ERC Meeting 7: Summary

Summary of the meeting of the ERC held on 10th October  2022

Present: Roberts Stafeckis (Chairman), Kerstin Loretz, John Swabey, Andrés Álvarez-Sala, Daniel Larsson, Ian Burridge, Peter Payne, Begoña Elzaburu

Apologies: John Swabey, Samir Patel, Debbie Lines

The items of the agenda were addressed as follows:

ERC event list
Discussion was held regarding the events held by the ERC.
No immediate comments were made regarding format nor amount of events. A window for comments or questions etc is open until October 12th. They should be sent to the chairman of the ERC, Roberts Stafeckis.

Regarding the ERC events, they use the same template as the world events.

ERC budget 2023 (entry fees, event income, expenses)
Questions regarding perpetual trophies for certain events was discussed to keep costs down a bit. Otherwise the fees looked alright and should pose no real issue.

The ERC agreed that the WCF method of funding and costing events would be followed going forward. As such, the entry fee, if adopted by the WCF, will henceforth be £17 per player per day.  This will be split £10 to hosts and £7 to the ERC for singles events, and £15 to hosts and £2 to the ERC for team events.  It was further confirmed that there was no provision for the WCF to fund the ERC and that the ERC would need to stand, financially speaking, on its own two feet.

European Clubs League
A first trial heat will be held in Portugal in November, with 4 teams. Entry fee is 50 Pounds Stirling or 60 Euro.

It was decided that the payment of the entry fee will be postponed until a payment to the WCF is set up and ready later this year.

According tot he regulation, each team will compete with 4 players.

The host will arrange for meals etc, which brought up the discussion of accompanying people. Accompanying people is not part of the competition, therefore not covered for any costs otherwise covered by the host.

Situation regarding the Grand Final of the Club League
No updates has been received from the Spanish Association regarding this. They can’t comment on this matter until the regular tournaments in Spain are completed. The clubs in question will get back tot he ERC within a matter days.

Procedure and calendar for 2023
We can potentially get hosts from the clubs that has already experessed an interest. So far, 7 teams have shown an interest in the event.

Until end of October, we will know the host for the grand final. Once we have that, we can make another round of advertise, in November we till have the first heat done. After that we can start planning for the league next year.

Allocation principles for ERC singles events (distribution of membership places, limits of players per member)
By January, decisions regarding allocation for the ERC singles events will be made.

Since this is a ERC/WCF event. Depending on your membership status, you get different amount of seats.

The remaining seats are under advisement on how to allocate.

General issues - what can ERC do apart from events?
The possibility of the ERC arranging coaching courses was up for discussion. One way to achieve these is to place these courses adjacent to an event such as a championship or club league event. The ERC recognized that a coaching coordinator might be preferable for this task.

A wish for an international European calendar was requested where not only events held by the ERC is registered but also individual countries Open games.

That way players can easily access all open tournaments, happening in Europe.

Estonia has shown some interest in starting playing croquet. The chairman, Roberts Stafeckis of the ERC has had some communication with some of the people in Estonia regarding croquet.