2022 AC World Team Championship Tier 1: Champion England

England Win the MacRobertson Shield

The England team put up a fantastic performance in Australia to triumph in the MacRobertson Shield winning all three tests against the other nations.

The Croquet World Team Championships are a gruelling three-week test of stamina and skill and this series has been extremely challenging. The teams were all very evenly matched and the lawn conditions difficult with tight hoops and high winds effecting play. This led to fewer peeling turns than we might have expected, but some interesting and interactive matches.

Going into the final day the English team were in a commanding position, leading Australia 10 to 5 and needing just one match win to take home the trophy. However, it’s never easy to cross the line, and memories from 2010 will have kept tension high, it took the then British team to the final game to win. However, Mark Avery the most experienced of the English players, and playing in his fifth test series, didn’t hang around. A quick player, he beat Australia’s Edward Wilson in 2 straight games, the first match to finish of the day.

Mark and Jamie were the stars of the English team with just one match loss between them across the whole series. Jamie is only the second player in history known to have won all his matches throughout the series, both doubles and singles.

Congratulations and well played to all the England Team. Great to have a World Cup win for England.

Final score: England win 3 out of 3 tests, beating USA 16:5, New Zealand 11:10 and the final score against Australia was 13:7. New Zealand beat the USA 8:5 to come third.

The event was filmed every day by 'MySportLive' and the videos can be watched in full on their site. To see highlights go to the WCF YouTube Channel and select the 2022 MacRobertson Shield Playlist.

For background and articles, visit the The MacRobertson Shield Facebook page
For a blog, schedules and team details, visit the The MacRobertson Shield Website

And Full Results can be found on CroquetScores

Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers who helped to make this event such a success. Your efforts are very much appreciated by the whole croquet community.

The 2022 England Team with the MacRobertson Shield
The England Team celebrate their win [Left to right: Harry Fisher, James Death, Jamie Burch, Samir Patel, Christian Carter and Mark Avery)

Mark Avery on his way to rover as he seals the 11th win

Mark and Jamie celebrate their 9 out 9 Doubles Match wins.

Photos and history 1963-1990

MacRobertson Shield Winners

1963 - England
1969 - England
1974 - Great Britain
1979 - New Zealand
1982 - Great Britain
1986 - New Zealand
1990 - Great Britain and Ireland

This booklet gives a history of the MacRobertson Shield, up to 1963: Booklet: International croquet tests for the MacRobertson Shield

Photos courtesy of John Prince. These and many others can also be seen on the United Croquet Club photo archive: https://unitedcroquet.com/photos/

1963 England: Humphrey Hicks, William Ormerod, Brian Lloyd-Pratt, David Curtis, Jean Warwick, John Solomon, Patrick Cotter and Bobby Wiggins

New Zealand 1963 at Hamilton, Les Middlemiss, Herbie Ford, John Prince, Ralph Browne, Jean Jarden, Tony Stephens and Arthur Ross



1979 Colin Pickering, Australia at Gore

England 1969 William Ormerod, Nigel Aspinal, John Solomon, Maurice Reckitt, Bernard Neal, Roger Bray, Douglas Stracman

NZ 1974 Roger Murfitt, Alan Anderson, John Prince, Bob Jackson, Cliff Anderson, Lil Rawlinson, Gordon Rowling

1979 British team L to R: Martin Murray, David Openshaw, Nigel Aspinal, Bobby Wiggins, Bernard Neal, Michael Heap and William Prichard

1979 New Zealand vs Australia test. Back row L to R: Grace Edwards, Diane Weisner, Colin Pickering, Ron Sloane, Roger Murfitt, Joe Hogan, Bob Jackson, Paul Skinley Front row L to R: Mark Prater, Bill Smith, John Prince, Alan Anderson

Warm up match prior to the 1996 MacRobertson Shield series. Back row l to r - 1996 team - Chris Clarke, Stephen Comish, David Maugham, Ian Burridge, Robert Fulford, Debbie Cornelius Front row l to r - 1982 team - William Prichard, Martin Murray, Stephen Mulliner, David Openshaw, Andrew Hope, Keith Wylie



2017 AC World Championship Tier 1 – Champion Australia

The 22nd MacRoberson Shield Test Series
Venue:        United States of America – Mission Hills Country Club, California
Dates:         15 April 2017 – 4 May 2017

Champion:  Australia
Second:      England
Third:         New Zealand
Fourth:       United States of America

For full results visit Croquet Records: Mac2017 

Australia win for first time since 1935

Australia celebrate moments after winning the ACWTC 2017, the first time since 1935

The 2017 Winning Australian team

In the opening Tests of the 2017 MacRobertson Shield contest at Mission Hills Country Club, California, Australia beat England 12-9 and New Zealand inched past USA by 11-10.

Australia led England by 2-1, 5-4 and 7-5 after each of the first three days but, by mid-afternoon on Friday, the scoreline was 8-7 to them but England led in two of the remaining three singles and were 1-1 in the third.  However, the Australians came through all three as winners and recorded their first full victory over England in 82 years - since 1935!

USA made an excellent start against New Zealand but were gradually pegged back so that, on Friday evening, New Zealand led 8-7.  However, with four of the last six singles played, USA had won three and taken a 10-9 lead in temperatures of 100 degrees F.  Fortunes swayed one way and then the other in both of the remaining matches but, eventually, New Zealand clinched both to record a very tense victory.

The second Tests pitched Australia against New Zealand and England against USA.  Australia and England both recorded 14-7 wins.  USA led England 7-6 early on day 9 but then conceded five singles and three doubles matches.

The final Tests saw Australia facing USA and England against the current holders, New Zealand.  England enjoyed a decisive 15-4 victory with two matches on day 15 abandoned because of the heat which had reached over 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) on occasion during the final week.  This gave England a mathematical hope of victory based on the possibility of USA overturning the form book and defeating Australia.  In fact, Australia led 2-1, 6-3 and 8-4 after day 13 and the honour fell to 24-year old Malcolm Fletcher, the youngest member of the Australian team, to score the decisive eleventh point on day 14 and hence ensure that the MacRobertson Shield trophy would return after a gap of 82 years to the homeland of its original donor.


1990 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 14th MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Venues:       New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
Dates:         5-26 January 1990

Champion:  Great Britain

Mark Avery, Robert Fulford, Colin Irwin, Stephen Mulliner, David Openshaw (C), William Prichard, Mark Saurin

Second:      New Zealand

Graham Beale, Joe Hogan, Bob Jackson, Steve Jones, Roger Murfitt, John Prince (C), Paul Skinley

Third:         Australia

Greg Bury, Allan Cleland, Bruce Ford, Leigh Herington, George Latham (C), Colin Pickering

The results can be found on the Croquet Records Website - Croquet records: MacRob1990


Players and spectators celebrating








Team Test Matches Matches Matches
Matches won lost not played
Champion Great Britain 2 30 12 0
Second New Zealand 1 22 17 3
Third Australia 0 8 31 3

