Anti-Doping Information

The World Croquet Federation (WCF) is not currently a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) anti-doping code.

Decision of WCF Council - General Policy (12th May 2009):

"Anti-doping policy should be left to the WCF Member Associations. The anti-doping policy in force at a WCF event should be the policy of the host association. Consequently, the WCF should not join WADA".

2010 WADA Anti-Doping Code

However, WCF does recognise that individual Member Associations may themselves be affiliated to the WADA code via their own National Anti-Doping Agency (NADO). As such, those members may initiate drug testing themselves or, be so required by their own NADO. In support of those Member Associations, WCF incorporated a requirement for all players playing in WCF events to comply with the WADA code. This can be found in the WCF Sport Regulations - Regulation 25.1, re-iterated below:-

25.1.1 Doping is forbidden in order to protect the rights and health of players and to protect the values of fair play in sport in accordance with any Tournament Regulations of the host association that recognises any National Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

25.1.2 Where such recognition exists, the substances and procedures prohibited are those included in the World Anti-Doping Agency List of Doping Classes and Methods, with the exclusion of substances agreed between the National Anti-Doping Agency of the host association and host association.

25.1.3 An offence under this Regulation is committed when: Any prohibited substance or procedure is found to be present in a player's body tissue or fluids; or A player is found to have or admits to having used a prohibited substance or procedure; or A player is found to have or admits to having assisted, induced or caused another player to use a prohibited substance or procedure; or A player fails or refuses to comply with, or interferes with or obstructs, the provisions of below. A player must submit to a doping test at any time when requested by an official designated by the National Anti-Doping Agency recognised by the host association. Testing will be carried out by bodies approved or accredited in accordance with the requirements from time to time of the World Anti-Doping Agency and in accordance with their recommended procedures.

25.1.4 A player found to have committed an offence under 25.1.3 above, or comparable regulations of other WCF member associations, shall be disqualified from any events in which he was competing at the time of, or subsequent to, the offence and shall remain ineligible to compete in any WCF event for such period as shall be determined by disciplinary procedures of the host association.

WADA Croquet Associations

The following WCF Member Associations are signatories to the World Anti-Doping Agency Code:-

    • Australian Croquet Association
    • Croquet Association of Ireland
    • Croquet New Zealand

All games, matches, events, tournaments and Championships played with the sanction of and within the jurisdiction of these associations shall be subject to Anti-Doping controls.

The Croquet Association (of England) have advised WCF that they have "similar" anti-doping policies but are not WADA signatories.

The following countries of WCF member associations have national legislation that prohibits illicit use of all or most substances on the WADA list of prohibited substances:

    • France;
    • Germany;
    • Spain;
    • Sweden