European Golf Croquet Club League Results – Dulwich Heat 29/30 April

European GC Club League 2023 - Dulwich Heat 29/30 April

Four teams took part in the second heat of this competition. Dulwich (England), Sherry (Spain), Sussex (England) and Zurich (Switzerland). Unfortunately shortly before the event Sussex became unable to field and eligible team for the whole duration of the event. It was agreed in advance that their results would not count towards determining the finishing positions and the two qualifiers for the Grand Final at Roehampton in October.

A fantastic weekend's croquet saw Dulwich comfortably winning but second place came down to the final two games with Sherry just edging out Zurich.

Dulwich beat Sherry 7-3
Dulwich beat Zurich 9-1
Sherry beat Zurich 6-4

1st Dulwich (2 wins), 2nd Sherry (1 win), 3rd Zurich)

Other matches

Dulwich beat Sussex County 7-0
Sherry drew with Sussex County 5-5
Sussex County beat Zurich 8-2

Full result are available at

2023 European GC Championship – List of Players and Replacement List

The 2nd of April was the deadline for the nomination of the 17 requested Membership Places. 16 players were nominated, and Latvia had returned its MP.

The returned Latvian MP has been converted into one additional Ranking Place. It was offered to the top player on the Replacement Ranking List, Henry Hagelberg, Finland, and he accepted it. There has been another withdrawal by Stephen Mulliner, his ranking place was offered to Richard Bilton as the top player on the English Replacement List.

Please see below for lists of those players awarded a Ranking Place, those awarded a Membership Place, and also the current Replacement Ranking lists.

Entry Fee
Players - the entry fee of £68 is due by 7th May. If possible, please pay by Bank Transfer, using the details emailed to you by your member.

Those wishing to pay via PayPal please follow this link -

Player Information
Please also remember that players should send their contact details, photos and short bios by 1st May 2023 directly to Tournament Manager Louise Smith (her contact details should be provided to you by your Member).


2023 European Under 21 Player announcement

Following the call for entries to the first Under 21s Golf Croquet European Championship 2023 a total of 23 players from 5 countries have been nominated by their croquet governing bodies. Czech Republic and Latvia nominated 7 players each, England and Spain nominated 4 players each, and Germany nominated one player. The other European countries replied they had no U21 players ready to play at this championship.

In response to the limited number of countries and players, the ERC decided to reduce the event capacity from 28 to 24, and to lift the initial Member Place Limit from 5 to 8 players. Consequently, all 23 nominated players are awarded places at the event. The list of players is copied below. There is still one vacancy, and there are no players on the replacement list.

From now on, all European countries are invited to nominate additional players if they wish so. Nominations will be considered on a “first come first served” basis. In case of a withdrawal, at first, the relevant country will be asked to provide a replacement, if that is not possible the chance will be given to a player from the replacement list should it exist.

Czech Republic, England, Germany and Spain are kindly asked to provide the dates of birth of their players, and contact details of the players and/or their parents (for those under 18 years old).

List of Players as at 3rd April 2023

2023 European GC Championship – How to pay your entry fees

This event is due to be held between 25 – 28 May 2023 at the Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club in Budleigh, England.

The Entry fee of £68 per player is due by 7th May.

The ERC would prefer that teams pay by Bank Transfer. All details on how to do this are in the email from Roberts Stafeckis sent early April. Paying in this way incurs lower fees for the ERC and will be very much appreciated.

If you do need to pay by PayPal, please click on the button below:


European Team Championship – How to pay your entry fees

The Entry fee of £204 for the European Team Championship is due by 4th June

The ERC would prefer that teams pay by Bank Transfer. All details on how to do th is were advised in the email from Roberts Stafeckis dated 4th April. Paying in this way incurs lower fees for the ERC and will be very much appreciated.

If you do need to pay by PayPal, please click on the button below:


Announcement of Teams, Format, GC Referees Course and AC Coaching Day

4.4.23 – Following the call for entries to the European Team Championship to be held on August 2-5 in Cheltenham, England, 11 countries confirmed their participation (in alphabetic order):

Czech Republic

As to the format of the event, the ERC has decided to run it as a round robin event where each team plays each, as this would provide an excellent chance for each team to directly compare with all others. ERC will elaborate detailed Event Regulations and present them to the teams in due course. It is planned that the Awards Ceremony will be over by 5pm on Saturday, August 5, so the travel arrangements can be made accordingly.

Referees Course: July 30-31st
As announced earlier, the ERC is pleased to invite the players to enter a GC Referees Course that will be held on July 30 and 31 (Sunday and Monday) in Cheltenham Croquet Club. The course will be run by two experienced CA referees Ian Cobold and Ian Shore. The afternoon of Day 2 will be devoted to exams, and successful candidates will receive CA certificates.

AC Coaching – August 1st
On Tuesday, August 1 the host club has kindly offered an open AC coaching session for the team players. Alternatively, the players may spend the day practicing GC and/or AC as they wish.

What next?
Next important deadline is June 4th.
By this date, the teams have to:

1) pay the entry fee of £204 (payment details will be provided soon)

2) announce the names of the team players (min 3, max 5)

3) apply for a place in the GC referees course ( July 30-31)

4) provide an expression of interest for the AC coaching drop-in session (August 1)

ERC Update – 10

The ERC has had a few busy weeks.

- the European team championship fixed for August has had 11 countries wishing to participate. Further details to follow soon.

- the European club league, which already saw one play off in Portugal last year, now has another 3 play offs due to take place from May onwards, with the opportunity for more clubs to register an interest.  See previous post: European Club League: how to enter

- the entries for the European GC championship were finalised,  based on 17 Membership places and 15 Ranking places (based on D Grade). See previous post: 2023 GC European Open - Ranking Places

- only 19 nominations have been received by the original deadline for the Under-21 championship. More entries are invited.

- Kerstin Loretz (Switzerland) has agreed to act as the European co-ordinator of coaching and of referee courses.

Allocation of Ranking Places – 2023 European GC Open Championship

Please see the below notice for Allocation information for this event including the list of players in receipt of Ranking Places, and the current Replacement Ranking List as at 5th March.

2023 GC European Open Ranking Place allocations

Please note member places must be notified to Roberts Stafeckis by the closing date 2nd April 2023.