Detailed results

Pakuranga Croquet Club, Auckland  5-10 January 1990
Great Britain v Australia 18-3
Fulford & Prichard beat Bury & Herington +10, +25
Irwin & Saurin beat Pickering & Ford +17, +3
Openshaw & Avery beat Cleland & Latham +6, -5, +17tp(A)
David Openshaw beat Colin Pickering +17, +14
Robert Fulford beat Greg Bury -12tp, +12tpo, +7tp
Mark Saurin beat Bruce Ford +26tp, +17
William Prichard beat Leigh Herington +24tp, +22
Openshaw & Avery beat Bury & Herington +14tp(A), +21tp(O)
Fulford & Prichard beat Pickering & Ford +3, -26tp(P), +7tp(F)
Irwin & Saurin beat Cleland & Latham +26, -4, +21
Mark Saurin beat Leigh Herington +20tp, +11
Mark Avery beat Allan Cleland +17, -16, +15
Colin Irwin beat George Latham -26tp, +16, +6
William Prichard lost to Bruce Ford -16, -7tp
Irwin & Saurin beat Bury & Herington +21, +16
Openshaw & Avery beat Pickering & Ford -16, +17, +16
Fulford & Prichard lost to Cleland & Latham +5, -5, -24
Robert Fulford beat George Latham +17tp, -17, +24
Mark Avery lost to Colin Pickering +19, -17tp, -17tp
David Openshaw beat Allan Cleland -17, +26, +7
Colin Irwin beat Greg Bury +17, -4, +18
Kelburn Croquet Club, Wellington  13-18 January 1990
New Zealand v Australia 13-5
Hogan & Murfitt lost to Pickering & Ford -14 +5 -4tp(P)
Jackson & Prince lost to Cleland & Latham +11 -17 -1
Skinley & Beale beat Bury & Herington +18 +11
Joe Hogan beat Allan Cleland +4 +3
John Prince beat George Latham +26 +26
Graham Beale lost to Bruce Ford -4 -14
Roger Murfitt beat Leigh Herington +24tp +23
Hogan & Murfitt beat Cleland & Latham +10 -9 +20
Jackson & Prince beat Bury & Herington +15 +12
Skinley & Beale beat Pickering & Ford +26 +21
Bob Jackson beat Colin Pickering +17 -26tp +10
Paul Skinley beat Greg Bury +8 +21
Graham Beale beat Leigh Herington +7 +22
Roger Murfitt lost to Bruce Ford -5tp -25
Hogan & Murfitt versus Bury & Herington match abandoned, rain
Jackson & Prince versus Pickering & Ford match abandoned, rain
Skinley & Beale versus Cleland & Latham match abandoned, rain
Joe Hogan lost to Colin Pickering -25 -17
Bob Jackson beat Allan Cleland +25tp +25
Paul Skinley beat George Latham +9tp +26tp
John Prince beat Greg Bury +6tpo -16 +17
United Club, Christchurch    21-26 January 1990
Great Britain v New Zealand 12-9
Fulford & Mulliner beat Skinley & Beale +21, +17
Openshaw & Avery lost to Prince & Jones -11, -13
Irwin & Saurin beat Hogan & Jackson +2, +16
Mark Avery lost to Bob Jackson +7, -17tp, -17tp
David Openshaw beat Paul Skinley +26, -10, +17
Colin Irwin beat Steve Jones +3, +26
Mark Saurin lost to Graham Beale +16, -4, -17
Fulford & Mulliner lost to Hogan & Jackson -19, -15
Irwin & Saurin lost to Prince & Jones -13, +9, -2
Openshaw & Avery lost to Skinley & Beale +7, -16, -12
StephenMulliner lost to Joe Hogan -21, -26
Robert Fulford beat John Prince +4, +1
Colin Irwin beat Graham Beale -26, +18, +15
Mark Saurin beat Steve Jones -13, +20, +25
Fulford & Mulliner beat Prince & Jones -2, +2, +26
Openshaw & Avery beat Hogan & Jackson +17, +4
Irwin & Saurin beat Skinley & Beale +24, +4
Stephen Mulliner beat Bob Jackson +26, +26
Mark Avery lost to Joe Hogan -8, -26tp
David Openshaw lost to John Prince -2, -16
Robert Fulford beat Paul Skinley -17tp, +20tp, +8

1993 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 15th MacRobertson Shield Test Series

Venues:       Australia - Rich River Country Club, New South Wales
Dates:         26 March - 3 April 1993

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         Australia
Fourth:       United States of America


The results can be found below, or can be seen on the Croquet Records Website: Croquet Records: MacRob1993


Detailed results

All the players at the 1993 MacRobertson Shield from Rich River Country Club, NSW, Australia. Photo: Jim Bast

The Australian 1993 MacRobertson Shield Team.  (L to R):   Blaise Northey   George Latham-mgr.   Colin Pickering   Mark Prater   John Tyrrell   Michael Taylor   Barrie Chambers.  Photo: Jim Bast

The Great Britain 1993 winning MacRobertson Shield Team.

(kneeling L to R)   Colin Irwin   John Walters   (standing L to R)   Dave Maugham   Chris Clarke   David Openshaw   Keith Aiton-mgr.   Robert Fulford. Photo: Jim Bast

The 1993 MacRobertson Shield New Zealand test team.

(kneeling L to R)   Richard Baker   Graham Beale   (standing L to R)   Roger Murfitt-mgr.   Steve Jones   Greg Bryant   Bob Jackson   Paul Skinley. Photo: Jim Bast

The 1993 MacRobertson Shield USA test team.

(L to R)    Kiley Jones   Jim Bast   Tremaine Arkley   Erv Peterson   Bob Kroger   Jerry Stark. Photo: Jim Bast.

1996 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 16th MacRobertson Shield Test Series

Venues:       England - Bowdon, Cheltenham, East Dorset and Nottingham Croquet Clubs
Dates:         15 June - 4 July 1996

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         Australia
Fourth:       United States of America


The results can be found below or on the Croquet Records website: Croquet Records MacRob1996

Team Test Matches Matches
Matches won lost
Champion Great Britain 3 49 14
Second New Zealand 2 33 30
Third Australia 1 27 36
Fourth United States of America 0 17 46


