (3) the mathematical basis of the algorithm that generates the starting scores.

The MC believes that Advantage GC has an excellent chance of gaining general support amongst the playing community if they have the opportunity to try it out.  An official trial will take place during the English CA's Southern Federation 2021 League season.  However, players around the world are warmly encouraged to read at least the first two documents and try Advantage GC in their clubs and, if possible, in some handicap tournaments during 2021.

All participants in trials of Advantage GC are requested to send feedback to the MC about their impressions and observations and also provide game results which show the handicaps and/or DGrades of the players.  The MC would like to receive as much feedback and results data as possible by the end of 2021.  A dedicated email address has been set up for this purpose –


Advantage GC Proposal - Document 1 - Definition

Advantage GC Proposal - Document 2 - Table

Advantage GC Proposal - Document 3 - Mathematics


Advantage GC Table

Update to Refereeing Regulations

The WCF is pleased to announce that v5.1 of the Refereeing Regulations has been approved.

A new version was required following the recent approval of the 7th Edition of the Laws of Association Croquet. The opportunity has also been taken to improve the internal organisation and to clarify some aspects of GC refereeing.

WCF Refereeing Regulations_v1.5

A Changes Log is provided at the end of the document.

Version 1.5 has been approved by both the WCF AC Laws Committee and the WCF GC Rules Committee and has been approved by WCF Members.

The document can also be downloaded, along with our other Regulations on the Statutes & Regulations page of this website.

Temporary amendment to Sports Regulations

A temporary variation to WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 2 paragraph 2.3 for the purposes of the 2022 Women’s AC World Championship, the 2022 Under-21 GC World Championship and the 2022 GC World Championship only, has been approved by Members.

For these events, Appendix 2 paragraph 2.3 will read:

2.3 Subject to paragraph 7.4, no player shall be awarded a Ranking Place unless he or she has played a minimum of 10 ranked games in the 24 months ending on the Allocation Date or, if relevant, the date on which a vacancy arises. However, no minimum game requirement applies to the award of Membership Places or Wild Card Places or to entries to any Qualifying Tournament.”

This temporary change is to allow for the reduced numbers of games played by some players due to the pandemic during 2020 and 2021.

Would you like to be WCF Treasurer?

The post of WCF Treasurer is currently vacant following the resignation of Yousry Ghamry on 31 December 2020.  The WCF Management Committee wishes to appoint a successor by no later than 30 April 2020.

Please see the detailed job specification below for more information.

WCF Treasurer job specification

The successful candidate will be given a detailed induction process on taking up the position to ensure a smooth handover.

Expressions of interest, requests for more information and formal applications supported by a CV should be sent to the Secretary-General at  The closing date for applications is 31 March 2021.

WCF announce refreshed website

Our new look website went live on Monday 22nd February 2021

We hope you like the new site. All the old content from our old website should still be here, plus there are a few new items:

Translate capability: click on the translate box at the top right of the screen. Translations are powered by Google and will not be perfect, but hopefully the text should be understandable in your chosen language. We hope this will be easier for anyone who does not read English well.

Historic Documents: a few old documents from when the WCF was formed have been added.  Go to menu > About the WCF > WCF Historic Documents

Past Office Holders: a page showing all the past Presidents, Secretary-Generals and Treasurers.  Go to menu > About the WCF > Past Office Holders

Roll of Honour tables: a page listing all our previous champions. Go to menu > World Championships > WCF Roll of Honour

  • Please get in touch using the Contact form if you have any ideas for content, or if you spot any errors (hopefully not!).


We are also very excited to announce that our YouTube Channel, which launched in November last year, now has enough subscribers that YouTube have allowed us to give it a 'custom name'

Photos Wanted Please

Compared to our old site there are lots of new photos.

We need more please, particularly for the Championship Archive page.

If you have any decent photos from past WCF events, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the home page. We can then get in touch to discuss how you can transfer them to us.