2024 European GC Club League


The 2024 Heats

The makeup of the seven heats for the 2024 European Club League has been confirmed. 28 teams from 10 countries will compete to determine the 7 qualifiers to join hosts Club de Campo Villa Madrid (Spain) in the Grand Final in October. Defending Champions Dulwich (England) will be hoping to qualify in Hamburg, in a strong heat that also contains Sherry (Spain), who were placed 4th in 2023. The El Tiro Club from Spain face the longest journey to their heat in Ikskile (Latvia). Here is the full draw and schedule.


After a successful inaugural season in 2023 the European GC Club League returns in 2024 with an expanded format. Seven weekend heats throughout Europe will provide the opportunity to qualify for the Finals Weekend in Madrid (Spain).

The event is targeted at club players and giving everyone the opportunity to travel abroad and play competitive croquet. A team of four players is needed to take part in a Qualifying Weekend, the winning team progresses to the Finals Weekend. The heats will be held in Czechia, England, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Spain and Switzerland.

Full details and dates can be found in the rules document and on the entry form.

The 2023 Event
Details of the 2023 event can be found here:



Entry Form

European Club League Entry Form Final 2024

Entries for the qualifying stage must be received by 28th January 2024.

How to pay

After entering you will be contacted regarding how to submit your payment.

The ERC prefer payments by bank transfer as we incur high fees with PayPal. Bank details and PayPal links will be sent to you via email later.

Golf Croquet European Club League 2024 Rules

GC European Club League Rules for 2024 Season - Final

1 Open to all clubs in European Member Countries of the WCF.

2 Clubs may enter only one team, except as permitted under rule 9.

3 All players must be a member of the club that they represent.

4 Players cannot represent a club in the Finals Weekend if they have represented another club in the Qualifying Stage.

5 Players who did not play in the Qualifying Stage may play in the Finals Weekend.

6 The teams for any match will consist of 4 players from each club. A club may use a maximum of 6 players in either the Qualifying Stage, or the Finals Weekend. (For the avoidance of doubt these can be different groups of 6 players in each case).

7 Entry Fee 60 Euro or 50 GBP per club payable to the WCF.

8 With their entry each team will advise the name and contact details of their captain, or other person responsible for communications until a captain has been appointed.

9 A club may enter a second team subject to the following:

      • The second team cannot play in the same Qualifying Stage as the first team (unless that event would otherwise be undersubscribed);
      • Players can only play for the first or second team;
      • A player who has represented one of the two teams in the Qualifying Stage cannot represent the other team at the Finals Weekend;
      • On January 28th, 2024, the second team must have an average DGrade of less than 1800 and have no individual player with a DGrade above 2000;
      • If a second team wins a Qualifying Stage, it may participate in the Finals Weekend.

10 The maximum capacity for the Finals Weekend is 8 teams - the host club and each of the Qualifying Stage winners.

11 Entries for the 2024 Qualifying Stage must be received by January 28th, 2024.

12 The 2024 Qualifying Stages will be hosted as follows:

27/28th April Novo Sancti Petri (Spain)
25/26th May Ealing (England)
1st/2nd June Ikskile (Latvia)
8/9th June Carrickmines (Ireland)
15/16th June CERN (Switzerland) *note, corrected date
22nd/23rd June Telc (Czechia)
6/7th July Hamburg (Germany)

13 In addition to the hosts three places are available in each Qualifying Stage. Priority entry will be given to clubs from abroad (ie not from the host country) and clubs that played in the 2023 event. If oversubscribed places will first be awarded (by ballot if necessary) to clubs from abroad that participated in 2023 and then be allocated by ballot amongst the other entrants from abroad (excluding second teams). Any remaining places will then be allocated to second teams from abroad (by ballot if necessary). If the event is still not full this process will be repeated amongst host country entrants. If possible, it will also be ensured that only one club from any country plays in each event.