Australia v Great Britain 6-15
Pickering & Watts beat Comish & Maugham +5tp(P), +17tp(P)
Hewitt & Newcombe lost to Clarke & Fulford -1, -22tp(C)
Bury & Faulkner lost to Burridge & Cornelius +26tp, -26, -12tp
Colin Pickering beat Chris Clarke +6tp, +24
Harley Watts beat David Maugham -17tp, +12tpo, +6tp
Ashley Faulkner beat Ian Burridge +5, +16
Jeff Newcombe lost to Debbie Cornelius -15, -26tp
Hewitt & Newcombe lost to Burridge & Cornelius -17, -5
Bury & Faulkner lost to Comish & Maugham -26, -26tp(C)
Pickering & Watts lost to Clarke & Fulford -25, -15tp(C)
Brett Hewitt lost to Robert Fulford -17tp, -25
Greg Bury lost to Steve Comish +24tp, -3, -25
Ashley Faulkner beat Debbie Cornelius +6, -8, +8tp
Jeff Newcombe lost to Ian Burridge -5, -26tp
Bury & Faulkner lost to Clarke & Fulford -16, -11tpo(C)
Pickering & Watts lost to Burridge & Cornelius -26, -17
Hewitt & Newcombe beat Comish & Maugham +5tp(N), +14tp(H)
Colin Pickering lost to Robert Fulford -25tp, -26tp
Brett Hewitt lost to Chris Clarke +15, -24, -16
Greg Bury lost to David Maugham -25tp, +26tp, -15tp
Harley Watts lost to Steve Comish -3, +26tp, -13tp
New Zealand v United States 12-9
Steve Jones lost to Jerry Stark -17, -17tp
Richard Baker lost to Wayne Rodoni -16, -15
Andrew Johnson lost to John Taves +17, -4, -17
Brian Wislang beat Erv Peterson -2, +11, +17
Baker & Stephens lost to Rodoni & Taves -23tp(T), +8, -26
Johnson & Skinley lost to Stark & Peterson -25, -2tpo(S)
Jones & Wislang beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +14, +25
Paul Skinley beat Johnny Osborn +21, -12, +19tp
Tony Stephens beat Bob Rebuschatis +26, +24tp
Andrew Johnson lost to Erv Peterson -8, +17, -17
Brian Wislang beat John Taves +26tp, +17tp
Johnson & Skinley beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +26tp(J), +8
Jones & Wislang lost to Rodoni & Taves +2, -26, -26tp(R)
Baker & Stephens beat Stark & Peterson +23, -17, +15
Paul Skinley lost to Jerry Stark -26, -10
Steve Jones beat Johnny Osborn +17, +26tp
Tony Stephens beat Wayne Rodoni +18, 14
Richard Baker beat Bob Rebuschatis +15, +16
Jones & Wislang lost to Stark & Peterson -17, -6
Baker & Stephens beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +17tp, +25tp
Johnson & Skinley beat Rodoni & Taves +16, +4
Great Britain v United States 20-1
Clarke & Fulford beat Taves & Rodoni +7tpo(F), +17tp(C)
Comish & Maugham beat Stark & Peterson +26stp(C), +3
Burridge & Cornelius beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +17tp(C), +24
David Maugham lost to John Taves +23, -7, -17tp
Steve Comish beat Erv Peterson +15tp, +24tp
Debbie Cornelius beat Bob Rebuschatis +24tp, +25
Ian Burridge beat Wayne Rodoni -15, +20tp, +25
Comish & Maugham beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +13tpo(M), +26tp(C)
Burridge & Cornelius beat Rodoni & Taves +5, +1
Clarke & Fulford beat Stark & Peterson +25, -15, +15tp(F)
Robert Fulford beat Jerry Stark +23, +24tp
Chris Clarke beat Johnny Osborn +17tp, +26tp
Debbie Cornelius beat Wayne Rodoni +14, -3, +25tp
Ian Burridge beat Bob Rebuschatis +26tp, +24
Burridge & Cornelius beat Stark & Peterson -26tp(S), +1, +11
Clarke & Fulford beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +22tp(F), +5
Comish & Maugham beat Rodoni & Taves +1, -26tp(T), +23tp(C)
Robert Fulford beat John Taves +24tp, -17, +24tp
Chris Clarke beat Erv Peterson +26tp, -17, +23tp
David Maugham beat Jerry Stark +3tp, -17, +26tp
Steve Comish beat Johnny Osborn +26tp, +26tp
Australia v New Zealand 7-14
Pickering & Watts lost to Johnson & Skinley -17tp(S), -5
Hewitt & Newcombe lost to Baker & Stephens +17, -26tp(S), -3
Bury & Faulkner beat Jones & Wislang +11, +12
Colin Pickering beat Paul Skinley +26tp, -26tp, +26tp
Harley Watts beat Tony Stephens +26stp, -6, +4
Ashley Faulkner lost to Brian Wislang +4tp, -7, -5
Jeff Newcombe lost to Andrew Johnson -7, -4
Hewitt & Newcombe lost to Jones & Wislang +22, -19, -16
Bury & Faulkner lost to Johnson & Skinley -23, +7, -26
Pickering & Watts lost to Baker & Stephens -2, +15, -17tp(B)
Brett Hewitt lost to Steve Jones -17tp, -8
Greg Bury beat Richard Baker -26, +24, +6
Ashley Faulkner lost to Andrew Johnson -16, +25tp, -17
Jeff Newcombe beat Brian Wislang +13tp, +13
Bury & Faulkner lost to Baker & Stephens -16tp(S), -13
Pickering & Watts beat Jones & Wislang +11, +5
Hewitt & Newcombe beat Johnson & Skinley +25tp(N), +12
Greg Bury lost to Tony Stephens +13, -16, -6stp
Colin Pickering lost to Steve Jones -24tp, -17tp
Harley Watts lost to Richard Baker -17, -26tp
Brett Hewitt lost to Paul Skinley -22, +14, -26
New Zealand v Great Britain 7-14
Baker & Stephens beat Comish & Maugham -26tp(M), +26tp(B), 26tp(S)
Jones & Skinley lost to Clarke & Fulford -25, -23
Johnson & Wislang beat Burridge & Cornelius +26, +26
Steve Jones beat Chris Clarke +13, +13otp
Richard Baker beat Steve Comish +17, -17tp, +26
Andrew Johnson lost to Ian Burridge -26, +2, -15
Brian Wislang beat Debbie Cornelius +26tp, +12
Jones & Skinley lost to Burridge & Cornelius -25tp(C), -19
Johnson & Wislang lost to Comish & Maugham -3, -22
Baker & Stephens lost to Clarke & Fulford -26tp(C), -26tp(C)
Paul Skinley lost to Robert Fulford -6, -26tp
Tony Stephens lost to David Maugham +17tp, -26, -5
Andrew Johnson lost to Debbie Cornelius -25tp, -25tp
Brian Wislang lost to Ian Burridge -16, +24, -1
Johnson & Wislang lost to Clarke & Fulford -1, -5tp(F)
Baker & Stephens beat Burridge & Cornelius +24, +26
Jones & Skinley lost to Comish & Maugham -26tp(M), -8tp(M)
Steve Jones lost to Robert Fulford -17tp, -17tp
Paul Skinley lost to Chris Clarke -25tp, -23
Tony Stephens beat Steve Comish +26tp, +26tp
Richard Baker lost to David Maugham -3, +22, -26tp
Australia v United States 14-7
Colin Pickering beat Jerry Stark +26tp, +14
Greg Bury lost to Wayne Rodoni +6, -19, -5
Ashley Faulkner beat Bob Rebuschatis +25, +25tp
Jeff Newcombe beat Johnny Osborn +23, +3
Pickering & Watts lost to Taves & Rodoni +25tp(P), -26, -26
Bury & Faulkner beat Stark & Peterson +21, 24
Hewitt & Newcombe beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +13, +26
Harley Watts lost to John Taves -25, -24
Brett Hewitt beat Erv Peterson +9, +6
Ashley Faulkner beat Johnny Osborn +26, +9
Jeff Newcombe beat Bob Rebuschatis +14, -2, +26
Bury & Faulkner beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +26tp(B), +10
Hewitt & Newcombe lost to Taves & Rodoni +6, -23, -4
Pickering & Watts beat Stark & Peterson -1, +13, +17
Harley Watts lost to Jerry Stark -17, -14
Colin Pickering lost to John Taves -24, -9
Brett Hewitt lost to Wayne Rodoni -6, +25, -24
Greg Bury beat Erv Peterson +20, +3
Hewitt & Newcombe beat Stark & Peterson +14, +9
Pickering & Watts beat Osborn & Rebuschatis +26tp(P), +24
Bury & Faulkner beat Taves & Rodoni -5, +26tp(B), +26



