AC Individual Rankings

The AC Individual Rankings are available  here

The AC World Rankings are compiled by the WCF Rankings Officer, Chris Williams, and are updated most frequently on his own server.

Each month they are also updated on the WCF server and are available here

The results of all level-play games in the following categories are eligible for inclusion in the Rankings:

(a) games in championships and tournaments that are recognised by the relevant croquet governing body and appear in any Tournament Calendar published by that body:

(b) games in matches between national or regional teams; and

(c) games in matches between clubs that form part of a national or regional inter-club championship.

Managers of events in categories (a) or (b) are strongly encouraged to post results on the CroquetScores website because this greatly facilitates rapid database updating.  The website address is

Managers of matches in category (c) are asked to send the results to