2020 Tier 2 World Team Championships (held in 2021) – Champions Spain

From October 11 to 16, the 3rd Golf Croquet World Team Championship Tier 2 was held in Cádiz, Spain, at the headquarters of Real Club de Golf VISTA HERMOSA, SHERRY CROQUET and Real Club de Golf Novo SANCTI PETRI

It was the first WCF tournament since the Coronavirus pandemic began. Contested by the teams of Wales, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway, Scotland, Spain and Canada (although only two players were able to attend) and an eighth Select team that played friendly matches to help the schedule.

The atmosphere was fantastic and will remain in the memory of all the teams,  the organizing committee, and the main many spectators who visited.

On the dedicated event website: gcwtspain2021.com, you can find all the details, photos, interviews and results. The semi-final and final matches were streamed on the FEC Facebook account.

Spain beat Wales in the final by the result of 10 to 3 and for the first time in its history it has qualified for Tier 1. Fantastic news for the Spanish Croquet Federation!


The Spanish team. On the top line you have from left to right Jose Alvarez-Sala, Rafael Romero and Basilio Iglesias, on the bottom also from left to right Andrés Alvarez-Sala, Jose Riva (the captain) and Manuel Álvarez-Sala.


The Teams

Winners: Spain
Jose Riva (captain), Jose Alvarez-Sala, Rafael Romero, Basilio Iglesias, Andrés Alvarez-Sala, J and Manuel Álvarez-Sala.

Runners up: Wales
Angharrad Walters (captain), Ian Burridge, Arthur Rowe and Mike Parry

Winners of the plate: Switzerland
Neil Thomas (captain), Peter Payne, Ian Sexton, Daniel Studerus, Kevin Collins

Runners up of the plate: Latvia
Roberts Stefeckis (captain), Normunds Zelcans, Janis Steins, Silvija Freimane and Tomass Freimanis

Steinar Olsen (captain), Trond Jansen, Viggo Olsen and Lasse Holberg

Martin Murray (captain), Alan Francis Campbell Clark, Thomas Halliday and Stephen Wright.

Hesham Elzoghby and Patrick Little

Select Team
Begoña Gómez (captain), Susana Romero, María Taylor, Ignacio Fernández-Prada, Fernando Soto, Begoña Elzaburu, Margot Engström and Marlis Weissenborn

Full results can be found on Croquet Scores >  2020 GC WTC Tier 2 Results




2016 GC World Team Championship Tier 2 – Champion: Australia

The 2nd WCF Golf Croquet Team Championship - Tier 2
Venue: Bath and Camerton & Peasedown Croquet Clubs, England
Dates: 15-20 May 2016

Champion: Australia (Chris McWhirter, Wendy Dickson, Lester Hughes, Anne Quinn)

Finalist: Spain (Basilio Iglesias, Rafael Romero, Jose Alvarez-Sala, Gonzalo Alvarez-Sala, Andres Alvarez-Sala, Manuel Alvarez-Sala)
3rd: Latvia (Normunds Zelcans, Janis Steins, Andris Usans, Maris Lindbergs)
4th: Germany (Wolfgang Usbeck, Alexander Kirsten, Carlos Vieira, John Swabey)
5th: Belgium (Pierre Beaudry, Bernard Thys, Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII, Anne White, Caroline Denny)
6th: Czech-Moravian Republic (Miroslav Havlik, Otakar Stankus, Jan Cihak, Anna Kralova)
7th: Scotland (Martin Murray, Andrew Hope, Hamish Duguid, Alan Clark, George Geis)
8th: Switzerland (Dave Underhill, Daniel Studerus, Kevin Collins, Arthur Graf, Neil Thomas)

Full results are available at https://croquetscores.com/2016/gc/golf-croquet-world-team-tier-2

2012 GC World Team Championship Tier 2 – Champion: Wales

The 1st WCF Golf Croquet Team Championship - Tier 2
Venue: Cairo, Egypt
Dates: 9-14 December 2012

Champion: Wales (David Walters, Chris Williams, Kevin Ham, Tudor Jenkins)

Finalist: Belgium (Pierre Beaudry, Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII, John Swabey, Berhard Thys)
3rd: Czech-Moravian Republic (Miroslav Havlik, David Hajn, Otakar Stankus, Miroslav Pazdora)
4th: Norway (Roar Michalsen, Steinar Olsen, Espen Krogstad, Magnus Myrhene)
5th: Germany (Wolfgang Usbeck, Bruno Hess, Thomas Magin, Michael Boeer)
6th: Scotland (Fergus Thompson, Jola Jurasinska, Bill Spalding, Jamieson Walker)
7th: Spain (Lucas Azcona, Guilermo Rebuelta, Santiago Alvarez-Sala, Jose Enrique Otte, Susan Romero, Domingo Renedo)
8th: Latvia (Janis Steins, Roberts Stafeckis, Silvija Stafeckis, Andris Usans)

Full results are available at https://croquetscores.com/2012/gc/wcf-world-team-championship-div-2