2000 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 17th MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Venues:       New Zealand - Christchurch
Dates:         24 January - 12 February 2000

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       Australia


The results can be seen below or on the Croquet Records website: Croquet Records MacRob2000

Team Test Matches Matches
Matches won lost
Champion Great Britain 3 50 13
Second Australia 2 37 26
Third United States of America 1 21 42
Fourth New Zealand 0 18 45

Detailed results

Great Britain v Australia 20-1
Maugham beat Fleming +25tp, +26
Clarke beat Dawson +12tp, +14tp
Irwin beat Thurston +14, +16
Openshaw beat Donati +15, +8
Fulford & Clarke beat Pickering & Dawson +26tp(F), -25tp(D), +15tp(C)
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Fleming & Clarke +17tp(M), +3
Maugham & Irwin beat Donati & Thurston +13, -12, +25
Fulford beat Pickering +13tp, +15tp
Mulliner beat Clarke -26, +21tp, +26tp
Irwin beat Donati +17tp, +12
Openshaw beat Thurston +26, +25
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Donati & Thurston +19, +26
Fulford & Clarke beat Fleming & Clarke +25tp(C), +25tp(F)
Maugham & Irwin beat Pickering & Dawson -17, +13, +5tp(M)
Fulford beat Fleming -16, +24tp, +26tp
Maugham beat Pickering +17tp, +25tp
Clarke beat Clarke +16tp, +21tp
Mulliner lost to Dawson -17tp, +12tpo, -3
Clarke & Fulford beat Donati & Thurston +25tp(F), +25tp(C)
Irwin & Maugham beat Clarke & Fleming +26tp(M), -26tp(C), +17tp(M)
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Dawson & Pickering +2, +17
New Zealand v USA 13-8
Jones & Garrison beat Soo & Stark +17, +26
Prince & Wislang lost to Taves & Fournier D +11, -15, -15
Baker & Jackson lost to Mehas & Fournier J -16 , +26tp(J), -24
Baker beat Fournier J +26tp, -26, +17tp
Garrison beat Stark -17tp, +26tp, +26tp
Prince beat Soo +23tp, -16tp, +26
Wislang beat Fournier D -3, +5tp, +13tpo
Baker & Jackson lost to Fournier D & Taves +8tp, -13, -17
Prince & Wislang beat Soo & Stark -26tp(So), +24, +26
Garrison & Jones beat Fournier J & Mehas +24, -10, +20
Prince beat Fournier D +17tp, +14
Jackson lost to Taves -25tp, -26tp
Jones lost to Mehas +14, -26, -26tp
Wislang lost to Soo -6, -7
Garrison & Jones beat Fournier D & Taves +23tp, +6
Baker & Jackson beat Soo & Stark +17tp, +2
Prince & Wislang beat Fournier J & Mehas +18, -7, +10
Baker beat Taves +3tp, +26tp
Jackson beat Fournier J -26, +26tp, +4tp
Jones lost to Stark -17, -16
Garrison lost to Mehas -4, +16tp, -26
Great Britain v USA 19-2
Fulford beat Fournier J +26tp, +6
Mulliner beat Stark +7, +12tpo
Irwin beat Fournier D +4tp, +23tp
Openshaw beat Soo +4tp, +15
Clarke & Fulford beat Stark & Taves +7tpo(F), +26tp(C)
Irwin & Maugham beat Fournier J & Mehas -4, +24, +5tp(I)
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Fournier D & Soo +25tp(O), +2
Maugham lost to Taves +16, -17tp, -26tp
Clarke beat Mehas -12otp, +26tp, +26tp
Irwin beat Soo +26tp, -16, +24tp
Openshaw beat Fournier D +3, +10tp
Clarke & Fulford beat Fournier J & Mehas +9tpo(F), +25tp(C)
Irwin & Maugham beat Fournier D & Soo +21tp(M), +6
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Stark & Taves +14tp(O), +26tp(M)
Fulford beat Taves +26tp, -17stp, +26tp
Maugham beat Fournier J +15tp, +26
Clarke lost to Stark -17, -15
Mulliner beat Mehas +4, +26tp
Clarke & Fulford beat Fournier D & Soo +6tpo(F), +12qpo(C)
Irwin & Maugham beat Stark & Taves +17tp(M), +24
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Fournier J & Mehas +14, -26tp (F), +17
New Zealand v Australia 14-7
Jones & Garrison lost to Dawson & Pickering +23tp, -24, -16
Baker & Jackson lost to Fleming & Clarke -17, +17tp(J) -16
Prince & Wislang beat Donati & Bassett +16tp, +8
Jackson lost to Fleming +26tp, -2otp, -26tp
Jones beat Dawson +5tp, +16tp
Prince beat Bassett +26tp, +3tp
Wislang beat Donati +13tp, +1
Baker & Jackson beat Bassett & Donati +15, +3
Garrison & Jones lost to Clarke & Fleming -18tp(F), +10, -4
Prince & Wislang lost to Dawson & Pickering -26, -3
Baker beat Pickering -2, +9, +26tp
Garrison beat Clarke +14tp, +17qp
Prince beat Donati +1, +17
Wislang beat Bassett +17, +17tp
Baker & Jackson beat Dawson & Pickering +26tp(J), +25
Jones & Garrison beat Bassett & Donati -2tpo(B), +9, +26
Prince & Wislang beat Fleming & Clarke -17tp(F), +3, +15
Baker beat Fleming -20tp, +11, +14tp
Jackson lost to Pickering -19, +4tpo, -15
Jones lost to Clarke -26tp, -22
Garrison beat Dawson +17tp, +24
Great Britain v New Zealand 11-10
Clarke & Fulford beat Baker & Jackson +19tp (C), +3tpo(F)
Irwin & Maugham lost to Garrison & Jones -25, +14, -3
Mulliner & Openshaw lost to Prince & Wislang -4, -9
Maugham beat Baker +13, -13, +26tp
Clarke lost to Jackson +25tp, -9tpo, -16tp
Irwin beat Wislang +26, +9
Openshaw lost to Prince +17, -5tp, -20
Clarke & Fulford beat Garrison & Jones +18tp(F), -13, +26
Irwin & Maugham beat Prince & Wislang +26tp(M), -4, +13
Mulliner & Openshaw lost to Baker & Jackson -26, -13tp(B)
Fulford beat Garrison +26tp, +17tp
Mulliner beat Jones +17, -26, +26tp
Irwin lost to Prince -13, -14
Openshaw beat Wislang +2, +17tp
Clarke & Fulford lost to Prince & Wislang -15tp(P), -11
Irwin & Maugham lost to Baker & Jackson -16, +23, -23
Mulliner & Openshaw beat Garrison & Jones -17, +26, +1
Fulford lost to Baker -23, +26tp, -16
Maugham beat Garrison -15, +17, +6tp
Clarke lost to Jones -23, +25, -5
Mulliner beat Jackson +2, +10
USA v Australia 11-10
Fournier J beat Fleming -4, +26,+24
Stark beat Dawson +10, -16, +17
Fournier D beat Donati +10, +26
Soo lost to Bassett -8, -3
Fournier J & Mehas beat Pickering & Dawson +16, +2
Stark & Taves beat Fleming & Clarke +4, +25
Soo & Fournier D lost to Bassett & Donati -22, -10
Taves beat Pickering +2, +12tp
Mehas lost to Clarke -17, +20, -16
Fournier D lost to Bassett -24tp, -26
Soo beat Donati +17, +23
Fournier J & Mehas lost to Fleming & Clarke +6, -4, -24
Stark & Taves beat Bassett & Donati +25, +15
Soo & Fournier D lost to Pickering & Dawson -17, -25
Taves lost to Fleming -23, -25
Fournier J lost to Pickering -12tp, +17, -6
Stark beat Clarke +9, +3
Mehas lost to Dawson -3tp, -17
Fournier J & Mehas beat Bassett & Donati +17, +10
Stark & Taves beat Pickering & Dawson -14, +2, +26
Soo & Fournier D lost to Clarke & Fleming -26, -14

