2006 MacRobertson Shield – Champion: Great Britain

The 19th MacRoberson Shield Test Series
Venues:       Australia - Rich River Country Club and Shepparton Croquet Club
Dates:         18 November - 3 December 2006

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       Australia


Results can be found below or on the Croquet Records Website:  Croquet Records: MacRob2006

Team Test Matches Matches
Champion Great Britain 3 53 10
Second Australia 2 27 36
Third United States of America 1 22 41
Fourth New Zealand 0 24 39

Detailed results

Great Britain v New Zealand 15-6
Fulford/Clarke beat Chapman/Westerby +26tp(C), +19tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby lost to Bryant/Davis -10tp(D) -17
Avery/Maugham lost to Lowe/Wislang -2, +24tp(A) -10tp(W)
Fulford/Clarke beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(C) +26tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby beat Lowe/Wislang +15qp(A) +16tp(A)
Avery/Maugham beat Chapman/Westerby +17tp(M) +23tp(A)
Robert Fulford beat Paddy Chapman +26tp, +24tp
David Maugham lost to Aaron Westerby +17tp, -26tp, -6tpo
Chris Clarke beat Brian Wislang -26tp, +19tp, +17tp
Keith Aiton beat Greg Bryant +17tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby lost to Shane Davis -26tp, -26tp
Mark Avery beat Robert Lowe +23, +26
Fulford/Clarke beat Lowe/Wislang +26tp(F), +26tp(C)
Aiton/Kirby beat Chapman/Westerby -17, +7otp(W), +9tpo(A)
Avery/Maugham beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(A), +26tp(M)
Robert Fulford lost to Aaron Westerby -19tp, +9otp, -5tp
David Maugham beat Paddy Chapman +14otp, +10tpo
Chris Clarke beat Greg Bryant +10tp, +26tp
Keith Aiton beat Brian Wislang +26tp, +23tp
Jonathan Kirby lost to Robert Lowe -26tp, -26tp
Mark Avery beat Shane Davis -26tp, +26tp, +26tp
USA v Australia 7-14
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Dumergue/Watts -23, -26
Soo/Lamm lost to Fleming/Clarke +17, -17tp(F), -12tp(F)
Stark/Bidencope beat Bassett/Forster +21tp(B), +17tp(S)
Jerry Stark lost to Martin Clarke -2, -26
Danny Huneycutt lost to Bruce Fleming -2, +8tp, -26tp
Damon Bidencope lost to Harley Watts +17, -26tp, -11tp
Jeff Soo beat Trevor Bassett +19tp, +17
Rich Lamm lost to Ian Dumergue -17tp, -26tp
Bob Cherry lost to Stephen Forster -14tp, -23
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Fleming/Clarke +26, -24, -14
Soo/Lamm beat Bassett/Forster +8, +11
Stark/Bidencope lost to Dumergue/Watts +12, -17, -5tp(W)
Jerry Stark lost to Bruce Fleming -17tp, -11tp
Danny Huneycutt lost to Martin Clarke -4tp, +26tp, -26tp
Damon Bidencope beat Trevor Bassett +7, -20tp, +26tp
Jeff Soo beat Harley Watts +17tp, +26
Rich Lamm beat Stephen Forster +26tp, +5
Bob Cherry lost to Ian Dumergue +17tp, -26tp, -26tp
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Bassett/Forster +17, -20, -26
Soo/Lamm beat Dumergue/Watts +10, +17tp(L)
Stark/Bidencope lost to Fleming/Clarke -25, -13tp(F)
Great Britain v USA 19-2
Fulford/Clarke beat Soo/Lamm -26tp(L), +15, +12tpo(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Stark/Bidencope +26tp(A), +14otp(S)
Aiton/Kirby beat Cherry/Huneycutt -15, +26tp(A), +21
Robert Fulford beat Jeff Soo -26tp, +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham beat Jerry Stark +17tp, +17tp
Chris Clarke beat Damon Bidencope +26tp, +22tp
Keith Aiton beat Danny Huneycutt +24tp, +25
Jonathan Kirby beat Bob Cherry +5, -13, +26tp
Mark Avery beat Rich Lamm +26tp, +26tp
Fulford/Clarke beat Stark/Bidencope +12tpo(F), +26tp(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Cherry/Huneycutt +26qp(A), -26tp(H), +26tp(A)
Aiton/Kirby beat Soo/Lamm +26tp(K), +26tp(A)
Robert Fulford beat Jerry Stark +20sxp, +16sxp
