2023 European Under 21 Player announcement

Following the call for entries to the first Under 21s Golf Croquet European Championship 2023 a total of 23 players from 5 countries have been nominated by their croquet governing bodies. Czech Republic and Latvia nominated 7 players each, England and Spain nominated 4 players each, and Germany nominated one player. The other European countries replied they had no U21 players ready to play at this championship.

In response to the limited number of countries and players, the ERC decided to reduce the event capacity from 28 to 24, and to lift the initial Member Place Limit from 5 to 8 players. Consequently, all 23 nominated players are awarded places at the event. The list of players is copied below. There is still one vacancy, and there are no players on the replacement list.

From now on, all European countries are invited to nominate additional players if they wish so. Nominations will be considered on a “first come first served” basis. In case of a withdrawal, at first, the relevant country will be asked to provide a replacement, if that is not possible the chance will be given to a player from the replacement list should it exist.

Czech Republic, England, Germany and Spain are kindly asked to provide the dates of birth of their players, and contact details of the players and/or their parents (for those under 18 years old).

List of Players as at 3rd April 2023

2023 European GC Championship – How to pay your entry fees

This event is due to be held between 25 – 28 May 2023 at the Budleigh Salterton Croquet Club in Budleigh, England.

The Entry fee of £68 per player is due by 7th May.

The ERC would prefer that teams pay by Bank Transfer. All details on how to do this are in the email from Roberts Stafeckis sent early April. Paying in this way incurs lower fees for the ERC and will be very much appreciated.

If you do need to pay by PayPal, please click on the button below:


European Team Championship – How to pay your entry fees

The Entry fee of £204 for the European Team Championship is due by 4th June

The ERC would prefer that teams pay by Bank Transfer. All details on how to do th is were advised in the email from Roberts Stafeckis dated 4th April. Paying in this way incurs lower fees for the ERC and will be very much appreciated.

If you do need to pay by PayPal, please click on the button below:


Announcement of Teams, Format, GC Referees Course and AC Coaching Day

4.4.23 – Following the call for entries to the European Team Championship to be held on August 2-5 in Cheltenham, England, 11 countries confirmed their participation (in alphabetic order):

Czech Republic

As to the format of the event, the ERC has decided to run it as a round robin event where each team plays each, as this would provide an excellent chance for each team to directly compare with all others. ERC will elaborate detailed Event Regulations and present them to the teams in due course. It is planned that the Awards Ceremony will be over by 5pm on Saturday, August 5, so the travel arrangements can be made accordingly.

Referees Course: July 30-31st
As announced earlier, the ERC is pleased to invite the players to enter a GC Referees Course that will be held on July 30 and 31 (Sunday and Monday) in Cheltenham Croquet Club. The course will be run by two experienced CA referees Ian Cobold and Ian Shore. The afternoon of Day 2 will be devoted to exams, and successful candidates will receive CA certificates.

AC Coaching – August 1st
On Tuesday, August 1 the host club has kindly offered an open AC coaching session for the team players. Alternatively, the players may spend the day practicing GC and/or AC as they wish.

What next?
Next important deadline is June 4th.
By this date, the teams have to:

1) pay the entry fee of £204 (payment details will be provided soon)

2) announce the names of the team players (min 3, max 5)

3) apply for a place in the GC referees course ( July 30-31)

4) provide an expression of interest for the AC coaching drop-in session (August 1)

AC Country Rankings as at 31st March 2023

The latest AC Team Rankings (as at 31 March 2023) are:



Average Grade











New Zealand




















South Africa




















Czech Republic























2023 GC Over 50’s Championship Ranking Places Announcement

The 2023 GC Over 50's World Championship is due to be held in Western Australia between Saturday 14th October 2023 to Saturday 21st October 2023.

The Allocation date for this Championship was 29th March 2023. The Management Committee have agreed the following allocation of places for this 48 person event:

20 Full Member Places
4 Associate Member Places
4 Qualifier Places
20 Ranking Places

Ranking Places: The 20 Ranking Places have been awarded to the players in the file below, based on the Initial Ranking List dated end of 29th March 2023. This is based on their Max DG ranking over 12 months as per Sports Regulations Appendix 2, clause 2.3.