2003 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 18th MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Venues:       United States of America - National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, Florida
Dates:         1-15 November 2003

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      Australia
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       New Zealand

Results can be found below or on the Croquet Records website:Croquet Records: MacRob2003

Team Test Matches Matches
Champion Great Britain 3 41 22
Second Australia 2 32 31
Third United States of America 1 28 35
Fourth New Zealand 0 25 38

Detailed results

Great Britain v USA 15-6
Fulford & Clarke beat Louw & Rosenberry +26tp(F), +2
Maugham & Avery beat Stark & Taves +23, +3
Burrow & Mulliner lost to Fournier & Drake -26tp(F), -7
Maugham & Avery beat Fournier & Drake +2, -11otp(M), +23
Burrow & Mulliner beat Louw & Rosenberry +25tp(M), +12tpo(M)
Fulford & Clarke lost to Stark & Taves +13tpo(C), -26tp(S), -11tpo(T)
RI Fulford beat J Stark +9tpo, +26tp
CD Clarke beat JE Fournier +15tp, +14
MVM Burrow beat JW Louw +17, +19
DB Maugham beat JB Taves +19tp, +26tp
SN Mulliner beat HK Rosenberry -25tp, +5, +17tp
MN Avery beat C Drake +26tp, +26tp
Fulford & Clarke beat Fournier & Drake +7, +24tp(C)
Maugham & Avery beat Louw & Rosenberry +26tp(A), +19tp(A)
Burrow & Mulliner lost to Stark & Taves -13, -14
RI Fulford beat JE Fournier +26tp, -19tp, +16sxp
CD Clarke lost to J Stark -25tp, +14, -17
MVM Burrow lost to JB Taves -1, +26tp, -26tp
DB Maugham lost to JW Louw -17, -26
SN Mulliner beat C Drake +26tp, -26tp, +13tpo
MN Avery beat HK Rosenberry +7tp, +21
New Zealand v Australia 6-15
Garrison & Bulloch lost to Fleming & Clarke -12, -12
Prince & Wislang lost to Bassett & Hockey -26tp(B), -2
Bryant & Parkinson lost to Forster & Meat'ham -17tp(F), -26tp(F)
JG Prince lost to T Bassett -8tp, -26tp
TA Garrison lost to B Fleming +10, -17tp, -9
G Bryant beat S Hockey +14, +17tp
B Wislang lost to M Clarke +3, -4tp, -6
DJ Bulloch beat S Meatheringham +21, +26
P Parkinson lost to S Forster -17, +17, -26
Garrison & Bulloch lost to Forster & Meat'ham -26tp(F), +2, -25
Prince & Wislang beat Fleming & Clarke +25tp(W), +17
Bryant & Parkinson lost to Bassett & Hockey -16tp(H), +13, -17tp(B)
TA Garrison lost to T Bassett -17tp, -26tp
JG Prince lost to B Fleming -17tp, -14tp
G Bryant lost to M Clarke -5, -26
B Wislang lost to S Hockey -17tp, +17, -26
DJ Bulloch beat S Forster +25, +14
P Parkinson beat S Meatheringham +26tp, +23tp
Garrison & Bulloch lost to Bassett & Hockey -4tp(H), +26tp(G),-5tp(H)
Prince & Wislang beat Forster & Meat'ham +26tp(P), +18
Bryant & Parkinson lost to Fleming & Clarke -17, -3
Great Britain v Australia 15-6
Clarke & Fulford lost to Fleming & Clarke -13otp(Fu), -17tp(Fl)
Burrow & Mulliner beat Bassett & Hockey +11, -15, +25tp(B)
Maugham & Avery beat Forster & Meat'ham +26tp(A), +25tp(A)
CD Clarke beat T Bassett +26, +13tpo
RI Fulford beat B Fleming +26tp, +9sxp
DB Maugham beat M Clarke +12otp, +16tp
MVM Burrow lost to S Hockey +3, -17tp, -1otp
MN Avery lost to S Forster -26, +17tp, -26
SN Mulliner beat S Meatheringham +4, +25
Burrow & Mulliner lost to Fleming & Clarke -26tp(F), -16tp(F)
Maugham & Avery beat Bassett & Hockey +25, -26tp(B), +24tp(M)
Clarke & Fulford beat Forster & Meat'ham +24tp(C), +5tp(C)
RI Fulford beat T Bassett +17, +13tpo
CD Clarke beat B Fleming -26tp, +26tp, +15tp
MVM Burrow lost to M Clarke -25, -17
DB Maugham beat S Hockey +12tpo, -24, +15stp
SNM Mulliner lost to S Forster -26tp, -16tp
MN Avery beat S Meatheringham +25tp, +26tp
Maugham & Avery beat eming & Clarke +10, -26tp(F), +15
Clarke & Fulford beat ssett & Hockey +24tp(C), +24tp(C)
Burrow & Mulliner beat rster & Meat'ham +10tpo(M), +11
New Zealand v USA 9-12
Prince & Wislang lost to Stark & Taves -3tp(T), +14otp(T), -13tpo(P)
Garrison & Bulloch lost to Louw & Rosenberry -26tp(R), -26tp(L)
Bryant & Parkinson lost to Fournier & Drake +26tp(P), -1, -4
Prince & Wislang lost to Louw & Rosenberry -17tp(L), +8tpo(P), -4
Garrison & Bulloch beat Fournier & Drake +17, +2
Bryant & Parkinson beat Stark & Taves +17, +26tp(B)
Garrison lost to Taves -26tp, -5
Prince lost to Stark -23tp, -26tp
Bryant lost to Louw -26tp, -24tp
Bulloch lost to Fournier -26tp, -7tp
Wislang beat Rosenberry +17, -3, +23tp
Parkinson beat Drake +25, +17
Prince & Wislang lost to Fournier & Drake -26tp(F), -17tp(F)
Garrison & Bulloch lost to Stark & Taves -15tp(S), -3
Bryant & Parkinson beat Louw & Rosenberry +5, +20
Garrison lost to Stark -25tp, +3, -26tp
Prince beat Taves +26tp, -5, +11
Bryant lost to Fournier -13tpo, -26tp
Bulloch beat Louw +20, -16, +2
Wislang beat Drake +10, +9tp
Parkinson beat Rosenberry +17tp, -1tpo, +9tp
Australia v USA 11-10
Fleming & Clarke beat uw & Rosenberry -10, +18tp(F), +25tp(F)
Bassett & Hockey beat urnier & Drake -26tp(F), +11, +14
Forster & Meat'ham beat ark & Taves +17, -1, +26stp(F)
Bassett beat Fournier +26tp, +24tp
Fleming beat Taves +26tp, +26tp
Clarke lost to Louw -17, -13
Hockey lost to Stark -25tp, +25tp, -2
Forster beat Rosenberry +17tp, -17, +15
Meatheringham lost to Drake -26tp, -12tp
Fleming & Clarke beat Fournier & Drake +6tp(F), +26tp(F)
Bassett & Hockey lost to Stark & Taves -25, +26tp (B), -25
Forster & Meat'ham lost to Louw & Rosenberry +24, -14, -3
Bassett beat Taves +26tp, -25tp, +10tp
Fleming lost to Fournier -13, -26tp
M. Clarke lost to Stark -26tp, -26stp
Hockey beat Louw +25tp, +15tp
Forster lost to Drake +16tp, -5, -25
Meatheringham lost to Rosenberry -14, -7tp
Fleming & Clarke beat Stark & Taves -26tp(S), +26, +17
Bassett & Hockey beat Louw & Rosenberry +17tp(B), +25
Forster & Meat'ham lost to Drake & Fournier +23tp(SF), -17, -26tp (JF)
Great Britain v New Zealand 11-10
Maugham & Avery lost to Garrison & Bulloch -25tp(G), -10otp(M)
Clarke & Fulford lost to Prince & Wislang +23tp(C), -1, -26tp(P)
Burrow & Mulliner beat Bryant & Parkinson +7otp(GB), +21tp(MB)
Maugham & Avery beat Prince & Wislang +14tp(M), +4tpo(A)
Clarke & Fulford beat Bryant & Parkinson +25tp(F), +12
Burrow & Mulliner lost to Garrison & Bulloch -13, +1, -14
Fulford beat Prince +24sxp, +26tp
Clarke lost to Garrison -26tp, -17tp
Burrow lost to Bulloch -26, -6
Maugham beat Bryant +26tp, +12tp
Mulliner beat Parkinson +17, +10tpo
Avery beat Wislang +3tp, +5
Avery & Maugham beat Bryant & Parkinson -26tp(B), +12tpo(M), +14
Clarke & Fulford lost to Bulloch & Garrison -15, -15
Burrow & Mulliner lost to Prince & Wislang -25, -17tp(W)
Fulford lost to Garrison -20tp, -7
Clarke lost to Prince -4otp, -17
Burrow lost to Bryant -19tp, -2
Maugham beat Bulloch -6tp, +26tp, +5tp
Mulliner beat Wislang +26tp, +25tp
Avery beat Parkinson +17tp, +10




