Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main objectives of the WCF?

The World Croquet Federation is the international organising body for the sport of croquet. The WCF's main function is to act as the overall co-ordinating body for the sport. Its main responsibilities are to organise World Championships, facilitate development of the games and maintain effective liaison with its Members.

The WCF is a members' organisation, comprising national associations that are recognised by the WCF as having control of the sport in their own countries. Certain conditions are specified for membership and, provided that these are met, application for membership can be made at any time.

The WCF organises World Championships in Association Croquet (AC) and Golf Croquet (GC). These include individual championships, team championships, Women's AC and GC individual championships and Over-60 and Under-21 GC individual championships.

For specific information regarding our current Business Plan and Objectives, please go to our “Business Plan

How can a country join the WCF?

We have 3 levels of membership Full, Associate and Recognised Croquet Organisation. Countries wishing to join the WCF must be able to demonstrate that they are playing some form of croquet, although this can be quite limited. For more details, please visit the “We welcome new Members” page of this website.

How many countries are Members of the WCF?

Please visit the “Members” page of this website.

What types of croquet are played?

The two versions played most widely are Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. Other variants are also played by some Members. For more information about the Games, please visit the “Croquet Information” page of this website.

Is croquet an Olympic Sport?

Croquet was played at the Olympics in France in 1900, but croquet is not currently recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is not an Olympic Sport. International Federations who are not Olympic sports can join the Association of Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF). However, to join the ARISF an International Federation (IF) must meet the Olympic Charter, and in particular the criteria set out in Section 3: Recognition of IFs, which states:

In order to develop and promote the Olympic Movement, the IOC may recognise as IFs international non-governmental organisations governing one or several sports at the world level, which extends by reference to those organisations recognised by the IFs as governing such sports at the national level.

The statutes, practice and activities of the IFs within the Olympic Movement must be in conformity with the Olympic Charter, including the adoption and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code as well as the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of Manipulation of Competitions. Subject to the foregoing, each IF maintains its independence and autonomy in the governance of its sport.

The World Anti-Doping Code is managed by WADA, and WCF Members have twice voted not to become a WADA Signatory, most recently in April 2021. To become a recognised signatory currently requires payment of an application fee of US$20,000, plus if successful an on-going fee of US$10,000 every year. There would also be significant costs incurred by all WCF Member countries to administer and manage the required anti-doping controls and testing procedures. These costs would ultimately flow down into our sport, increasing the cost to play for all.

To see the WCF position on Anti-Doping, please visit the “Anti-Doping Information” page of this website.

Below are some of the relevant documents from the IOC and WADA:


Who runs the WCF and how can I help?

The WCF is run by an elected Management Committee (MC). Committee members serve 4 year terms and may be re-elected. Volunteers are also required for specific development projects which run for varying time periods dependent on the project. For further information, please visit the “Management Committee” page of this website.

What is the ERC?

ERC stands for the European Regional Committee. This sub-set of the WCF was created to promote and manage croquet in Europe. The ERC manage a forward calendar of events, which are open to European Member countries. For more information, visit the “Europe” pages of this website.

What is the next WCF Championship, and how can I enter?

There is a forward calendar of Championships found on the “Forward Schedule” page of this website. This shows where and when future events are due to be held.

Some events may yet to have found homes. Bids to hold our events are put forward by Members. The MC will then select from these bids the best venues, generally ensuring that our championships move around the World. Clubs interested in hosting a WCF World Championship should contact their national governing body in the first instance.

Players who wish to play need to contact their local Federation, as entries to WCF Championships are submitted via the Member countries. The process is regulated by the WCF Event Regulations and Sports Regulations.

How is the WCF Funded?

The WCF’s annual income comes from retaining a share of Championship entry fees and from annual Member subscriptions. The budget is managed annually to ensure that the cost of Championships and our day-to-day running costs generally break-even. The budget is approved by Council each year.

The WCF has some financial reserves, largely due to donations made during the 1990s through the WCF Friends Scheme. This scheme is now dormant. Reserves are kept for development activities, such as establishing new clubs or improving facilities.