AC Individual Rankings

The AC Individual Rankings are available here

The AC Individual Rankings are generated by the Association Croquet Grading System which is operated by the WCF AC Ranking Officer WCF, Chris Williams.

The general principle is that the results of all level-play AC singles games are eligible for inclusion in the AC Rankings if they are played in an Eligible Event and criteria relating to game length, court size and the proportion of ungraded players are met.

An event is an Eligible Event if:

(a)        it is a WCF Event or an event recognised by the Croquet Governing Body (“CGB”) of the domain in which it is held or by another CGB (providing that the CGB of the domain in which it is held has been informed at least 28 days before the event); and

(b)        it appears in a tournament calendar published by the recognising CGB or by any regional body recognised by the CGB (e.g. an Association, Federation or State) and is not indicated to be an “unranked event”; and

(c)        no more than 50% of the places are reserved for the members of one club.

The full eligibility criteria can be found in the WCF Ranking Regulations.

Managers of events are strongly encouraged to post results on the CroquetScores website because this greatly facilitates rapid database updating.  The website address is

If this is not possible or convenient, results should be sent to using the template shown in Appendix 6 of the WCF Ranking Regulations.