2006 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 19th MacRoberson Shield Test Series
Venues:       Australia - Rich River Country Club and Shepparton Croquet Club
Dates:         18 November - 3 December 2006

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       Australia


Results can be found below or on the Croquet Records Website:  Croquet Records: MacRob2006

Team Test Matches Matches
Champion Great Britain 3 53 10
Second Australia 2 27 36
Third United States of America 1 22 41
Fourth New Zealand 0 24 39

Detailed results

Great Britain v New Zealand 15-6
Fulford/Clarke beat Chapman/Westerby +26tp(C), +19tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby lost to Bryant/Davis -10tp(D) -17
Avery/Maugham lost to Lowe/Wislang -2, +24tp(A) -10tp(W)
Fulford/Clarke beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(C) +26tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby beat Lowe/Wislang +15qp(A) +16tp(A)
Avery/Maugham beat Chapman/Westerby +17tp(M) +23tp(A)
Robert Fulford beat Paddy Chapman +26tp, +24tp
David Maugham lost to Aaron Westerby +17tp, -26tp, -6tpo
Chris Clarke beat Brian Wislang -26tp, +19tp, +17tp
Keith Aiton beat Greg Bryant +17tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby lost to Shane Davis -26tp, -26tp
Mark Avery beat Robert Lowe +23, +26
Fulford/Clarke beat Lowe/Wislang +26tp(F), +26tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby beat Chapman/Westerby -17, +7otp(W), +9tpo(A)
Avery/Maugham beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(A), +26tp(M)
Robert Fulford lost to Aaron Westerby -19tp, +9otp, -5tp
David Maugham beat Paddy Chapman +14otp, +10tpo
Chris Clarke beat Greg Bryant +10tp, +26tp
Keith Aiton beat Brian Wislang +26tp, +23tp
Jonathan Kirby lost to Robert Lowe -26tp, -26tp
Mark Avery beat Shane Davis -26tp, +26tp, +26tp
USA v Australia 7-14
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Dumergue/Watts -23, -26
Soo/Lamm lost to Fleming/Clarke +17, -17tp(F), -12tp(F)
Stark/Bidencope beat Bassett/Forster +21tp(B), +17tp(S)
Jerry Stark lost to Martin Clarke -2, -26
Danny Huneycutt lost to Bruce Fleming -2, +8tp, -26tp
Damon Bidencope lost to Harley Watts +17, -26tp, -11tp
Jeff Soo beat Trevor Bassett +19tp, +17
Rich Lamm lost to Ian Dumergue -17tp, -26tp
Bob Cherry lost to Stephen Forster -14tp, -23
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Fleming/Clarke +26, -24, -14
Soo/Lamm beat Bassett/Forster +8, +11
Stark/Bidencope lost to Dumergue/Watts +12, -17, -5tp(W)
Jerry Stark lost to Bruce Fleming -17tp, -11tp
Danny Huneycutt lost to Martin Clarke -4tp, +26tp, -26tp
Damon Bidencope beat Trevor Bassett +7, -20tp, +26tp
Jeff Soo beat Harley Watts +17tp, +26
Rich Lamm beat Stephen Forster +26tp, +5
Bob Cherry lost to Ian Dumergue +17tp, -26tp, -26tp
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Bassett/Forster +17, -20, -26
Soo/Lamm beat Dumergue/Watts +10, +17tp(L)
Stark/Bidencope lost to Fleming/Clarke -25, -13tp(F)
Great Britain v USA 19-2
Fulford/Clarke beat Soo/Lamm -26tp(L), +15, +12tpo(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Stark/Bidencope +26tp(A), +14otp(S)
Aiton/Kirby beat Cherry/Huneycutt -15, +26tp(A), +21
Robert Fulford beat Jeff Soo -26tp, +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham beat Jerry Stark +17tp, +17tp
Chris Clarke beat Damon Bidencope +26tp, +22tp
Keith Aiton beat Danny Huneycutt +24tp, +25
Jonathan Kirby beat Bob Cherry +5, -13, +26tp
Mark Avery beat Rich Lamm +26tp, +26tp
Fulford/Clarke beat Stark/Bidencope +12tpo(F), +26tp(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Cherry/Huneycutt +26qp(A), -26tp(H), +26tp(A)
Aiton/Kirby beat Soo/Lamm +26tp(K), +26tp(A)
Robert Fulford beat Jerry Stark +20sxp, +16sxp
David Maugham beat Jeff Soo +17tp, +25tp
Chris Clarke lost to Danny Huneycutt +21tp, -26, -26tp
Keith Aiton beat Damon Bidencope -17, +26tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Rich Lamm +6, +18
Mark Avery beat Bob Cherry +5tp, +24
Fulford/Clarke beat Cherry/Huneycutt +14, +26sxp(F)
