2023 Women’s Association Croquet World Championship – Champion: Debbie Lines (ENG)

The 3rd WCF Women's Association Croquet World Championship
Venue: Christchurch, New Zealand
Dates: 7-14 January 2023

Champion: Debbie Lines (England)

Finalist: Gabrielle Higgins (England)

Debbie Lines from England beat Gabrielle Higgins, also from England, in the final of the 2023 Women’s World Croquet Championship.

The championship was held at 3 clubs in Christchurch: Cashmere, St. James and the headquarters club was United. The lawns were immaculately prepared with well set tight Quadway hoops and despite rain on the first day, generally fast lawns running at between 11 and 12.5 seconds. This provided challenging conditions, particularly the hoops.

Debbie’s run to the final included wins against the 2015 Champion Miranda Chapman and the 2012 Champion and top seed Jenny Clarke. Gabrielle, who was second seed, beat third seed Alison Sharpe in the semi-final.

Debbie won the first game of the final fairly easily, but the second game was a close fought match. Both players started to make errors as the tension of playing in a World Championship final showed. Gabrielle completed a high pressure finishing turn to steal the second game, taking it to the third, much to the spectators’ delight. The third game came down to hoop running and shooting, and there wasn’t much in it, but Debbie held her nerve to take some breaks round as time was running out. The final match result was +23, -3t, +11t.

The Shield was an all New Zealand match, with Miranda Chapman beating Alison Robinson 2-0.

The Bowl was won by Cindy Clarke from New Zealand, beating Kerri-Ann Organ from Australia in the final.

The Plate was an all Australian match, with Jacky Lynch coming through to win against Lois Kirk.

Thank you to Croquet New Zealand, the Christchurch organising committee and to the host clubs and their busy team of volunteers.

Full results can be found on Croquet Scores: https://croquetscores.com/2023/ac/3rd-wcf-womens-world-championship

Live-streaming was provided by Maori Active, led by Greg Bryant and his excellent camera and technical team. A link to this can be found on the WCF YouTube playlist: Association Croquet Women’s World Championships. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgah3IfifX61arq7wKWJl6Z21GI7Nk9Fd


2023 WACWC Current List of Players *Updated 11.12.22*

As at 11.12.22

2023 WACWC Player List 11.12.22

On 6th December CNZ and the WCF decided to advertise an earlier cut-off date for the qualifier of 10th December. This was due to the qualifier only having 6 entries and there are now 6 places available. On 11th December, it was decided to cancel the qualifier with all 6 entrants to the qualifier gaining a place in the main event.

Any further withdrawals will be filled from the Replacement Ranking list.

Change History:

6.12.22 - 2 withdrawals.2023 WACWC Player List 6.12.22

12.10.22 - Following a withdrawal, Marion McInnes from New Zealand has now been offered, and accepted, a Replacement Ranking Place.

16.10.22 - Following a withdrawal, Phyllis Young from New Zealand has now been offered, and accepted, a Replacement Ranking Place.

4.12.22 - Following 2 withdrawals, 6 places are now available from the Qualification Event.


2023 AC Women’s Qualifier – Cancelled.

11th December - Cancelled. No further entries were received into the qualifier, so with 6 places available in the main event and only 6 entries into the qualifier, all six go straight into the main event.

4th December - Due to withdrawals from the main event, the viability of the Qualifier is in doubt. CNZ and the WCF are in discussion to decide whether to proceed. A decision is expected by 10th December.


The qualifying tournament for the 2023 Women's AC World Championship will be held between 3 and 5 January 2023 in Wellington, New Zealand. The event is organised and managed by Croquet New Zealand on behalf of the WCF.

The entry fee is NZ $30. There are 20 places available.

The event will be held at Waikanae and if required Paraparaumu croquet clubs. Play is expected to start at 8:30am.

The event is capped at 20 entries and the format will be finalised once total number of entries is known. It is expected to involve block play initially and the management are aiming for three games per day.

Entries are via the Croquet New Zealand Events Portal: 2023 Women's AC WC - Qualifying Tournament

Entries close on 19th December.

There are four places available for the WCF AC Women's World Championship, to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, between 7-14 January 2023. Further places may become available if entrants withdraw.

Those who qualify will need to transfer into Christchurch ready to play on 7th January. They will need to pay the entry fee straight away and also provide the Championship management team with a short bio.

2023 AC Women’s World Championship – Other Information * Updated 5.10.22*

The 2023 AC Women's World Championship will be held between 7 - 14 January 2023 at three clubs in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.

Practice - prior to event
Practice at the venues will be available on 5th and 6th January, subject to lawn preparation. Further details to be provided nearer the time.

Players will be responsible for their costs to and from the headquarters venue.

Overseas players should fly into: Christchurch International Airport, from Australia, Singapore or Guangzhou or into Auckland International Airport, and then transfer to Christchurch (75 mins)

Players will be responsible for their own accommodation costs.

Availability:   There is a variety of accommodation available in the Christchurch region ranging from backpacker to luxury accommodation.  More information on availability and costs will appear on the event website.

Billets are available with Members, for singles or couples, at a small charge of around $40NZ (to be negotiated for couples). If you're interested, get in touch with the Chair of the Organising Committee, Vilna Gough-Jones, vgoughjones@gmail.com

Food and Drink
Players are provided with morning and afternoon tea and will be able to purchase lunches at the host clubs each day. Costs are expected to be no more than $15 per day.

Social Programme

Opening function:    This will be at United on Friday 6th January 2023 at 5pm. Finger food provided, drinks at players cost. It is hoped that there will be a Mayoral reception although this is still to be confirmed.

