AC Country Rankings as at 30th June 2024

The latest AC Team Rankings (as at 30 June 2024) are:



Average Grade











New Zealand




















South Africa




















Czech Republic































2024 GCWC – Qualifier Entries

Qualifying Competition

The qualifier will be held at the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club, between the four days of 13th- 16th October.  

The allocation date was 14th July and the USCA have published the below allocation notice: 2024 WCF GCWC Qualifier Allocation Announcement. Congratulations to all those who got a place, and good luck.

Note: The clothing policy for the Qualifier is the same as for the main event, predominantly white clothing or official national colours.

July 2024 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Plans for the next Golf Croquet World Championship continue.

This will be held at the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club in the USA between Friday 18th October and Saturday 26th October 2024.

The Qualifier, which is at the same venue on 13th to 16th October, had more entrants than the 40 spaces. Good luck to those of you playing in October.

Tier 1 of the GC World Team Championships, competing for the Openshaw Shield, are being held early next year in Tasmania, Australia. The 8 teams competing are: Australia, England, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand South Africa, Spain and the USA. The holders, New Zealand will be hoping to retain their trophy, whilst Spain, newly promoted from Tier 2 will be keen to challenge the others in the top tier.

Spectators are welcome at both of these events if you wish to go along. Some livestreaming is expected and links will be published on this website and on the WCF Facebook page, a few days before each event.

WCF Vacancy: ERC Event Co-ordinator

Would you like to help administer the European Championships? Want to contribute to the sport you love? If so, then this role is for you.

The European Regional Committee (ERC) are recruiting for someone to administer the European Championships. The role will involve managing all the admin that is done by the WCF. Key tasks include liaising with the host organisers and managing the entry process. Typically, the ERC schedule two to three events each year. The European Club League may be added to this role for the 2026 season onward. Full training provided.

Please see the WCF news post to find out more about the role and how to apply: ERC Event Co-ordinator

Applications close 31st July 2024.

Croquet Expands again…

Members voted to upgrade Portugal from an RCO to an Associate Member in June. The growth of the sport in Portugal is good to see, and we hope some of you may choose to go and play over there.

A bit about croquet in Portugal. They have 5 clubs, mainly in southern Portugal although they are trying to set up a club in the Lisbon area. They hold the Benamor Open each year, which is open to non-Portuguese players and ranked on Croquet Scores. GC is the main variant played, although there are some AC players.

To find out more, take a look at their website:

Refereeing Corner

Referee Training – Latvia GC Course

Ian Shore, from the Chiltern Croquet Academy, ably assisted by Ron Carter, enjoyed a few days in Riga, Latvia in early May, running a GC Referee’s course. There were 8 trainees of whom 7 decided to sit the exam, and they all passed.

The course was hosted by Viktors and Sandra Harlinskis at their Sigulda clubhouse, which had all the facilities needed. The course was blessed with blue skies and some even took their written exams outside.

5 candidates from Latvia, one from Finland and one from Estonia passed both the on-court test and the written exam. Ian Shore, used the standard Croquet England test and exam paper.

One of the candidates had this to say about the excellent course “Every detail has been thought of, wonderful handouts, presented perfectly on time, precise answers to any questions. It by far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend the course to anybody who wants to improve their GC refereeing skills”.

Online Rules Training

If you are interested in learning more about the Rules, the WCF launched the Online GC Rules Training Pack  in December. The course uses easy to follow modules and includes the option to take a simple on-line test at the end.

Sharing best practice….

Another new feature of our Newsletter is to share useful documents and best practice created by our wonderful Members. This month, I’m pleased to highlight the Croquet Scores handy guide prepared by Croquet New Zealand. Although some of this is specific to New Zealand, most of it will easily transfer across to other Members.

The guide can be downloaded from CNZ’s website on page “Tournament Documents” - CNZ Key Documents

If you have some best practice you wish to share, please get in touch, and it can feature in our next newsletter.

WCF Hall of Fame – call for nominations

Do you think someone is missing from the WCF Hall of Fame? Is there someone who has contributed to our sport at a world level that should be honoured in this way. Nominations may be made by sending an email to the Secretary-General, Debbie Lines, and should include at least one photo and a written citation. Nominations close on 30th September 2024.

To find out more and to see who has already been inducted into the WCF Hall of Fame, follow this link: 2024 WCF Hall of Fame nominations

Want to play overseas?
Sign up for the WCF Members Events WhatsApp group

The WCF has recently launched a WhatsApp group “WCF Members Events” specifically aimed at allowing our Members to share events open to overseas players. The same WhatsApp group will also be used to share details of any livestreaming being run by Members.

Only one person from each country will post into the group, but anyone can sign up to read the notices.

So, if you wish to travel and play overseas, but not sure what events have spaces, sign up now: Link to WCF Members Events WhatsApp group

Spotlight on….    Croquet Art

For those of you who like croquet art and history, the Spanish Federation have a superb collection of paintings to view on their website:



The 2024 European GC Championship

Congratulations to our newest European Champion, José Álvarez-Sala from Spain, who beat Richard Bilton from England in the final in 3 games, 6-7, 7-3, 7-5.


Upcoming European events: there are still two more European events still to come this year:

    • The GC Women's Championship, being held at Eastbourne, England.
    • The AC Championship, re-started after a gap of several years.

