Photos and history 1963-1990

MacRobertson Shield Winners

1963 - England
1969 - England
1974 - Great Britain
1979 - New Zealand
1982 - Great Britain
1986 - New Zealand
1990 - Great Britain and Ireland

This booklet gives a history of the MacRobertson Shield, up to 1963: Booklet: International croquet tests for the MacRobertson Shield

Photos courtesy of John Prince. These and many others can also be seen on the United Croquet Club photo archive:

1963 England: Humphrey Hicks, William Ormerod, Brian Lloyd-Pratt, David Curtis, Jean Warwick, John Solomon, Patrick Cotter and Bobby Wiggins

New Zealand 1963 at Hamilton, Les Middlemiss, Herbie Ford, John Prince, Ralph Browne, Jean Jarden, Tony Stephens and Arthur Ross



1979 Colin Pickering, Australia at Gore

England 1969 William Ormerod, Nigel Aspinal, John Solomon, Maurice Reckitt, Bernard Neal, Roger Bray, Douglas Stracman

NZ 1974 Roger Murfitt, Alan Anderson, John Prince, Bob Jackson, Cliff Anderson, Lil Rawlinson, Gordon Rowling

1979 British team L to R: Martin Murray, David Openshaw, Nigel Aspinal, Bobby Wiggins, Bernard Neal, Michael Heap and William Prichard

1979 New Zealand vs Australia test. Back row L to R: Grace Edwards, Diane Weisner, Colin Pickering, Ron Sloane, Roger Murfitt, Joe Hogan, Bob Jackson, Paul Skinley Front row L to R: Mark Prater, Bill Smith, John Prince, Alan Anderson

Warm up match prior to the 1996 MacRobertson Shield series. Back row l to r - 1996 team - Chris Clarke, Stephen Comish, David Maugham, Ian Burridge, Robert Fulford, Debbie Cornelius Front row l to r - 1982 team - William Prichard, Martin Murray, Stephen Mulliner, David Openshaw, Andrew Hope, Keith Wylie