Avery/Maugham beat Soo/Lamm +7, +26tp(M)
Aiton/Kirby lost to Stark/Bidencope -26tp(S), +15tp(A), -26tp(S)
New Zealand v Australia 10-11
Westerby/Chapman beat Watts/Dumergue +12tpo(C), -15tp(W), +11
Bryant/Davis lost to Fleming/Clarke -26, -21
Lowe/Wislang lost to Forster/Bassett -25, -26tp(F)
Westerby/Chapman lost to Fleming/Clarke +26, -17tp(F), -26tp(F)
Bryant/Davis beat Forster/Bassett -14, +8,  +2tp(B)
Lowe/Wislang lost to Watts/Dumergue -26tp(W), -6
Aaron Westerby beat Martin Clarke +26stp, -26tp, +12tpo
Paddy Chapman lost to Bruce Fleming -26tp, -7
Greg Bryant lost to Harley Watts +12tpo, -4otp, -25tp
Shane Davis lost to Ian Dumergue -25tp, -26tp
Brian Wislang lost to Trevor Bassett -16tp, -5
Robert Lowe beat Stephen Forster -3, +2, +5tp
Westerby/Chapman beat Forster/Bassett +16tp(C), +26
Bryant/Davis lost to Watts/Dumergue -5, -26tp(W)
Lowe/Wislang beat Fleming/Clarke +17, -5tp(F), +15
Aaron Westerby beat Bruce Fleming +13, -26tp, +20
Paddy Chapman beat Martin Clarke +25tp, +26tp
Greg Bryant beat Ian Dumergue +2, -13, +25tp
Shane Davis lost to Harley Watts +13tp, -16tp, -26tp
Brian Wislang lost to Stephen Forster -17tp, -24tp
Robert Lowe beat Trevor Bassett +8tp, -1, +14tp
Great Britain v Australia 19-2
Clarke/Fulford beat Fleming/Clarke +26tp(C), +15
Avery/Maugham beat Bassett/Forster +26, +12tp(M)
Aiton/Kirby beat Dumergue/Watts +26tp(A), +26tp(A)
Clarke/Fulford beat Bassett/Forster +26tp(C), +26tp(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Dumergue/Watts +17, -3, +1otp(W)
Aiton/Kirby beat Fleming/Clarke -17tp(F), +26tp(A), +5
Robert Fulford beat Martin Clarke +26tp, +26
David Maugham beat Bruce Fleming +26tp, +25tp
Chris Clarke beat Harley Watts +26tp, +26tp
Keith Aiton beat Ian Dumergue +26tp, +16tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Stephen Forster +4, +17
Mark Avery beat Trevor Bassett +22tp, +26tp
Clarke/Fulford beat Dumergue/Watts +26tp(C), +15tp(C)
Avery/Maugham lost to Fleming/Clarke -26tp(F), -17tp(F)
Aiton/Kirby beat Bassett/Forster +12tpo(K), +16tp(K)
Robert Fulford beat Bruce Fleming +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham beat Martin Clarke +26sxp, -25tp, +11
Chris Clarke beat Ian Dumergue +15tp, +22tp
Keith Aiton beat Harley Watts +26tp, +13tpo
Jonathan Kirby beat Trevor Bassett +25tp, -26tp, +7
Mark Avery lost to Stephen Forster -17, -26
USA v New Zealand 13-8
Huneycutt/Cherry beat Bryant/Davis +26stp(H), +16tp(H)
Soo/Lamm lost to Chapman/Westerby +21, -25, -8
Stark/Bidencope lost to Lowe/Wislang +2, -26tp(L), -17tp(L)
Jerry Stark beat Paddy Chapman +26stp, -26tp, +26
Jeff Soo beat Aaron Westerby +26, +26
Danny Huneycutt beat Shane Davis +15tp, +16tp
Damon Bidencope beat Greg Bryant -10, +9, +5tp
Rich Lamm beat Robert Lowe +26tp, -24tp, +7tpo
Bob Cherry beat Brian Wislang +13, +26
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Chapman/Westerby -7, -6
Soo/Lamm beat Lowe/Wislang +22tp(S), +16
Stark/Bidencope lost to Bryant/Davis +8tp(B), -17tp(B), -23tp(D)
Jerry Stark beat Aaron Westerby -24tp, +3otp, +26tp
Jeff Soo lost to Paddy Chapman -26tp, -26tp
Danny Huneycutt beat Greg Bryant -16, +15, +17
Damon Bidencope beat Shane Davis -20stp, +13, +11
Rich Lamm lost to Brian Wislang +12tpo, -26, -19
Bob Cherry beat Robert Lowe -17tp, +23tp, +3tp
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Lowe/Wislang -17tp(L), -26tp(L)
Soo/Lamm beat Bryant/Davis +26, -9tpo(D), +11otp(B)
Stark/Bidencope lost to Chapman/Westerby -12tpo(C), -26tp(C)

2010 AC World Team Championship Tier 1 – Champion: Great Britain

The 20th MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Venues:       England - Manchester, Nottingham and London
Dates:         6-22 August 2010

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       Australia


Results can be found below or on the Croquet Records website: Croquet Records: MacRob2010


Team Test Matches Matches
Matches won lost
Champion Great Britain 3 37 26
Second New Zealand 2 38 25
Third United States of America 1 29 34
Fourth Australia 0 22 41

