ERC Meeting 8: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 7th November 2022

Present: Roberts Stafeckis, Debbie Lines, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, John Swabey

ERC events 2023

a) Event agreements for the 2023 Teams Championship and 2023 Singles Championship are with their respective hosts for signature (Cheltenham and Budleigh).

b) Singles Championship

i) allocation principles. It is proposed to have a cap of 5 players per country, to avoid swamping with English / Spanish players. Ian to draft wording.
ii) Event Lead Ian Burridge

c) Team Championship

i) Squad size. Squad to be up to 5 players
ii) Cheltenham are happy to host coaching the day before the event. Funding still an open issue. Sarah Hayes happy to do AC coaching also the day before the Team event
iii) Event Lead Andrés

d) U21 Event, Latvia.

i) Format - to have maximum 28 players (4 blocks of 7)
ii) Potentiallly Begoña - tbc

ERC Budget

Overall budget for trophies to be 270 euro.

Team Championship trophy is with Tony Le Moignan. TBD whether Peter can pick it up or Gavin bring it to the Inter-Counties tournament in England, or get it couriered.

U21 should have a perpetual trophy (not too expensive?) plus a personal memento for the winner. Suggestions invited

European Clubs League

a) Grand Final … Madrid still doesn’t know if it will get local authority permit for extra lawns. Andrés to ask Madrid same question about hosting if delayed till 2024

b) last weekend’s event in Portugal was won by Roehampton club. Players seem to have enjoyed themselves overall despite issues over paying an unexpected green fee and for lunch. Clarity of communications with host clubs must be improved.

c) for 2023 there should be 4 heats announced (4 clubs want to act as hosts) and a 6 team final but if a lot more clubs want to play we can be flexible. The need is for there to be at least 3 lawns available

General issues

John will coordinate collecting a timetable of member countries Open events. Debbie to send him a link to the existing database


Roberts will draft a reply to the message from the German Federation request for the Team event to have 2 AC and 1 GC. The ERC maintains its position that we keep things as published but ask members for feedback after the event in 2023

Latvia will run their traditional Baltic Open GC 1-3 September 2023 and also want to host one of the weekends of the Clubs League