The Development Programme

The World Croquet Federation ("WCF") is committed by its Principles and Objectives as set out in WCF Statute 103 to a Vision of making "Croquet a well-known, well-understood, well-respected and well-supported sport in countries throughout the world".

The WCF seeks to realise its Vision by assisting its Members to develop Croquet in their respective countries. The WCF Development Programme is intended to implement the WCF objective of "employing the funds of the WCF as may be deemed appropriate to develop and realise the Vision" (see WCF Statute 103.7).To this end, WCF Members are entitled to apply for loans or grants from the WCF for the purpose of developing croquet in their domain.

The WCF Development Programme is managed by the WCF Development Committee. The WCF Development Committee reports to the WCF Management Committee.


The WCF is embarking on a major new initiative, the WCF Development Programme. Applications for the funding of likely projects are now being actively sought from WCF Member Associations. In anticipation of the response, WCF now needs to recruit people with suitable qualifications and expertise that can be used to fulfil the following roles:- Coaches and Examining Referees of Association and Golf Croquet suitably qualified in their own WCF Member Association. Ideally they should be fluent in one or more language other than their own native tongue. The purpose is to facilitate visits to other member nations to coach, train and examine their nationals to a suitable standard to become coaches and referees operating in the developing nation. Any person with the skills, qualifications, time and inclination should forward a CV or Resume to the WCF Secretary-General. All posts will be unpaid and will involve a commitment of providing their time free. However, where necessary, all transport costs will be paid via the WCF Development Programme. Other costs may be payable subject to local agreement with the relevant WCF Member Association although it is envisaged that no costs will be incurred by the volunteer.