ERC Update – 10

The ERC has had a few busy weeks.

- the European team championship fixed for August has had 11 countries wishing to participate. Further details to follow soon.

- the European club league, which already saw one play off in Portugal last year, now has another 3 play offs due to take place from May onwards, with the opportunity for more clubs to register an interest.  See previous post: European Club League: how to enter

- the entries for the European GC championship were finalised,  based on 17 Membership places and 15 Ranking places (based on D Grade). See previous post: 2023 GC European Open - Ranking Places

- only 19 nominations have been received by the original deadline for the Under-21 championship. More entries are invited.

- Kerstin Loretz (Switzerland) has agreed to act as the European co-ordinator of coaching and of referee courses.