WCF Advice Sheets

The WCF Management Committee publishes information that may be useful to Members and the global croquet community.

If you have information that you think could be shared here, please contact the development committee via the WCF Deputy Secretary-General, Debbie Lines.

Basic Croquet Terms Translated  

The attached pdf was recently created by the European Regional Committee and includes translations of key croquet terms into european languages.

Basic Croquet Terms Translation_August 2023 update

We hope to add more languages soon from other WCF Member countries.

WCF Advice Sheet – Handicap Play

The Handicap Play Advice Sheet may be found here: WCF Advice Sheet - Handicap Play

This sheet explains how to organise handicap play in an area where a handicap system is not in place.

Croquet Facility Guide

This guide from Croquet Victoria is intended to assist with the development of a croquet club and in particular the planning process. However it could also likely prove useful to those seeking to establish croquet at a venue alongside or as a successor to other sports. Croquet Victoria is happy for it to be adapted for use by others with an acknowledgement where this occurs.

Download here> Croquet Facility Guide