Debbie Lines (ENG) appointed Deputy Secretary-General

The WCF Management Committee is pleased to announce that Debbie Lines (ENG) has been appointed Deputy Secretary-General with effect from 1 September 2020.

Stephen Mulliner will retire on 31 August 2021 on the completion of his second four-year term and, as previously announced, the intention is that Debbie will become Acting Secretary-General from 1 September 2021 to 31December 2021 and Secretary-General from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025.  She will be eligible to be appointed for a second four-year term from 1 January 2026 to 31 December 2029.

Debbie Lines (nee Cornelius) is a qualified accountant who spent 15 years in various finance roles in UK industry before gaining change management qualifications.  Her last full-time role was six years as Head of Florist Operations for Interflora.

Debbie grew up playing croquet from the age of six and became England's leading lady player in the 1990s.  She represented Great Britain in the 1996 MacRobertson Shield.  She is currently a part-time Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.



Development Projects

We live in unprecedented times.

We appreciate that some of us will have far more important matters in our lives at the present time, others will be frantically busy dealing with the situation we face and to those of you involved in essential services we are particularly grateful.

However others will have unprecedented amounts of spare time on their hands. If you are looking for something to do here are a wide range of projects we have gathered from various sources from official surveys to individual chats. They have one thing in common they are all stand alone, novel and do not require significant bureaucratic input.

If you are interested in delivering one of them (and we mean actually doing, not discussing them in principle) please get in touch and we will try to allocate projects, co-ordinate interested parties etc. The idea would be that the aim should be to complete the task within the month (8&9 excepted!).

As you will see some of the ideas, which cover a variety of skills, are very fledgling and we have little idea of what might be possible but hopefully the descriptions will provide inspiration. Whilst we intend to provide a degree of co-ordination, we basically believe that this is one of those occasions where it is best to just get on and do something.

Please let us know if you are interested in doing any of the following:-

1 Create a document that can be used to help those seeking to establish a croquet club at another existing sports venue. Giving example of current co-existence and providing answers to the questions/problems that usually come up:-

a Golf

b Bowls

c Lawn Tennis

d Other

2 Create an app allowing managers and players to communicate lawn allocations and results to each other ie players register at start of event, the manager sets up games on the app, which alerts players to their next opponent and lawn, the players report the result via the app (in theory this additionally facilitates remote tournament management). Integration with croquetscores might be a further extension.

3 Create an index of web-links to existing croquet videos and matches

4 Create an app that allows players to "tick-off" croquet clubs as they visit them and also show when they are present at a club to their friends (hopefully that description might be enough for someone to have a vision)

5 Potentially possible to tie in with #4? A "twinning" app/site that allows clubs to advertise an interest in hosting [overseas, although that obviously need not be the case] players/clubs

6 Create some video content (likely by editing existing) aimed at attracting young players to the sport (or indeed any other market segment)

7 If anyone is interested in translating material from English to another language, we can ask that Member what they would most like doing

8 Increasing the scope somewhat, Global Croquet League Management System. The English Chess Federation has a system that allows each league around the country to register and manage its own league with its own rules (eg number of players, points for a win, bespoke rules on defaults etc) from a single site, saving each league to deal with the matter individually Is it feasible to create a solution for croquet globally that caters for AC, GC, Handicap, Level etc all hosted on one site for every league in the World to use?

9 If that sounds too easy how about a tournament management application that can deal with multiple venues, events and formats?

(All work would be on a voluntary basis on behalf of the WCF for the benefit of World Croquet).

If you are unable to help with any of the above but have a standalone idea of your own that you would like to see added to the list please let us know.


Ian Burridge & Roberts Stafeckis

WCF Development Group


2020-2024 Business Plan

WCF Business Plan 2020-2023

This plan is intended to cover the next four years. An annual report will be provided towards the end of each
year which will consider both performance to date, any changes required and priorities for the forthcoming year.

The WCF is a soundly financed organisation with total funds of £130,000 but it lacks significant volunteer
resource. It is mainly reliant on the nine members of the WCF Management Committee with the assistance of
a few individuals such as the Ranking Officers.

The recent Membership Survey provided overwhelming feedback from Members supporting the re-establishing
of a Development Committee and work is already under way to get this committee up and running. Given that
it will include non-MC members, it will allow additional volunteers to be added at the heart of the WCF and also
encourage further individuals to undertake projects which support the WCF and the sport in general.

The Development Committee will be responsible for driving many of the activities identified within this Plan.
Further interested individuals are sought to join it or to participate in specific projects that it launches. Anyone
who believes that they have something to offer are encouraged to contact the WCF MC.

Even with a Development Committee in place, it is foreseeable that significant matters may arise in the future
that are beyond even the expanded volunteer resources of the WCF. Some such matters may be best addressed
by the larger WCF Members and, in such cases, the WCF will consider making financial resources available where
this is appropriate. Other matters may have to remain unaddressed although, if individuals are interested in
pursuing a particular project of clear benefit to the WCF and croquet in general, the WCF will support such efforts
and also consider making financial resources available.