14 Clubs may only participate in one Qualifying Stage (unless entering a second team) but may enter as many as they wish, in order of preference, to maximise their chances of gaining a place.

15 If sufficient entries are not received for any Qualifying Stage its format/rules may be modified in order to create a viable event.

16 The host club of each Qualifying Stage is expected to provide hospitality for the visiting players. Food (but not drinks) should be offered free of charge for lunch and afternoon tea on both Saturday and Sunday.

17 The host club cannot charge a green fee, or make any other charge, to the visiting players.

18 The format for each Qualifying Stage of four teams will be an all play all block, with a match between two teams consisting of 2 doubles and 8 singles games as detailed in the appendix.

19 The host club will manage the playing schedule in accordance with the appendix and arrange for the event to be reported on croquetscores.com.

20 No less than two weeks before the Qualifying Stage each team should appoint a captain responsible for team selection and communications following their appointment. On appointment the name of the captain should be provided to the host club and Ian Burridge (burridge.ian@googlemail.com).

21 The captain should provide a list of their intended players to the host club and the ERC Organiser, Ian Burridge (burridge.ian@googlemail.com) at least two weeks before the start of the event. Subsequent changes are allowed and should be notified immediately.

22 The host club will appoint and inform the other teams of the Tournament Referee, who should be qualified and ideally not a player. All players who are qualified as referees in their own country may act as such but only if a non-playing referee is not available.

23 The winner of each Qualifying Stage and the club hosting the final will qualify for the European Club League Finals Weekend (3 days: Friday to Sunday). The eight teams will be divided into two groups of 4 teams, playing an all-play-all league in accordance with the usual league format. This will be followed by a final between the teams winning each group, the other teams will play off for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th against their opposite numbers.

24 The winner of each Qualifying Stage should confirm with Ian Burridge (Burridge.ian@googlemail.com) within two weeks of the event that they intend to participate in the Finals Weekend. If they do not wish to do so the place will pass to the second placed team etc.

25 The Finals Weekend will be held at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (Spain) on 11-13 October 2024.

Appendix (Match Formats & Winner Determination)
Order of Play for Qualifying Groups of 4 Teams

Before each match each team captain will declare their team of 4 players, including two doubles pairings, there are no restrictions on which two players may play together. Players and Doubles Pairings will be ordered by DGrade/combined Dgrade (X1, X2, X3, X4 and XD1, XD2):-

Match 1 A v B and C v D

AD1 v BD1, AD2 v BD2, CD1 v DD1, CD2 v DD2
A1vB2 v A2vB1, A3 v B4, A4 v B3
C1vD2, C2vD1, C3 v D4, C4 v D3
A1 v B1, A2 v B2, A3 v B3, A4 v B4
C1 v D1, C2 v D2, C3 v D3, C4 v D4

Match 2 – A v C and B v D

AD1 v CD1, AD2 v CD2, BD1 v DD1, BD2 v DD2
A1vC2, A2vC1, A3 v C4, A4 v C3
B1vD2v B2vD1, B3 v D4, B4 v D3

A1 v C1, A2 v C2, A3 v C3, A4 v C4
B1 v D1, B2 v D2, B3 v D3, B4 v D4

Match 3 A v D and B v C

AD1 v DD1, AD2 v DD2, CD1 v BD1, CD2 v BD2
A1vD2, A2vD1, A3 v D4, A4 v D3
C1vB2, C2vB1, C3 v B4, C4 v B3
A1 v D1, A2 v D2, A3 v D3, A4 v D4
C1 v B1, C2 v B2, C3 v B3, C4 v B4

A match between two teams is best of 10 games.

Two points will be awarded for each team match won and one point awarded to each team in the case of a draw. The winner will be the team with the most points. If two or more teams are equal on points the winner will be the team that has won the most games across all matches, if two or more teams are still tied the winner will be the team that has won the most singles games across all matches. If two or more teams are still tied the winner will be the team with the best net hoops against the teams that remain tied.


