Laws of Association Croquet

The 7th Edition of the AC Laws was approved by the WCF Council on 24 January 2021.

Association Croquet is played in accordance with the Laws of Association Croquet ("the AC Laws") which are published by the World Croquet Association.

As well as the 7th edition laws, two other documents have been published to assist players and referees in applying the new Laws.

Laws 7th Edition

Introductory statement Laws 7th edition

AC Laws 7th edition Changes log

The 6th Edition of the AC Laws may be found here and the Official Rulings that supported the 6th Edition may be found here.

AC Laws Committee


The Association Croquet Laws Committee ("ACLC") was established with effect from 1 January 2017 to replace the International Laws Committee ("ILC").

The ILC was established in 2001 to have general responsibility for the administration of the Laws of Association Croquet and to make rulings with the approval and on behalf of the governing bodies of croquet in Australia, England, New Zealand and the United States of America ('the Four Governing Bodies' or '4GB').   Such rulings are published in the Official Rulings on the Laws of Croquet ("ORLC").

The ACLC consists of four voting members each of whom is nominated by one of the 4GB and a non-voting member appointed by the WCF Management Committee.

Its terms of reference are set out in Statute 132.

The current members of the ACLC were elected on 31 December 2020 and are:

Australia:         Liz Fleming

England:          Ian Vincent (Chairman)

New Zealand:   Graeme Roberts

USA:               Martyn Selman (tbc)

In addition, the WCF MC is entitled to appoint a non-voting member.
WFC MC: Stephen Mulliner (until his retirement on 31st August 2021).