1995 AC World Championship – Winner: Chris Clarke (ENG)

The 6th WCF Association Croquet World Championship
Venue: Fontenay-le-Comte, France
Dates: 10-18 June 1995

Champion: Chris Clarke (England)

Finalist: Robert Fulford (England)

Full results can be found on the Croquet Records Website: 1995 AC World Championship

Main Event Results

Block A

R Carter beat Archer +17 S Williams beat R Carter +16 S Williams beat Archer +25 A Taves beat Archer +25 C Clarke beat Archer +12 C Clarke beat Taves +17 Clarke beat S Williams +26sxp Carter beat Taves +9 Clarke beat Carter +17 S Williams beat Taves +25 1 Clarke 4 2 S Williams 3 3 R Carter 2 4 A Taves 1 5 Archer 0

Block B

Bamford beat Pickering +26tp Pickering beat Liddiard +16tp Bamford beat Liddiard +26tp Bamford beat Cornelius +26tp Le Moignan beat Bamford +20 Cornelius beat Le Moignan +10 Pickering beat Le Moignan +26tp Liddiard beat Cornelius +25 Liddiard beat Le Moignan +16 Cornelius beat Pickering +17tp 1 Bamford 3 2 Cornelius 2 3 Pickering 2 4 Liddiard 2 5 Le Moignan 1

Block C

Irwin beat C Barlow +23 Irwin beat Kelley +26tp Kelley beat C Barlow +2 M Taylor beat C Barlow +17tp Barlow beat Payne +21 Taylor beat Payne +26tp Taylor beat Kelley +7 Irwin beat Payne +20tp Irwin beat Taylor +2 Kelley beat Payne +17 1 Irwin 4 2 M Taylor 3 3 Kelley 2 4 C Barlow 1 5 Payne 0

Block D

J Taves beat Belz +21 Belz beat Grochain +18 Grochain beat Taves +4 Mulliner beat Taves +5 Burridge beat Grochain walk over Taves beat Burridge +18tp Mulliner beat Grochain +19 Mulliner beat Belz +26tp Mulliner beat Burridge +3 Burridge beat Belz +26tp Play Off Belz beat Grochain +17 1 Mulliner 4 2 J Taves 2 3 Burridge 2 4 Belz 1 5 Grochain 1

Block E

Fleming beat Guermont +15 Jones beat Guermont +24tp Jones beat Fleming +26tp Fleming beat Comish +11 Fleming beat C Williams +13tp Comish beat C Williams +3 Comish beat Guermont +26tp Williams beat Jones +9 Comish beat Jones +17tp Williams beat Guermont +16 1 Fleming 3 2 Comish 3 3 C Williams 2 4 S Jones 2 5 Guermont 0

Block F

J Dawson beat Appleton +26tp Appleton beat Nagashima +12 Dawson beat Nagashima +20 Dawson beat Westerby +23tp Dawson beat Y Ravez +25 Westerby beat Ravez +15 Westerby beat Nagashima +25tp Ravez beat Appleton +19 Westerby beat Appleton +26tp Ravez beat Nagashima +26tp 1 J Dawson 4 2 Westerby 3 3 Y Ravez 2 4 Appleton 1 5 Nagashima 0

Block G

Stark beat Lualdi +26tp Skinley beat Lualdi +7 Stark beat Skinley +26tp Stark beat McInerney +26tp Fulford beat Skinley +12tpo Fulford beat Stark +15tp McInerney beat Skinley +26 McInerney beat Lualdi +3 Fulford beat McInerney +26sxp Fulford beat Lualdi +26sxp 1 Fulford 4 2 Stark 3 3 McInerney 2 4 Skinley 1 5 Lualdi 0

Block H

Maugham beat Paterson +25tp Paterson beat O Ravez +18 Maugham beat Ravez +26tp Stephens beat Maugham +25tp Maugham beat Shorten +21stp Stephens beat Shorten +26tp Stephens beat Ravez +4 Paterson beat Shorten +18 Stephens beat Paterson +26tp Ravez beat Shorten +15 1 Stephens 4 2 Maugham 3 3 Paterson 2 4 O Ravez 1 5 Shorten 0

Round 1

Chris Clarke beat Charles Barlow +22sxp, +3

Colin Pickering beat John Taves +25tp, +8tp

David Maugham beat Yoann Ravez +25tp, +26

Paul Skinley beat Bruce Fleming +25, -25tp, +10

Stephen Mulliner beat Strat Liddiard +26tp, -26tp, +26tp

Simon Williams beat Rory Kelley +26tp, +22tp

Tony Stephens beat David Appleton -20tp, +12, +21

Ronan McInerney beat Steve Comish +16tp, -15tp, +6

Robert Fulford beat Othello Ravez +25sxp, +9tp

Aaron Westerby beat Chris Williams +24, +17

Debbie Cornelius beat Rohan Carter -26tp, +26, +24tp

Colin Irwin beat Betty Belz +13, +3tp

Ian Burridge beat Michael Taylor +24tp, +12tpo

Reg Bamford beat Anne Taves +16tp, +26tp

Steve Jones beat Jeff Dawson -26, +26tp, +24

Jerry Stark beat Dean Paterson +26tp, +26tp

Round 2

Clarke beat Pickering +26tp, +9tpo

Maugham beat Skinley +26tp, +26tp

Mulliner beat S Williams +11tpo, +3tpo

Stephens beat McInerney +8tp, +26tp

Fulford beat Westerby +13tpo, +26sxp

Cornelius beat Irwin +4tp, +5tp

Burridge beat Bamford +14otp, -26tp, +26

Jones beat Stark +4tp, +26tp

Quarter Final

Clarke beat Maugham +24otp, +26tp

Mulliner beat Stephens -2, +8, +10tp

Chris Clarke with Trophy at Fontenay, with the geese behind

Chris Clarke in play at Fontenay le Comte

Chris Clarke in play at Fontenay le Comte

The famous geese at Fontenay le Comte

The final score board at Fontenay le Comte