2010 AC World Team Championship Tier 1 – Champion: Great Britain

The 20th MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Venues:       England - Manchester, Nottingham and London
Dates:         6-22 August 2010

Champion:  Great Britain
Second:      New Zealand
Third:         United States of America
Fourth:       Australia


Results can be found below or on the Croquet Records website: Croquet Records: MacRob2010


Team Test Matches Matches
Matches won lost
Champion Great Britain 3 37 26
Second New Zealand 2 38 25
Third United States of America 1 29 34
Fourth Australia 0 22 41

Detailed Results

Great Britain v USA 12-9 Bowdon Croquet Club
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Lamm & Soo -26, -26tp(L)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Bast & Huneycutt +15, -15, -5
Fulford & Lines beat Grimsley & Rothman +24tp(L), +22tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Bast & Huneycutt -17, +26tp(A), +23tp(M)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Grimsley & Rothman +4, +4
Fulford & Lines beat Lamm & Soo +26tp(F), +24tp(F)
Robert Fulford beat Ben Rothman +26tp, +23tp
David Maugham lost to Danny Huneycutt -26, -9
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Jim Bast +12tpo, +26tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Rich Lamm -13tpo, +13tpo, +16
Keith Aiton lost to Jeff Soo -19, +20tp, -25tp
Ian Lines beat Doug Grimsley +10tp, +17
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Grimsley & Rothman -26tp(R), -19
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Lamm & Soo +5tp(B), -16, -26
Fulford & Lines lost to Bast & Huneycutt +17tp(F), -26tp(H), -26tp(H)
Robert Fulford beat Danny Huneycutt +5tp, +15tp
David Maugham lost to Ben Rothman -5, -11otp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Rich Lamm +14, +26tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Jim Bast +17tp, +22
Keith Aiton lost to Doug Grimsley -26, -14otp
Ian Lines beat Jeff Soo +26, +4tp
Australia v New Zealand 8-13 Heaton Park
Forster & Clarke lost to Chapman & Westerby -26tp(C), -16tp(W)
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Bryant & Clarke +26tp(D), -26, +23tp(F)
Landrebe & Beard lost to Skinley & Wright -26tp(S), -24tp(S)
Forster & Clarke lost to Bryant & Clarke +25, -13, -17
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Skinley & Wright -20tp(S), +3tp(F), +26tp(D)
Landrebe & Beard lost to Chapman & Westerby -5tp(C), -24tp(C)
Robert Fletcher beat Aaron Westerby +26tp, +9tp
Stephen Forster lost to Paddy Chapman -26tp, +16tp, -26tp
Ian Dumergue lost to Paul Skinley -17, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Greg Bryant -25tp, -25tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Michael Wright -10tp, +17tp, -26
Kevin Beard beat Jenny Clarke -17, +5, +25tp
Forster & Clarke beat Skinley & Wright +26tp(F), -26tp(S), +26tp(F)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Chapman & Westerby -17, -12
Landrebe & Beard beat Bryant & Clarke -17tp(B), +26tp(B), +17
Robert Fletcher beat Paddy Chapman +13tpo, +26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Aaron Westerby -26tp, -1
Ian Dumergue lost to Greg Bryant -10tpo, +26tp, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Paul Skinley -10tp, +26, -26tp
Peter Landrebe beat Jenny Clarke -24, +25, +16
Kevin Beard lost to Michael Wright -4, -1
Great Britain v New Zealand 11-10 Nottingham Croquet Club
Fulford & Lines beat Skinley & Wright -12, +14tp(F), +24tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Bryant & Clarke -25tp(C), +13tpo(M), +10tpo(A)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Chapman & Westerby -26tp(C), -26tp(W)
Fulford & Lines beat Bryant & Clarke +26tp(F), +26tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Chapman & Westerby +17tp(M), -26tp(C), -26tp(C)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Skinley & Wright -17, +26tp(M), +23
Robert Fulford beat Aaron Westerby -15, +26tp, +17sxp
David Maugham lost to Paddy Chapman -22tp, -26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Paul Skinley +15tp, +17tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Greg Bryant +26tp, +18
Keith Aiton lost to Michael Wright -26, -14tp
Ian Lines beat Jenny Clarke +16, +15
Fulford & Lines beat Chapman & Westerby -5tp(C), +18, +26tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Skinley & Wright +26tp(A), +11tpo(A)