Detailed Results

Great Britain v USA 12-9 Bowdon Croquet Club
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Lamm & Soo -26, -26tp(L)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Bast & Huneycutt +15, -15, -5
Fulford & Lines beat Grimsley & Rothman +24tp(L), +22tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Bast & Huneycutt -17, +26tp(A), +23tp(M)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Grimsley & Rothman +4, +4
Fulford & Lines beat Lamm & Soo +26tp(F), +24tp(F)
Robert Fulford beat Ben Rothman +26tp, +23tp
David Maugham lost to Danny Huneycutt -26, -9
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Jim Bast +12tpo, +26tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Rich Lamm -13tpo, +13tpo, +16
Keith Aiton lost to Jeff Soo -19, +20tp, -25tp
Ian Lines beat Doug Grimsley +10tp, +17
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Grimsley & Rothman -26tp(R), -19
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Lamm & Soo +5tp(B), -16, -26
Fulford & Lines lost to Bast & Huneycutt +17tp(F), -26tp(H), -26tp(H)
Robert Fulford beat Danny Huneycutt +5tp, +15tp
David Maugham lost to Ben Rothman -5, -11otp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Rich Lamm +14, +26tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Jim Bast +17tp, +22
Keith Aiton lost to Doug Grimsley -26, -14otp
Ian Lines beat Jeff Soo +26, +4tp
Australia v New Zealand 8-13 Heaton Park
Forster & Clarke lost to Chapman & Westerby -26tp(C), -16tp(W)
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Bryant & Clarke +26tp(D), -26, +23tp(F)
Landrebe & Beard lost to Skinley & Wright -26tp(S), -24tp(S)
Forster & Clarke lost to Bryant & Clarke +25, -13, -17
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Skinley & Wright -20tp(S), +3tp(F), +26tp(D)
Landrebe & Beard lost to Chapman & Westerby -5tp(C), -24tp(C)
Robert Fletcher beat Aaron Westerby +26tp, +9tp
Stephen Forster lost to Paddy Chapman -26tp, +16tp, -26tp
Ian Dumergue lost to Paul Skinley -17, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Greg Bryant -25tp, -25tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Michael Wright -10tp, +17tp, -26
Kevin Beard beat Jenny Clarke -17, +5, +25tp
Forster & Clarke beat Skinley & Wright +26tp(F), -26tp(S), +26tp(F)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Chapman & Westerby -17, -12
Landrebe & Beard beat Bryant & Clarke -17tp(B), +26tp(B), +17
Robert Fletcher beat Paddy Chapman +13tpo, +26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Aaron Westerby -26tp, -1
Ian Dumergue lost to Greg Bryant -10tpo, +26tp, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Paul Skinley -10tp, +26, -26tp
Peter Landrebe beat Jenny Clarke -24, +25, +16
Kevin Beard lost to Michael Wright -4, -1
Great Britain v New Zealand 11-10 Nottingham Croquet Club
Fulford & Lines beat Skinley & Wright -12, +14tp(F), +24tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Bryant & Clarke -25tp(C), +13tpo(M), +10tpo(A)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Chapman & Westerby -26tp(C), -26tp(W)
Fulford & Lines beat Bryant & Clarke +26tp(F), +26tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Chapman & Westerby +17tp(M), -26tp(C), -26tp(C)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Skinley & Wright -17, +26tp(M), +23
Robert Fulford beat Aaron Westerby -15, +26tp, +17sxp
David Maugham lost to Paddy Chapman -22tp, -26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Paul Skinley +15tp, +17tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Greg Bryant +26tp, +18
Keith Aiton lost to Michael Wright -26, -14tp
Ian Lines beat Jenny Clarke +16, +15
Fulford & Lines beat Chapman & Westerby -5tp(C), +18, +26tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Skinley & Wright +26tp(A), +11tpo(A)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Bryant & Clarke -7tpo(B), +14otp(B), -17tp(B)
Robert Fulford lost to Paddy Chapman +13tpo, -26tp, -26tp
David Maugham lost to Aaron Westerby -14, -26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Greg Bryant -5otp, -17
Stephen Mulliner lost to Paul Skinley -26tp, -8tp
Keith Aiton beat Jenny Clarke +17tp, +13
Ian Lines lost to Michael Wright +19, -26tp, -15
Australia v USA 7-14 The Roehampton Club
Forster & Clarke beat Lamm & Soo +3, -9, +26tp(F)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Bast & Huneycutt -13tpo(H), -12otp(F)
Beard & Landrebe lost to Grimsley & Rothman -4tp(R), -17tp(R)
Forster & Clarke lost to Bast & Huneycutt -8otp(C), -17tp(H)
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Grimsley & Rothman +26qp(F), +17
Landrebe & Beard beat Lamm & Soo +26tp(L), +26tp(L)
Robert Fletcher lost to Ben Rothman -26tp, -26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Danny Huneycutt -18tp, -3tp
Ian Dumergue beat Doug Grimsley +26tp, -10, +15tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Rich Lamm -26tp, +15tp, -26tp
Martin Clarke beat Jeff Soo +26tp, +17tp
Kevin Beard beat Jim Bast -26tp, +17tp, +17tp
Forster & Clarke lost to Grimsley & Rothman -26tp(R), -26tp(R)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Lamm & Soo -17, +25tp(F), -6
Landrebe & Beard lost to Bast & Huneycutt -26tp(H), -26tp(B)
Robert Fletcher lost to Danny Huneycutt -3, -26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Ben Rothman -26tp, -26tp
Ian Dumergue beat Rich Lamm -13tpo, +13otp, +26tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Doug Grimsley -4otp, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Jim Bast -17tp, +16, -17tp
Kevin Beard lost to Jeff Soo -17tp, -3
Great Britain v Australia 14-7 Surbiton Croquet Club
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Fletcher & Dumergue -19 +8tp(M) -17tp(D)
Fulford & Lines beat Landrebe & Beard +24 +12tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Forster & M Clarke +26tp(A) -26tp(C) +2otp(C)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Landrebe & Beard +26tp(M), +4tp(M)
Fulford & Lines lost to Forster & M Clarke -4, -10otp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Fletcher & Dumergue -13otp(M), -12otp(M)
Robert Fulford beat Stephen Forster +26tp, -20, +26tp
David Maugham beat Robert Fletcher +26tp, +26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Peter Landrebe +25tp, -17tp, -8
Stephen Mulliner beat Ian Dumergue +26, -25tp, +24tp
Keith Aiton beat Kevin Beard +25, +18tp
Ian Lines beat Martin Clarke +6, +14
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Forster & M Clarke +19tp(M), +23tp(M)
Fulford & Lines beat Fletcher & Dumergue +20tp(F), -15tp(F), +17tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Landrebe & Beard +24tp(M), -26tp(L), -25tp(L)
Robert Fulford beat Robert Fletcher +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham lost to Stephen Forster -6tpo, +4sxp, -24tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Ian Dumergue +24, -17, -11
Stephen Mulliner beat Peter Landrebe -7, +6, +26sxp
Keith Aiton beat Martin Clarke -16, +19tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Kevin Beard +17tp, +16
USA v New Zealand 5-16 Surbiton Croquet Club
Soo & Lamm lost to Bryant & J Clarke -9, +26, -17tp(B)
Grimsley & Rothman beat Skinley & Wright +15, +17tp(G)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Chapman & Westerby +8tp(B), -4, -26tp(C)
Danny Huneycutt lost to Aaron Westerby -26tp, -7tp
Ben Rothman lost to Paddy Chapman +26tp, -13tpo, -10tpo
Rich Lamm lost to Paul Skinley +17, -26tp, -13otp
Doug Grimsley lost to Greg Bryant -6tpo, +26tp, -25tp
Jim Bast beat Michael Wright +25tp, +15
Jeff Soo lost to Jenny Clarke -14, +5, -17tp
Soo & Lamm lost to Skinley & Wright -23tp(S), -3
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Chapman & Westerby +14otp(C), -26tp(C), -12tp(W)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Bryant & J Clarke +26tp(B), -12tpo(B), -12tpo(B)
Danny Huneycutt lost to Paddy Chapman -5, +26tp, -26tp
Ben Rothman beat Aaron Westerby -17tp, +26tp, +17
Rich Lamm lost to Greg Bryant +20, -26tp, -24tp
Doug Grimsley lost to Paul Skinley -26tp, -26tp
Jim Bast lost to Jenny Clarke -17tp, -23tp
Jeff Soo lost to Michael Wright -5, +25, -16tp
Soo & Lamm beat Chapman & Westerby +26tp(S), -17tp(C), +26tp(L)
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Bryant & J Clarke -26tp(B), -26tp(B)
Bast & Huneycutt beat Skinley & Wright +12, +26tp(H)