ERC Meeting 9: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 12th December 2022

Roberts Stafeckis, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, Kerstin Loretz, Daniel Larsson, John Swabey. Apologies from Debbie Lines.

ERC Approved variation to the Sports Regulations
The ERC is currently finalising variations to the WCF Sports Regulations that will apply in ERC organised events. This means, in particular, adapting the allocation process for Member places and the sequence in which Ranking places are allotted versus extra places for the host country. These variations will be published on the Europe Page of the website when finalised.

European Clubs League
The rules and calendar for the European Clubs League are being finalised and will be published soon.

2023 Open Events in Continental Europe
The ERC plan to collate a list of Open events in Continental member countries. The list will be drawn up and published on the Euope page of the website. It is hoped this will encourage players to travel to other countries to play.
Note: Events in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) can already be found and entered on the English CA website: Fixtures Calendar