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Bryant & Clarke -7tpo(B), +14otp(B), -17tp(B)
Robert Fulford lost to Paddy Chapman +13tpo, -26tp, -26tp
David Maugham lost to Aaron Westerby -14, -26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Greg Bryant -5otp, -17
Stephen Mulliner lost to Paul Skinley -26tp, -8tp
Keith Aiton beat Jenny Clarke +17tp, +13
Ian Lines lost to Michael Wright +19, -26tp, -15
Australia v USA 7-14 The Roehampton Club
Forster & Clarke beat Lamm & Soo +3, -9, +26tp(F)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Bast & Huneycutt -13tpo(H), -12otp(F)
Beard & Landrebe lost to Grimsley & Rothman -4tp(R), -17tp(R)
Forster & Clarke lost to Bast & Huneycutt -8otp(C), -17tp(H)
Fletcher & Dumergue beat Grimsley & Rothman +26qp(F), +17
Landrebe & Beard beat Lamm & Soo +26tp(L), +26tp(L)
Robert Fletcher lost to Ben Rothman -26tp, -26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Danny Huneycutt -18tp, -3tp
Ian Dumergue beat Doug Grimsley +26tp, -10, +15tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Rich Lamm -26tp, +15tp, -26tp
Martin Clarke beat Jeff Soo +26tp, +17tp
Kevin Beard beat Jim Bast -26tp, +17tp, +17tp
Forster & Clarke lost to Grimsley & Rothman -26tp(R), -26tp(R)
Fletcher & Dumergue lost to Lamm & Soo -17, +25tp(F), -6
Landrebe & Beard lost to Bast & Huneycutt -26tp(H), -26tp(B)
Robert Fletcher lost to Danny Huneycutt -3, -26tp
Stephen Forster lost to Ben Rothman -26tp, -26tp
Ian Dumergue beat Rich Lamm -13tpo, +13otp, +26tp
Peter Landrebe lost to Doug Grimsley -4otp, -26tp
Martin Clarke lost to Jim Bast -17tp, +16, -17tp
Kevin Beard lost to Jeff Soo -17tp, -3
Great Britain v Australia 14-7 Surbiton Croquet Club
Beijderwellen & Maugham lost to Fletcher & Dumergue -19 +8tp(M) -17tp(D)
Fulford & Lines beat Landrebe & Beard +24 +12tp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner beat Forster & M Clarke +26tp(A) -26tp(C) +2otp(C)
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Landrebe & Beard +26tp(M), +4tp(M)
Fulford & Lines lost to Forster & M Clarke -4, -10otp(F)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Fletcher & Dumergue -13otp(M), -12otp(M)
Robert Fulford beat Stephen Forster +26tp, -20, +26tp
David Maugham beat Robert Fletcher +26tp, +26tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Peter Landrebe +25tp, -17tp, -8
Stephen Mulliner beat Ian Dumergue +26, -25tp, +24tp
Keith Aiton beat Kevin Beard +25, +18tp
Ian Lines beat Martin Clarke +6, +14
Beijderwellen & Maugham beat Forster & M Clarke +19tp(M), +23tp(M)
Fulford & Lines beat Fletcher & Dumergue +20tp(F), -15tp(F), +17tp(L)
Aiton & Mulliner lost to Landrebe & Beard +24tp(M), -26tp(L), -25tp(L)
Robert Fulford beat Robert Fletcher +26sxp, +26sxp
David Maugham lost to Stephen Forster -6tpo, +4sxp, -24tp
Rutger Beijderwellen lost to Ian Dumergue +24, -17, -11
Stephen Mulliner beat Peter Landrebe -7, +6, +26sxp
Keith Aiton beat Martin Clarke -16, +19tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Kevin Beard +17tp, +16
USA v New Zealand 5-16 Surbiton Croquet Club
Soo & Lamm lost to Bryant & J Clarke -9, +26, -17tp(B)
Grimsley & Rothman beat Skinley & Wright +15, +17tp(G)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Chapman & Westerby +8tp(B), -4, -26tp(C)
Danny Huneycutt lost to Aaron Westerby -26tp, -7tp
Ben Rothman lost to Paddy Chapman +26tp, -13tpo, -10tpo
Rich Lamm lost to Paul Skinley +17, -26tp, -13otp
Doug Grimsley lost to Greg Bryant -6tpo, +26tp, -25tp
Jim Bast beat Michael Wright +25tp, +15
Jeff Soo lost to Jenny Clarke -14, +5, -17tp
Soo & Lamm lost to Skinley & Wright -23tp(S), -3
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Chapman & Westerby +14otp(C), -26tp(C), -12tp(W)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Bryant & J Clarke +26tp(B), -12tpo(B), -12tpo(B)
Danny Huneycutt lost to Paddy Chapman -5, +26tp, -26tp
Ben Rothman beat Aaron Westerby -17tp, +26tp, +17
Rich Lamm lost to Greg Bryant +20, -26tp, -24tp
Doug Grimsley lost to Paul Skinley -26tp, -26tp
Jim Bast lost to Jenny Clarke -17tp, -23tp
Jeff Soo lost to Michael Wright -5, +25, -16tp
Soo & Lamm beat Chapman & Westerby +26tp(S), -17tp(C), +26tp(L)
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Bryant & J Clarke -26tp(B), -26tp(B)
Bast & Huneycutt beat Skinley & Wright +12, +26tp(H)