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Below are some websites that might be useful. These sites are maintained by volunteers and croquet enthusiasts from around the world for the benefit of croquet players everywhere, and the WCF wish to thank them for their great work.

See also our Croquet Resources page for access to useful tools.

For the governing body websites for each country, their up-coming tournaments and a list of clubs, see also our Members page.  A list of some of the key European tournaments which can be entered by anyone can be found on our news item: List of European Events Open to Everyone

For upcoming WCF events see the WCF Forward Calendar, the ERC Forward Calendar.

Croquet Scores 

Since 2012 has been providing a results service for the worldwide croquet community. Various tournament formats are catered for and results appear live on the internet as they are updated.

Results reported on this site which qualify for inclusion in the World Ranking are regularly uploaded into both the AC and GC rankings systems.

Created and maintained by Tim Murphy.

Croquet NZ have produced a useful guide for managers which can be downloaded from their website on page: CNZ Tournament Documents


Croquet Records
Created and maintained by Chris Williams, who also manages the Croquet England Rankings System.

This site includes lists of results from around the world going all the way back to the 1925 MacRobertson Shield.


Oxford Croquet

Created and maintained by Dr. Ian Plummer, this site includes coaching articles, how to guides, an interactive map of worldwide clubs, history, equipment information, help and advice for clubs and groundsmen and much more interesting information.

How to play
Find a club
Lawn Care

and much more....

Nottingham Croquet Email List

This list is for general discussion of issues related to playing croquet. Messages to the list are unmoderated and neither Ian Vincent, who is the list administrator, nor Croquet England, take any responsibility for the views expressed on it.

Full details are here including how to subscribe using a simple web form.  To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the list's croquet archives. The current archive is only available to the list members.

To post a message to all the list members, send an email to

Dr Ian Vincent

WCF YouTube Channel

This channel is the official YouTube channel for the World Croquet Federation. It aims to showcase some of the very best videos of top class, international croquet from around the world, as well as a few How To videos explaining the game.

Use our Playlists to be taken straight to videos created by WCF Members and International croquet players. See World Championship footage, as well as National Championships from around the globe.

The channel is maintained by Debbie Lines, Deputy Secretary-General, on behalf of the WCF.

The WCF Facebook page is updated regularly by Samir Patel. Visit the site for the latest news from around the croquet world.

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Croquet Network

This site offers global tournament coverage for the sport of croquet in addition to key resources for players and fans. The website includes a world club directory, croquet mallet and equipment guide, a growing collection of photo galleries and access to digital back issues of the Croquet News quarterly magazine.

CROQUET NETWORK also produces the Morning Coffee daily newsletter that aggregates all of the top news from croquet associations and news sources.

Dylan Goodwin


Created and maintained by Paddy Chapman, Association Croquet World Champion 2018.

This site is for Association Croquet players and includes useful articles and coaching advice for all levels of players, from beginners through to experts.


This site provides "courses" covering aspects of croquet such as Laws Training, Stroke-Play and Tactical Coaching, Lawn Care, and some fun stuff such as croquet trivia quizzes.  It covers both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.

Chris Clarke and Jenny Clarke have both represented their countries in the MacRobertson Shield. Chris has won the AC World Championship twice (1995 and 2008) and Jenny was Women's AC World Champion in 2012.

Croquet Variants

Croquet Players love to experiment. This has led to many variations on the basic games. These can be fun to play, can be useful coaching tools, and many are growing in popularity in their own right.

Here's just some of the more recent versions that are being played.

Ricochet: Ricochet

Snake in the Grass: Snake Rules 6th Edition 221126

Croquet Innvovations:
Books - Croquet Innovation Books
Videos - Croquet Innovations - YouTube

Note: these games are not WCF recognised versions of Croquet.