1993 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 15th MacRobertson Shield Test Series

Venues:       Australia - Rich River Country Club, New South Wales
Dates:         26 March - 3 April 1993

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         Australia
Fourth:       United States of America


The results can be found below, or can be seen on the Croquet Records Website: Croquet Records: MacRob1993


Detailed results

All the players at the 1993 MacRobertson Shield from Rich River Country Club, NSW, Australia. Photo: Jim Bast

The Australian 1993 MacRobertson Shield Team.  (L to R):   Blaise Northey   George Latham-mgr.   Colin Pickering   Mark Prater   John Tyrrell   Michael Taylor   Barrie Chambers.  Photo: Jim Bast

The Great Britain 1993 winning MacRobertson Shield Team.

(kneeling L to R)   Colin Irwin   John Walters   (standing L to R)   Dave Maugham   Chris Clarke   David Openshaw   Keith Aiton-mgr.   Robert Fulford. Photo: Jim Bast

The 1993 MacRobertson Shield New Zealand test team.

(kneeling L to R)   Richard Baker   Graham Beale   (standing L to R)   Roger Murfitt-mgr.   Steve Jones   Greg Bryant   Bob Jackson   Paul Skinley. Photo: Jim Bast

The 1993 MacRobertson Shield USA test team.

(L to R)    Kiley Jones   Jim Bast   Tremaine Arkley   Erv Peterson   Bob Kroger   Jerry Stark. Photo: Jim Bast.