The CERN Croquet Club (Switzerland)

The club is located within the grounds of the European Centre for Fundamental Physics Research, on the outskirts of Geneva. CERN, itself straddles the Swiss / French border, and the Club’s two full sized lawns are situated within that part of CERN which is in France.

CERN is a 20 minutes Tram ride from the City Centre and 10 minutes by bus from Geneva International Airport. There are a host of hotels on both sides of the border, offering a wide range of facilities and prices. Assistance with transportation from hotels to the Club can be arranged if required. Should anyone be interested in a tour of CERN, or indeed any other attractions in Geneva, this can be arranged in advance if requested early enough.

Further information can be found at:



Ikskile Croquet Club (Riga, Latvia)

The club is in a small suburb town of Ikskile in beautiful surroundings, 30 km from downtown Riga, or 45 min drive from Riga International Airport. The three full size club lawns have been built in 2021 with a help of WCF development grant.

Clubhouse has all modern facilities, and there are good accommodation and catering facilities nearby. In 2022, the club hosted the European Women’s GC Championship with 28 players.

A link to google street view, unfortunately, off-season:


Website of the club https://krokets.lv/ikk/

Ealing Croquet Club

Ealing is situated approximately half way between Heathrow Airport and the heart of London. It's a perfect location to play some croquet and explore what London has to offer. Ealing has pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels to suit all tastes and is less than 30 minutes from the city centre by tube (London's underground public transport system).

The croquet club is located in the beautiful surroundings of Lammas Park in South Ealing and has three lawns together with an iconic Edwardian clubhouse (built in the early 1900's).

We were proud to host some of the world's top AC players at the 2023 AC World Championships, for which Ealing was a satellite venue.

You can find more details about the club at ealingcroquet.org

Hamburg Croquet Club

Hamburg CC is situated some 15km north of Hamburg only 20 min drive from Hamburg Airport at Renzel in a very nice rural area.

The club has two -sometimes challenging- full size lawns with next to our charming clubhouse, which is part of a former farm called "Helenenhof". Part of Helenenhof is also 4 double rooms for guests and a small concert attic.

Our club has hosted many International Croquet Tournaments, mainly German Opens but also bi- and trinational test matches.

There are several hotels and golfcourts nearby. Hamburg can easily be reached with public or private transport, it's Germanys biggest seaport although ca. 90 km inland. We are happy to arrange a trip into Hamburg.

Find out more about our club on www.hamburgcroquetclub.de

Croquet Club Dynamo Telc (Czechia)

The town of Telc, where the club is located, is well accessible by transport. The distance to the international airports in Prague and Vienna is 180km in both cases. Public and passenger transport from both airports is very good. Train and bus connections to the city are available.

Telč is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is very attractive for tourists, so there is a wide range of accommodation. We assume that the players and their supporters will have no problem finding accommodation.

Club equipment:

- 4 full size lawn courts
- modest accommodation available
- sanitary facilities, showers
- kitchen, bar, barbecue area



Real Novo Sancti Petri Croquet Club

A 2 croquet lawn club, based in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, España.

Accessible by plane to Jerez de la Frontera, 30 minutes driving to the club.

We have two golf courses, Seve Ballesteros designed. Driving range with more than 8 hectare, putting and chipping fields. Tennis and paddle courts.

Two hotels, 4 * and 5 *, 5 minutes walking to the club. Iberostar Royal Andalus and Iberostar Andalucia Playa, both in front of one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain: Playa la Barrosa, Atlantic sea.The players will have special price/discount in our hotels the week of the tournament.



Carrickmines Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

Carrickmines croquet club has four excellent courts and is served by a magnificent club house overlooking the lawns. It is situated to the south of Dublin city centre, a short walk from the nearest tram stop, connecting it to the city centre. Dublin airport is well served by International flights from throughout Europe and is about a 30 minute drive from the club.

More details can be found at www.carrickmines.com/croquethome/