In general, there would seem to be a movement towards global co-operation and support for the idea that
matters best addressed at a worldwide level should be dealt with in this way to avoid the need for each Member
to have to invent the same wheel. It should be the role of the WCF to encourage and facilitate such co-operation,
although there may be a need for the much of the volunteer effort to be provided by the Members themselves.

Key Objectives
Beginning work in these areas are the priority tasks for 2020

Organisation – (Responsibility of WCF Management Committee)
To provide an effective infrastructure to manage the sport globally.
– To improve communication with Members by the MC and between Members in the WCF Council.
– To increase the number of areas co-ordinated on a global basis and effectively manage and facilitate them.
– To increase the number of individuals directly assisting with the meeting of WCF objectives

World Championships – (Responsibility of WCF Management Committee)
– To continue to organise successful World Championships which are well supported by the top players.
– To monitor the World Championship portfolio of singles and team events ensure it continues to meet the needs
of its various stakeholders (players, Members and host clubs).
– To improve the support given to Event Hosts by the WCF

Members – (Responsibility of WCF Development Committee)
– To increase the number of RCOs
– To facilitate the upward progression of RCOs to Associate Membership and Associate Members to Full
– To increase the membership strength of the WCF on all continents
– To specifically encourage the further development and growth of croquet in continental Europe.
Publicity/Image/Promotion/Social Media
– To establish a new group (very probably a new sub-committee in due course) to directly address this area
including matters such as:-
– The Image of croquet and its marketing
– Live-streaming of events
– Getting croquet on TV
– Social Media Presence
– WCF website content
– Attracting Sponsorship/Advertising
– World Croquet Day

The Sport (Various Responsibilities)
– To increase the number of referees and coaches, particularly amongst smaller Members (DC).
– To provide video resources for referee and coach training (DC with ACLC/GCRC).
– To facilitate and standardise the use of video refereeing (MC with ACLC/GCRC).
– To administer and improve the AC Laws and GC Rules (ACLC/GCRC).
– To consider AC super-advanced laws in a global context (MC).
– To continue to maintain World Ranking Systems (MC).
– To consider global handicapping systems for both AC and/or GC (MC).
– To assist Members to increase the number of young people playing the sport (DC).
– To assist Members to increase the number of players playing the sport and particularly AC at this time, given
its current decline (DC).
– To ensure that essential equipment remains available and affordable (MC).

Longer Term Objectives
Multi-Sport Events
The inclusion of croquet as part of larger multi-sport events such as the World Games, Commonwealth Games
or Olympic games was a popular response to our survey question of what the WCF can best do for the sport
globally. However, the MC do not regard these areas as within our reach in the short or medium term. In order
to be able to achieve a place in such events we need to increase our Membership base and the profile of the
sport significantly from current levels. These ambitions are included in the key objectives and it is here that the
focus must lie in the first instance if long-term progress is to be made in this area.

Results of the 2019 WCF elections

The results of the 2019 WCF elections are as follows:

WCF President

Ian Burridge (Wales) 42 votes

Mike Cohn (Australia) 18 votes.

Ian Burridge is hereby elected to serve as WCF President from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023.

WCF Management Committee

Harold Denton (USA) 41 votes

Begona Elzaburu (Spain) 36 votes

Samir Patel (England) 44 votes

Amir Ramsis (Egypt) 37 votes

Harold Denton, Samir Patel and Amir Ramsis are hereby elected to serve on the WCF Management Committee from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023.

Voting data

President: 60 votes were cast out of 62 votes possible.

MC: 158 votes were cast out of 186 votes possible.  22 votes were withheld and 6 were not cast.

Global Player & Games Database

April 2024 Update
Progress on this project has been slower than hoped. The Management Committee continue to work with Phil Cordingley reviewing the work completed to date. A review of the project and a discussion with Phil regarding how the speed of delivery can be addressed, is planned.

The World Croquet Federation has identified potential benefits of implementing a Global Player & Games Database and has set up a working group to establish the scope, feasibility (or otherwise) and costs of implementing such a system.

The chairman of the working group, Phil Cordingley, has now presented initial thoughts and a feasibility study.

Phil Cordingley is positive about the plan and regards it as a straightforward and feasible IT project.  He is actively working on producing a database design (Phase 0) for review and approval by the MC.  Implementation could be achieved either by harnessing voluntary IT resources from within the croquet community or by commercial expertise (e.g. from India).  Phil Cordingley hopes that Phase 1 (incorporation of the AC and GC rankings) can be achieved by end 2021.

Working Group reports to date:-

WCF Working Group 2 - Global Player & Games Database Feasibility Study 7.10.2020

WCF Working Group 2 - Global Player & Games Database Progress Report 6.2.2021

Global Handicap System

April 2024
Progress on WG2 has been extremely slow. The MC therefore decided at their April Management Meeting that this working group should be re-visited.

The previous list of concerns are still valid, but the list will be reviewed along with the scope.

During April and May 2024 the previous members of the team will be contacted and the aims, scope and issues for the project revisited.

April 2021
The working group looking at the Global Handicap System has determined that it can best be incorporated into a new Global Player and Games Database (see working group 2) . This project is therefore on hold until further progress has been made on working group 2.

Report of WCF WG1 - Global Handicap System