GC Individual Rankings

The GC Individual Rankings are available here.

The GC Individual Rankings are compiled by Stephen Mulliner.

The results of all level-play GC games in the following categories are eligible for inclusion in the Rankings:

(a) games in national and regional championships and open tournaments that are recognised by the relevant croquet governing body and will usually appear in a Tournament Calendar published by that body:

(b) games in matches between national or regional teams; and

(c) games in matches between clubs that form part of a national or regional inter-club championship.

Level games in events that are restricted by handicap or have a field that contains fewer than 25% ranked players may not be accepted.  Reporters of such events are encouraged to submit the handicaps of all unranked players.

Managers of events in categories (a) or (b) are strongly encouraged to post results on the CroquetScores website because this greatly facilitates rapid database updating.  The website address is www.croquetscores.com

Managers of matches in category (c) are asked to send the results to gcresults@worldcroquet.org.