WCF announce publication of Ranking Regulations

The WCF are pleased to report that Members have voted to approve the new Ranking Regulations. These are now available to view on the Statutes & Regulations page of the website > worldcroquet.org/wcf-business/statutes-regulations/

These Regulations govern the operation of the Association Croquet Grading System (ACGS) and the Golf Croquet Grading System (GCGS) which are used to generate ranking lists of individual players and teams in relation to AC and GC respectively.

The individual ranking lists are published on the internet and relevant links may be found at https://worldcroquet.org/wcf-world-rankings/. The country ranking lists will be published on the website shortly after the quarter ending 30th June is complete.

Implementation of these Regulations is now the responsibility of the Rankings Operations Committee (ROC) which is appointed by the WCF Management Committee.

On a day-to-day basis the ACGS and GCGS are each operated, in accordance with these regulations, by a Ranking Officer (RO) and, when appropriate and required due to workload, by one or more Assistant Ranking Officers (AROs) appointed by the MC on the recommendation of the ROC.

Current post holders are:

    • ROC: Stephen Mulliner, Chris Williams, James Hopgood, Paul Billings and Debbie Lines.
    • AC Ranking Officer: Chris Williams
    • GC Ranking Officer: Stephen Mulliner
    • There are currently four GC AROs: Peter Freer (AUS), Richard Bilton (ENG), Felipe Mestanza (ESP) and John Christie (NZL).

Temporary amendment to Sports Regulations

A temporary variation to WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 2 paragraph 2.3 for the purposes of the 2022 Women’s AC World Championship, the 2022 Under-21 GC World Championship and the 2022 GC World Championship only, has been approved by Members.

For these events, Appendix 2 paragraph 2.3 will read:

2.3 Subject to paragraph 7.4, no player shall be awarded a Ranking Place unless he or she has played a minimum of 10 ranked games in the 24 months ending on the Allocation Date or, if relevant, the date on which a vacancy arises. However, no minimum game requirement applies to the award of Membership Places or Wild Card Places or to entries to any Qualifying Tournament.”

This temporary change is to allow for the reduced numbers of games played by some players due to the pandemic during 2020 and 2021.