World Rankings

Ranking Regulations & Governance
The WCF Rankings Regulations (see page Statutes & Regulations) govern the management and criteria for ranking of both GC and AC games. These are reviewed and monitored by a Ranking Operations Committee.

Ranking Operations Committee
The current members of this committee are Paul Billings, Richard Bilton, James Hopgood, Debbie Lines and Chris Williams.
Chris Williams and Richard Bilton, as Ranking Officers, remain on the committee whilst in post. The other three members serve for four years. Their current terms end on 31.12.2024.

Individual Rankings and Team Standings
The WCF publishes world rankings for individual players, and standings for national teams, in both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet.

Individual rankings are updated frequently (sometimes daily) while team standings are updated every 3 months.

Most results are picked up automatically via, but if you have results you wish to send in that are not being entered into Croquetscores, please send them to these email addresses: or

GC World Rankings

The Golf Croquet International Grading System is operated by the WCF GC Ranking Officer - Richard Bilton.  Details about its operation can be found at:   GC Individual Rankings

The quarterly Country GC Ranking list can be found at:  Country GC Ranking List.

AC World Rankings

The AC World Rankings are compiled by the WCF AC Ranking Officer - Chris Williams.  They are updated most frequently on Chris's own server: Individual AC Interactive Rankings

The quarterly Country AC Ranking list can be found at:  Country AC Ranking List.