2017 AC World Teams – Canada/Sweden share Tier 2.2 and Germany wins Tier 3

Tiers 2.2 and Tier 3 2017 AC WTC

The lawns at Renzel, Germany

Tiers 2.2 and 3 of the 2017 Association Croquet World Team Championship were played in two stages over six days from Monday, 17 to Saturday, 22 July at Sussex County Croquet Club.  Tier 2.2 consisted of Canada, South Africa and Sweden and Tier 3 of the Czech Republic and Germany.

Stage 1 was played over the first four days and involved all five teams playing each other in a "Jamboree" format.  At the end of this stage, Canada and Sweden took first and second places and qualified to contest the Tier 2.2 final and the Czech Republic, Germany and South Africa qualified to contested the Tier 3 final with a three-team "Jamboree" format.

24 of the scheduled 30 games had been completed on Friday and Saturday morning when the weather took a hand with a torrrential downpour that rendered the courts unplayable. At this point, Germany led South Africa by 5-3 and the Czech Republic by 7-1 while South Africa led the Czech Republic by 6-2.  Sufficient matches had been completed in all the three Test Matches to permit the results to be recognised in accordance with the Playing Regulations.

Tier 3 salver was therefore presented to Germany with South Africa as runners-up.

Full results are available at  https://croquetscores.com/2017/ac/wtc-tier-2

Tier 2.2

Venue: Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick, England

Dates: 17–22 July 2017


Canada (Brian Cumming, Nick Mitchell, Bill Rowat, Jim Wright)

Sweden (Simon Carlsson, Joi Elebo, Joakim Norback, Lewis Palmer)

3rd: South Africa (Peter Dreyer, Silvia Dreyer, Christine Wakeham, Christopher Wakeham)


Tier 3

Southwick, UK - Dates: 17–22 July 2017

Champion:  Germany (Bruno Hess, John Swabey, Wolfgang Usbeck, Carlos Vieira)

Second: Czech Republic (Jan Cihak, Vaclav Doskocil, Miroslav Havlik, Jan Kral, Anna Kralova)


2010 AC World Team Championship Tier 2.2 – Champion: Scotland

The 1st WCF Association Croquet World Team Championship - Tier 2.2
Venue:  Compton Croquet Club, Eastbourne, England
Dates: 16-21 August 2010

Champion: Scotland

Second:  Spain

Third:  Canada

Fourth: Japan

For results, see below or go to the Croquet Records Website: 2010 World Teams Tier 2.2


Canada beat Japan 5-1
Cumming & Emmett beat Salisbury & Moriyama +24 +17
Westaway & Beharriell beat Yamada & Tanaka +16ot +1ot
Brian Cumming beat Paul Salisbury -4 +8 +26tp
Paul Emmett lost to Koji Moriyama +5 -7ot -26
Peter Westaway beat Masaaki Yamada +3ot +25
Jane Beharriell beat Atsuo Tanaka +24 +16
Scotland beat Spain 5-1
Hopgood & Murray beat Azcona & Alvarez Sala +22 +22tp(M)
Magee & Morrison lost to Ojeda & Riva -5 -16
James Hopgood beat Lucas Azcona -2 +26tp +16tp
Martin Murray beat Jose Alvarez Sala +9 +26tp
David Magee beat Juan Ojeda +8 +7
Campbell Morrison beat Jose Riva +23 +26
Scotland beat Canada 6-0
Hopgood & Murray beat Cumming & Emmett +5 -17 +24
Magee & Morrison beat Westaway & Beharriell +15 +17
James Hopgood beat Brian Cumming +25 +14tp
Martin Murray beat Paul Emmett +26tp +26tp
David Magee beat Peter Westaway -6 +26 +25
Campbell Morrison beat Jane Beharriell +8 +24
Spain beat Japan 6-0
Ojeda & Riva beat Salisbury & Moriyama +11 +1
Alvarez Sala & de Diego beat Yamada & Tanaka +7 +21
Jose Riva beat Paul Salisbury -3 +19 +20
Juan Ojeda beat Koji Moriyama +24 +15
Andres Alvarez Sala beat Masaaki Yamada +1ot +18
Andres de Diego beat Atsuo Tanaka +19 +24
Canada drew with Spain 3-3
Cumming & Emmett beat Ojeda & Azcona +26tp(C) +4
Westaway & Beharriell lost to Alvarez Sala & de Diego -3 -4
Brian Cumming lost to Juan Ojeda -17 -6
Paul Emmett beat Lucas Azcona +23 +16
Peter Westaway lost to Jose Alvarez Sala -3 -3
Jane Beharriell beat Andres de Diego -19 +1ot +6ot
Scotland beat Japan 6-0
Hopgood & Murray beat Salisbury & Moriyama -22 +7 +11
Magee & Morrison beat Yamada & Tanaka +23 +23
James Hopgood beat Paul Salisbury +18tp +2tp
Martin Murray beat Koji Moriyama +17tp +24
David Magee beat Masaaki Yamada +26tp +13
Campbell Morrison beat Atsuo Tanaka +22tp +22
Summary Team                        Test Matches won                 Matches won
Champion Scotland 3 17
2nd Spain 1.5 10
3rd Canada 1.5 8
4th Japan 0 1



Charles Jones, WCF President, presents the trophy to the Scottish team. L to R> Martin Murray, James Hopgood, Campbell Morrison and David Magee

2014 AC WTC Tier 2.2 – Champion Spain

The Tier 2.2/3 Association Croquet World Team Championship competition was held at Sussex County Croquet Club near Brighton, England from 11 to 16 May 2014. Seven teams competed, namely Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Spain, with the youngest team headed for five days of the six by Jose Riva, were installed as the starting favourites and largely justified that status, winning five of their six Tests by 7-3 or more. However, the Austrians also showed excellent form and took Spain to the wire on the final afternoon. Spain finally claimed victory against the Tier 3 team by 6-4 and so completed a clean sweep of six Test victories and became the second winners of the Tier 2.2 competition.