Age Restriction! Members and Players are reminded that all entrants for this event must be over 50 on the start date of the event.

Sports Regulations - Clause 5.1.6.  A player may compete in an Event subject to a minimum age limit if they have attained the minimum age on the first day of the Event.

The file below includes 3 tabs: i) a breakdown of places by country; ii) a listing of those awarded a Ranking Place; and iii) the Replacement Ranking List as at 29.3.23

Over 50's Breakdown by Country and Ranking Places as at 29th March 2023

Members are recommended to download this file to check the number of places they have been awarded, and to advise their players.

Entry Fees: Players are advised that the entry fee of £136 should be paid by 12th June 2023 at the latest. Details of how and when to pay will be emailed out to players via their Members after the Closing date of 12th May, once the Member Places have also been allocated.

Player Information and Bio’s: these will be due on 10th June 2023. Information on how to send this will be provided after the Closing Date. Players are reminded that it is a condition of entry to provide this information when requested.

Member Places notification: Members should send the Secretary-General the names of players to be nominated for their Member Places by 12th May 2023 at the latest. Some Members have already notified the names of their nominees - please note that these can be changed up to the above deadline.

Withdrawals: The cut-off date for this event is 27th August 2023. If players with a Member Place drop out before this date, Members have 14 days (or until 27th August) to nominate a replacement. After this, the place reverts to a Replacement Ranking Place. If players with a Ranking Place drop out before this date, the highest ranked player on the Replacement Ranking list will be awarded the place. After the 27th August 2023, any places returned will result in additional places awarded through the Qualifying Event to be held in Western Australia between 8-11 October 2023.


2023 Women’s GC World Championship – Player Information

The following information is required from all the above competing players by 14th April 2023 (or sooner please if available).

    • A recent well-lit photograph (ideally headshot)
    • 150-250 words of biographical details
    • Contact email and mobile phone numbers for during the event (for use by the Tournament Manager

Please send this information online via Google Forms. Please click on this link: Enter your Player Information here

Please note, the photo and bio may be published on the event website and on the WCF website. Players should expect some live streaming and the press may be present taking photographs. Players should note that their results will be published on Croquet Scores. The contact details will be held by the WCF S-G and Tournament Manager for use during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this requested via a Google Form?
The organisers for this event will pick up all the bios directly from the Google Form. This reduces the workload. If everyone sends the bio into the WCF separately, maybe by email, word document, pdf, whatsapp etc., then it would then have to be cut and pasted into some central repository. Much simpler if everyone feeds it into one place in one format in the first place.

Why can’t you re-use the information I sent last time?
Regarding your contact details:
due to data protection rules, we ask that personal data is not kept by the organisers after the event, so emails and telephone numbers need to be captured each time. And of course, these could easily change year on year.

Regarding your bio: firstly, there is no way for me to know who wants to keep an old bio and who wants to update it, so we ask for new each time. Plus, most players prefer to update the words for each event. Especially those of you that play both codes, who may want to say different things depending whether it’s GC or AC. You might have major wins in one code and not in the other for instance.

Who might read my bio?
It could be used in various ways to advertise and promote the event.  Variously, it could be included in Sponsor Packs, the Event Website, the Programme, or perhaps sent to the Press.
Our sport needs sponsorship to help make these events financially viable. We need to look professional to attract sponsors. It is therefore important that your bios are sensible, well-written and give a good impression to the World.

Why is this information requested so early?
Work to prepare for a World Championship starts very early. The website and programmes are put together by volunteers, many of whom have other commitments. We need to give them as much time as possible to do this, to ensure that they not only do a good job, but that no undue stress is put on them.  The army of volunteers works hard to make these world championships run smoothly and to ensure that you, as a player, have a fantastic event. As players you are not asked to do a lot to help, providing this information is something you can do.

Do I have to provide this information?
Per WCF Sports Regulations, Appendix 2 Singles Events, Clause 6.3, all players are required to send this information through on request, in the format and manner requested by the Secretary-General and the hosts.

6.3 …. all player information requested must be received
by the date specified in the Invitation. This might include a photograph, email
address, contact phone number during the event (if available) and up-to-date
biographical details. These should be sent to the Secretary-General in the format