Hall of Fame

Members of the WCF Hall of Fame

A total of 52 individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since 2006.  They include some of the greatest players in the history of the game and people who have made other significant contributions to the development and enjoyment of Croquet as administrators, coaches or benefactors.  Many Members have served the game in more than one capacity.

The citations of the Members of the Hall of Fame may be found here.

The regulations that govern the operation of the WCF Hall of Fame and how candidates for induction may be nominated may be found here: WCF Hall of Fame Regulations

History of the WCF Hall of Fame

At the inception of WCF in 1986 certain principles and objectives were established to promote the sport of Croquet throughout the world.

One of these is enshrined in the WCF Statutes :

(102.2.12) To make awards to those who have contributed to the achievement of the WCF's aims.

Many sports and professions recognise the leaders in their chosen field, either as practitioners or as supporters. This may take the form of the gift of physical tokens such as medals or trophies or by the presentation of awards or certificates of merit. All share the common theme of formally acknowledging those individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the development and success of the activity.

The WCF Hall of Fame was inaugurated on 2 January 2006 in order to make regular awards to qualifying persons. It is a virtual concept whereby the inductees and their achievements are commemorated on the WCF website.


Nominations for the Hall of Fame

Each year, nominations may be made to the WCF until 30 September.  A nomination received after 30 September will be considered in the following year.  The candidates are then considered by the Hall of Fame Committee by no later than 30 November.  In addition, the WCF Management Committee is entitled to nominate one individual each year who is automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The procedure for nominating and considering nominations is set out in the WCF Regulations.

The new inductees are announced in December.  If possible, an induction ceremony will be arranged at a WCF Event at which the inductee will be present in the 12 months following induction.

To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, please provide a citation for the nominee which gives as many details as possible of their achievements in and contributions to the sport of croquet.  If possible, please also provide one or more suitable photographs of the nominee. Croquet-related photgraphs are encouraged together with one good quality head-and-shoulders example.  If a nomination is successful, the citation put forward by the proposer will form the basis of the formal citation published on the WCF website.

The citation and any accompanying photographs should be sent by email to the Secretary-General at secretary@worldcroquet.org.