Yousry Ghamry is elected next WCF Treasurer

Yousry Ghamry (Egypt) has been elected by the WCF Council to serve as the WCF Treasurer from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2022 in succession to Martin French (England).

Yousry received 31 votes and Lorraine Smith (Australia) received 22 votes.

He is a croquet player who serves on the Board of the Egyptian Croquet Federation.  By profession, Yousry is ab accountant who has worked for the Egyptian operations a large U.S. company for many years.  


Stephen Mulliner is re-appointed as Secretary-General

The post of Secretary-General is appointed by the WCF Management Committee to serve for a term of four years.  The current term of office expires on 31 August 2017. 

The President of the World Croquet Federation has announced today, 1 August 2017, that the WCF Management Committee has unanimously agreed to re-appoint Stephen Mulliner as Secretary-General for a second term of four years to 31 August 2021.




Bernard Neal dies at 93

The croquet world has lost one of its most venerable figures.  Bernard Neal passed away on 26 March 2016 juust short of his 94th birthday.  He had been unwell for some time and had been admitted to hospital after a series of falls at home in Cheltenham.

Croquet owes a considerable debt of gratitude to Bernard as a top-class player, a very capable administrator and an invaluable link between the Croquet Association and the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club where he served as a committee member and Vice President for many years.  It was through Bernard’s good offices that the AELTCC presented the Wimbledon Cup in 1989 to be the trophy for the Association Croquet World Championship.

Bernard came to croquet via lawn tennis and Wimbledon after a full-sized croquet court was installed in 1957.  He joined the Croquet Association in 1960 and soon rose to the top of the game.  He represented Great Britain in the MacRobertson Shield in 1969, 1974 and 1979.  He was soon elected to Council which benefitted over many years from his sound judgement and wise advice.  He became Chairman of Council in 1972 and proceeded to set a record that is unlikely ever to be beaten, namely winning the Open Championship in both years of his chairmanship!  His other unique claim to sporting fame is as the winner of the greatest number of Wimbledon titles, namely 37 times the winner of the Wimbledon Croquet Championship.  This far surpasses the haul of any tennis player.

Bernard enjoyed good health into his nineties and it was a very fitting tribute to him when he was elected President of the Croquet Association in 2004 in succession to John Solomon.

Above all, he was a gentleman, the most sporting of opponents and a very good and generous friend to very many croquet players in England and across the croquet world.  He will be greatly missed and our thoughts and condolences go to Liz, Mike and Cathy on the loss of their husband and father.

Amir Ramsis is re-elected as WCF President

Amir Ramsis, the President of the Egyptian Croquet Federation and the current WCF President, was re-elected to serve as President from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019.

Two candidates were nominated.  Amir Ramsis, who was nominated by the Egyptian Croquet Federation, received 38 votes.  Ian Burridge, who was nominated by the Welsh Croquet Association, received 19 votes. 


2014 Business Plan


The purpose of this Business Plan is to highlight major items for attention in the year ahead.  We re-state our vision, review our strengths and weaknesses, and identify realistic actions which will enable the WCF and croquet to move forward.


The WCF’s vision, set out in WCF Statutes 103.1 remains valid, namely “to make Croquet a well-known, well-understood, well-respected and well-supported sport in countries throughout the world”.

Assessment of the WCF’s current situation


    • Steadily growing Membership
    • Vibrant events schedule
    • Strong demand from players
    • Growing popularity of Golf Croquet
    • Strong financial reserves
    • Ready commitment from Members to host events
    • Active volunteer workforce


    • Several Members have small and static playing populations
    • Very limited representation in some regions (Central and South America, parts of Africa and Asia
    • WCF events require considerable volunteer input, and this can be difficult to muster for some Members


    • Continue improving relationship with Members
    • Find ways to ramp up development in smaller Members
    • Take the sport to a wider audience through TV
    • Growing “over 50” world population may expand pool of potential recruits
    • Promote GC as a way to increase the number of young players
    • Attract new Members in regions where there is some form of croquet played
    • Attaining 40 Members is now feasible - may unlock World Games, etc.


    • Will the growth in internet gaming reduce the number of young people interested in a sport like croquet?
    • Impact of GC on other codes
    • Gateball may compete for attention and limit our growth
    • Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis is modest and obtaining significant event sponsorship remains very difficult


The work of the WCF falls into four main categories, namely:

    • World Championships
    • Development
    • Communication with Members
    • Administration and finance


Completed goals

    • Held a successful GCWC and ACWC in 2013
    • Obtained preferred bidders for all tiers/divisions of 2014 AC WTC
    • Confirmed allocation of teams to tiers/division of World Team Championships
    • Continued regular updating of 10 Year Schedule
    • Completed ‘best practice’ guidance for event hosts.

Continuing goals

    • Confirm new allocation procedure for World Championships
    • Re-run the annual bid process through to 2018
    • Hold successful AC WTC, Over-50s GCWC and Women’s GCWC in 2014
    • Mark the WCF’s 25th Anniversary in 2014.


The main requirements for this important area are:

Members coming forward with viable capital grant projects or other development concepts requiring funding assistance

    • Volunteers willing to undertake coaching trips
    • Available budget.

Completed goals

    • A coaching trip to India took place in January 2013
    • An international coaching training course was held in England in April/ May 2013
    • Coaching trips were organised to Austria, Germany and Latvia
    • A high-quality film of the 2012 GCWTC is now available.

Continuing goals

    • Assess demand for translations of Laws, Rules and Commentary and undertake pilot of matched-funding as demand requires
    • Encourage viable projects to build the first 4-court venue in a Member’s country, with WCF capital grant assistance
    • Hold another international coaching training course
    • Arrange a further three coaching trips to smaller European members
    • Investigate significant sponsorship opportunities.


A healthy organization ensures that its Members are always fully informed about its activities and plans and, in the case of the WCF, of the current state of the future World Championship programme.

Completed goals

    • The new WCF web-site has been fully implemented
    • The monthly newsletter to Members has become embedded
    • The 10 year Schedule of Events has been updated to 2018.

Continuing goals

    • Implementing reliable webmaster support for the WCF web-site.


The MC and Council have refreshed how they operate.  The new trial Council decision-making process is aimed at empowering WCF Members, to make them more engaged, better informed and more in control.  The following does not include the business-as-usual activities such as arranging events, accepting entries, financial management and so on.

The WCF has good financial reserves but the recent reduction in event sponsorship has led to a re-examination of the funding the WCF derives from events.

Completed goals

    • 2013 Financial Review approved and implemented with consequential amendments to Event Regulations, Finance Regulations and Investment Policy.

Continuing goals

    • Work with Australia, England, New Zealand and USA to align AC International Laws Committee and WCF GC Rules Committee
    • Learn from the trial Council decision-making trial and consider improvements if necessary
    • Observe and analyse effects of new four-year cycle budgeting
    • Ensure adequate and reliable support for WCF web-site.

The Management Committee

December 2013