2020 Golf Croquet World Team Championship Tiers 3 – Champions Mexico

Congratulations to Mexico - Winners of the Tier 3 Golf Croquet World Championship.

This delayed 2020 event took place at the Guildford & Godalming Croquet Club between 20th to 23rd July 2022. Mexico, Portugal and Czech Republic played together with an Iran + team.

The Guildford & Godalming club looked after the players well with fast lawns, firm hoops and good food. The WCF would like to thank the club and all the volunteers who helped to make this event run so smoothly.

Mexico won with 2 wins against Portugal and the Czech Republic, and drew against the Iran team made up of Omied Hallam and some hastily convened club players who stepped into the breach when the Iranian VISAs failed to arrive in time.

Portugal came second and the Czech Republic third.

Full results can be found on Croquet Scores: 2020 GC WTC T3 

The Mexican team celebrate their win
The teams are gathered and ready to go. Championship starts 21st July.

2016 GC World Team Championship Tier 3 – Champion: Norway

The 2nd WCF Golf Croquet Team Championship - Tier 3
Venue: Guildford & Godalming Croquet Club, England
Dates: 18-20 May 2016

Champion: Norway (Roar Michalsen, Birge Stene, Lasse Holberg, Viggo Olsen)

Finalist: Russia (Leonid Shver, Sergey Vasilyev, Evgeny Filippov, Evgeny Avrov)

3rd: Portugal (Sarah Byrne, John Melton, Jenny Melton, Lita Gale)

Full results are available at https://croquetscores.com/2016/gc/golf-croquet-world-team-championship-tier-3