David Maugham beat Jeff Soo +17tp, +25tp
Chris Clarke lost to Danny Huneycutt +21tp, -26, -26tp
Keith Aiton beat Damon Bidencope -17, +26tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Rich Lamm +6, +18
Mark Avery beat Bob Cherry +5tp, +24
Fulford/Clarke beat Cherry/Huneycutt +14, +26sxp(F)
Avery/Maugham beat Soo/Lamm +7, +26tp(M)
Aiton/Kirby lost to Stark/Bidencope -26tp(S), +15tp(A), -26tp(S)
New Zealand v Australia 10-11
Westerby/Chapman beat Watts/Dumergue +12tpo(C), -15tp(W), +11
Bryant/Davis lost to Fleming/Clarke -26, -21
Lowe/Wislang lost to Forster/Bassett -25, -26tp(F)
Westerby/Chapman lost to Fleming/Clarke +26, -17tp(F), -26tp(F)
Bryant/Davis beat Forster/Bassett -14, +8,  +2tp(B)
Lowe/Wislang lost to Watts/Dumergue -26tp(W), -6
Aaron Westerby beat Martin Clarke +26stp, -26tp, +12tpo
Paddy Chapman lost to Bruce Fleming -26tp, -7
Greg Bryant lost to Harley Watts +12tpo, -4otp, -25tp
Shane Davis lost to Ian Dumergue -25tp, -26tp
Brian Wislang lost to Trevor Bassett -16tp, -5
Robert Lowe beat Stephen Forster -3, +2, +5tp
Westerby/Chapman beat Forster/Bassett +16tp(C), +26
Bryant/Davis lost to Watts/Dumergue -5, -26tp(W)
Lowe/Wislang beat Fleming/Clarke +17, -5tp(F), +15
Aaron Westerby beat Bruce Fleming +13, -26tp, +20
Paddy Chapman beat Martin Clarke +25tp, +26tp
Greg Bryant beat Ian Dumergue +2, -13, +25tp
Shane Davis lost to Harley Watts +13tp, -16tp, -26tp
Brian Wislang lost to Stephen Forster -17tp, -24tp
Robert Lowe beat Trevor Bassett +8tp, -1, +14tp
Great Britain v Australia 19-2
Clarke/Fulford beat Fleming/Clarke +26tp(C), +15
Avery/Maugham beat Bassett/Forster +26, +12tp(M)
Aiton/Kirby beat Dumergue/Watts +26tp(A), +26tp(A)
Clarke/Fulford beat Bassett/Forster +26tp(C), +26tp(C)
Avery/Maugham beat Dumergue/Watts +17, -3, +1otp(W)
Aiton/Kirby beat Fleming/Clarke -17tp(F), +26tp(A), +5
Robert Fulford beat Martin Clarke +26tp, +26
David Maugham beat Bruce Fleming +26tp, +25tp
Chris Clarke beat Harley Watts +26tp, +26tp
Keith Aiton beat Ian Dumergue +26tp, +16tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Stephen Forster +4, +17
Mark Avery beat Trevor Bassett +22tp, +26tp
Clarke/Fulford beat Dumergue/Watts +26tp(C), +15tp(C)
Avery/Maugham lost to Fleming/Clarke -26tp(F), -17tp(F)
Aiton/Kirby beat Bassett/Forster +12tpo(K), +16tp(K)
Robert Fulford beat Bruce Fleming +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham beat Martin Clarke +26sxp, -25tp, +11
Chris Clarke beat Ian Dumergue +15tp, +22tp
Keith Aiton beat Harley Watts +26tp, +13tpo
Jonathan Kirby beat Trevor Bassett +25tp, -26tp, +7
Mark Avery lost to Stephen Forster -17, -26
USA v New Zealand 13-8
Huneycutt/Cherry beat Bryant/Davis +26stp(H), +16tp(H)
Soo/Lamm lost to Chapman/Westerby +21, -25, -8
Stark/Bidencope lost to Lowe/Wislang +2, -26tp(L), -17tp(L)
Jerry Stark beat Paddy Chapman +26stp, -26tp, +26
Jeff Soo beat Aaron Westerby +26, +26
Danny Huneycutt beat Shane Davis +15tp, +16tp
Damon Bidencope beat Greg Bryant -10, +9, +5tp
Rich Lamm beat Robert Lowe +26tp, -24tp, +7tpo
Bob Cherry beat Brian Wislang +13, +26
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Chapman/Westerby -7, -6
Soo/Lamm beat Lowe/Wislang +22tp(S), +16
Stark/Bidencope lost to Bryant/Davis +8tp(B), -17tp(B), -23tp(D)
Jerry Stark beat Aaron Westerby -24tp, +3otp, +26tp
Jeff Soo lost to Paddy Chapman -26tp, -26tp
Danny Huneycutt beat Greg Bryant -16, +15, +17
Damon Bidencope beat Shane Davis -20stp, +13, +11
Rich Lamm lost to Brian Wislang +12tpo, -26, -19
Bob Cherry beat Robert Lowe -17tp, +23tp, +3tp
Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Lowe/Wislang -17tp(L), -26tp(L)
Soo/Lamm beat Bryant/Davis +26, -9tpo(D), +11otp(B)
Stark/Bidencope lost to Chapman/Westerby -12tpo(C), -26tp(C)