Closing function:    A Tournament Dinner will be arranged. Venue and timing to be confirmed. Players will need to buy tickets for this.

Knock-Out Stage draw:   The Championship Knock-Out Stage draw will be carried out in public at the United Croquet Club as soon as is convenient after the completion of the block play and any play-offs on Tuesday 10th January 2023.

Other functions:  A BBQ will be held around 5pm on Tuesday 10th January at United

2023 AC Women’s WC Member Places Announced

The closing date for Members to nominate players for their Membership places was 12th September.

South Africa has released one of their places, all other Members have nominated players per their entitlement. The released place has been awarded to Rosemary Newsham who had the highest qualifying Max DG over 12 months of the remaining players.

The file below shows the Membership Places and all Ranking Places, giving us 36 players.

2023 ACWWC Final Player List 12.9.22

A further 4 places will come from the Qualifier to be held in Wellington at the Waikanae Croquet Club between 3-5 January 2023. Details on how to enter this event are due within the next couple of weeks.

Entry Fees

These are due by 12th October at the latest. Please pay by bank transfer if  possible, this will avoid the WCF incurring costly PayPal charges. Players should be notified how to pay in this way by their Member.

If unable to pay in this way, you can pay by PayPal by following the link below:

PayPal entry information

Player Information

The following information is requested from all the above competing players by 10th October 2022 (or sooner if available).

    • A recent photograph (ideally headshot)
    • One or two paragraphs of biographical details
    • Any food allergies (so we can notify the club catering team)
    • Contact email and mobile phone numbers for during the event (for use by the Tournament Manager

The easiest way to send this information is online via Google Forms. Please click on this link:

Google Forms Player Profile - enter your information here

Please note, the photo and bio may be published on the event website and on the WCF website. Players should expect some live streaming and the press may be present taking photographs. Players should note that their results will be published on Croquet Scores. The contact details will be held by the WCF S-G and Tournament Manager for use during the event.

If for any reason you cannot use Google Forms, please email me the requested information and photo by 10th October at the latest.


If for any reason a player cannot now take up their place, please notify me as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. Per the Sports Regulations, the following process is followed in the event of a withdrawal:

Players who have received a Membership Place: when a player withdraws, the Member has 14 days to nominate a replacement; if no player is nominated a Replacement Ranking Place is awarded. If the 14 days expires before the Qualifier closing date of 20/12/2022 the place becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

Withdrawal by a player who received a Ranking or Wild Card place: when a player withdraws, if this is before the cut-off date of 22.11.2022, then the next most highly ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list on that date will be offered the place. After the cut-off date, the place becomes an extra qualifier from the Qualification tournament.

After the Qualifier Closing date, all withdrawals from the main event become extra qualifiers from the Qualification tournament.


Further details regarding the venue and programme, will be published on the WCF website and on the Championship website over the coming weeks.

2023 AC Women’s World Championship – Entry Fees

Players who have been notified that they have received a place in the upcoming World Championship need to pay their entry fees of £96 by 12th october  2022 at the latest.

Per WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 2, clause 6, players who fail to pay by the due date will lose their place. The relevant sections of the regulation are below for your information:

6.1 Subject to paragraph 6.2, failure to pay the entry fee by the due date will lead to automatic disqualification and the place will be filled in accordance with paragraph 7.

6.2 Before disqualifying a player for failing to pay their entry fee on time, at least two reminders must have been sent to the Member which nominated the player and all reasonable efforts must have been made to contact the player directly.

Successful players from the Qualifier, must pay as soon as possible after qualifying.

All players who can pay by Bank to Bank transfer are encouraged to do so. Instructions are included in each players announcement notification email. This avoids the WCF incurring costly PayPal fees.

If absolutely necessary, please pay by PayPal using the button below:



2023 AC Women’s Championship Replacement Ranking Places

As at 1st September 2022

Following the release of 3 Membership Places that are no longer required, three more players from the Replacement Ranking List have been offered a place in the Event.

Congratulations to the following players who will now be competing in January:

    • Virgina Arney (Australia)
    • Sonya Sedgwick (New Zealand)
    • Kathie Grant (Australia)

Member Places

Members are reminded that they need to send the Secretary-General the names of players to be nominated for their Member Places by 11th September May 2022 at the latest. Some Members have already notified the names of their nominees - please note that these can be changed up to the above deadline.


The Closing date for this event is 22nd November 2022.

If players with a Member Place drop out before this date, Members have 14 days to nominate a replacement. After this, the place reverts to a Replacement Ranking Place.

If players with a Ranking Place drop out before this date, the highest ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list will be awarded the place.

After the 22nd November 2022, any places returned will result in additional places awarded through the Qualifying Event.

The Replacement Ranking List will be generated fresh on the relevant day  (the date a space becomes available) using the same Max DG over 12 months basis.

As at 1st September, the top 10 players on the Replacement Ranking List are: Carissa Price, Bonnie Johnstone, Baubre Murray, Shirley Howlett, Jacky Lynch, Silvia Short.  This list may change if more games are played. The players on this list do NOT yet have a place in the event.


2023 AC Women’s World Championship – Club Information

The 2023 AC Women's World Championship will be held between 7 - 14 January 2023 at three clubs in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.

The head-quarters will be the six lawn United Croquet Club United Croquet Club Website

The other two clubs that will be used are:

St James Croquet Club, 2 courts. St James Croquet Club website

Cashmere Croquet Club, 3 courts. Cashmere Croquet Club website