European Club League – the heats

The results from all the heats are now available:  ECL Heat Results

Well done to all the teams which made it through to the Grand Final, which this year will be held at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid between October 11 to 13th.

Regulatory Updates

Since our last Newsletter, the following regulatory updates have been approved by WCF Council:

Topic 132 - Ranking Amendments re Returners and Fast Improvers.
Members voted to approve the amendments on 7th June.

Topic 134 - Privacy Policy
The WCF is domiciled in the UK and is therefore required to comply with UK data protection and privacy laws. Members approved the policy on 9th May.

Topic 136 - Portual upgrade to Associate Member.
Members approved their upgrade on 6th June.

The following consultations or votes are in-progress as at the publication of this newsletter:

Topic 130 - Code of Conduct consultation
The second consultation completed and constructive feedback  was received  from Members. We expect to send a final version to vote within the next few weeks.


Read as pdf: July 2024 WCF Newsletter
For the best results we recommend reading this newsletter as a webpage

2024 Hall of Fame Nominations – due by 30th September

Nominations to the 2024 WCF Hall of Fame are due by Monday 30th September.

So far, a total of 52 individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since 2006.  They include some of the greatest players in the history of the game and people who have made other significant contributions to the development and enjoyment of Croquet as administrators, coaches or benefactors.  Many Members have served the game in more than one capacity.

Please send your nominations to the Secretary-General. Nominations may be made by individuals or through Member countries. Please include a citation of not less than 500 words out-lining your nominees croquet achievements. Please also send a decent photo or two that can be used on the website, should their nomination prove successful.

Further information regarding the process, the regulations and existing members of the Hall of Fame can be found on the WCF website at the following links:

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members

WCF launch WCF Members Events WhatsApp Group

The World Croquet Federation is exploring various possibilities to help and promote communication and play among different countries. As a result, we have decided to conduct a trial by creating a WhatsApp group, with the specific purpose of allowing our Members to advertise events that they believe may be of interest to players from other countries. The same WhatsApp group will also be used to share details of any livestreaming  events being run by Members.

In order to restrain the number of publications in this group, initially at least, only one member from each country will be authorised to post these championships, while the rest of the participants will access it as ‘read only’.

This trial will run for six months. Based on the results at the end of the six months, we will decide whether to continue with the WhatsApp group or cancel it.

So, if you want to play overseas, but don't know what events are available, sign up now.

Link to WhatsApp group:  WCF Member Events


European Golf Croquet Club League – Results from the Heats

The heat stage of the 2024 GC European Club League has now concluded.

The qualifiers from the seven heats will join the hosts Club de Campo Villa de Madrid for the Grand Final October 11-13th.

Congratulations to our the Heat winners and good luck in the final.

The full results of each heat are available on

Novo Sancti Petri 27/28th April:

Ealing 25/26th May:

Ikskile 1st/2nd June:

Carrickmines 8/9th June:

CERN 15/16th June:

Telc  22/23rd June:

Hamburg 6/7th July:




2024 European GC Women’s Championship – Flag ceremony and reception on Wednesday evening


There will be an event to introduce players with a flag parade on the evening of the tournament on Wednesday 31 July from 5.30pm.

The ceremony will be followed by a canapes and drink event and end at about 6.30pm or so.

We will be inviting the Mayor and other local guests and the press.

Vacancy for an ERC Event Co-ordinator

The European Regional Committee (ERC) are recruiting for someone to administer the European Championships. The role will involve managing all the admin required for these events. Typically, the ERC schedule two to three events each year. The European Club League may be added to this role for the 2026 season onward. The administration for each championship event includes:

  • Initiating the event – this involves emailing Members the Invitation via email and website notifications.
  • Managing all follow up emails and communications with Members.
  • Collecting and managing the entries via an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Liaising with Tournament Group to agree the event structure e.g. player numbers and format.
  • Publishing the award of places to Members and on the website.
  • Liaising with the WCF Treasurer to ensure all Entry Fees are received and chasing players for these.
  • Requesting the Player Information via a Google Form and tracking receipt.
  • Setting up a Player and Officials WhatsApp group.
  • Managing any player withdrawals in line with the regulations.
  • Liaising with the host organising committee as Event Lead.
  • Ensuring the WCF website and Facebook pages are regularly updated with Event news.
  • Setting up the post event Player survey and then collating and summarising the feedback received.

These activities are managed through email, Google forms and most importantly Excel. An excel template will be provided but may need tailoring for each event. The role holder should therefore have some proficiency in the use of spreadsheets. The role holder will be expected to attend the ERC monthly online meetings, and join in debates, but will not be a voting member of the committee.

Training will be provided by Debbie Lines, the current WCF Secretary-General with additional support from Roberts Stafeckis, the current ERC Chair to whom this role will report.

An honorarium of £250 per event managed, will be payable.

The post is expected to start early September, in time for the start of the admin cycle for the 2025 events, invitations for which are due to be sent out in October.

If interested, please email Debbie Lines for more information or to apply. Applications close 31st July 2024.


WCF Sports Regulations and Ranking Regulations Updated

On 8th June 2024, Council voted to approve changes to the Ranking Regulations to improve how the system handles Fast Improvers and Returners. The system will be changed, and the associated regulations: the Sports Regulations and the Ranking Regulations, have been updated.

The latest versions can be found on page: Statutes and Regulations