2022 European GC Women’s Championship

2022 Women's Golf Croquet European Championships
Congratulations to Begoña Elzaburu, winner of the first ever European Women's Golf Croquet Championship.

Winner: Begoña Elzaburu from Spain, Runner Up: Paz Gonzalez De Aguilar from Spain, 3rd Silvija Freimane from Latvia, Shield Winner - Sabine Martinsone Latvia, Bowl Winner - Jane Morrison from ireland and Plate winner, Tania Varsa from Latvia.

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Full results on CroquetScores: https://croquetscores.com/2022/gc/womens-european-championship


2022 Women's Golf Croquet European Championships

The Women’s Golf Croquet European Championships 2022 was held in Latvia between Thursday 30th June  to Sunday 3rd  July 2022.

The event was played across two venues: the Ikskile Croquet Club (IKK), Vecnorinu iela 18, Ikskile, LATVIA, where there are three full size courts, and a satellite venue in Sigulda with one full size court.


European Women’s GC Information

Players for the 2022 Women’s European Championship – Latvia

The current entry for this event is 27 players and they have all paid. There is one space, please contact Roberts Stafeckis if you wish to apply.

Michelle Leonard, England
Glynis Davies, England
Ulrike Potratz, Germany
Inken Gattermann, Germany
Jane Morrison, Ireland
Patricia Whitty, Ireland
Celine Reilly, Ireland
Silvija Freimane, Latvia
Aija Usane, Latvia
Liga Usane, Latvia
Jolanta Stafecka, Latvia
Sabine Martinsone, Latvia
Tania Varsa, Latvia
Begona Elzaburu, Spain
Paz Gonzalez De Aguilar, Spain
Rosario Garcia-Zozaya, Spain
Maria Gema Pombo, Spain
Maria Eugenia Ortiz, Spain
Maria Jose Montojo, Spain
Belen Diaz De Bustamante, Spain
Paloma Vermenouze, Spain
Enriqueta Cuartero, Spain
Ana Caicoya, Spain
Jasmine Rule, Sweden
Simone Huber, Switzerland
Kerstin Loretz, Switzerland
Edit Nemeth, Switzerland

2022 European GC Women’s Championship, Latvia – Entry Fees

Players who have been notified that they have received a place in the upcoming European Golf Croquet Women’s Championship in Latvia, need to pay the £48.00 entry fee by Thursday May 19th 2022 at the latest.

Per WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 2, clause 6, players who fail to pay by the due date will lose their place. The relevant sections of the regulation are below for your information:

6.1 Subject to paragraph 6.2, failure to pay the entry fee by the due date will lead to automatic disqualification and the place will be filled in accordance with paragraph 7.

6.2 Before disqualifying a player for failing to pay their entry fee on time, at least two reminders must have been sent to the Member which nominated the player and all reasonable efforts must have been made to contact the player directly.

All players who can pay by Bank to Bank transfer are encouraged to do so. This avoids the WCF incurring costly PayPal fees and helps us to keep costs down. Instructions on how to pay will be sent to each player via their Member.

If absolutely necessary, you can pay by PayPal using the button below. Please amalgamate any payments into one where possible to reduce fees:

Entry Information for 2022 Women’s GC European Championship, Latvia 30 June – 3 July 2022

Entries to participate in the 2022 Women's Golf Croquet European Championship are now invited from all European members and RCO's.

The 2022 Women's Golf Croquet European Championship will be held in Latvia: at the Ikskile Croquet Club, near Riga (3 courts) and at the Sigulda Croquet Club (1 court) over four days between Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July 2022.

Registration and players briefing will take place on Wednesday 29th June.

The entry will be limited to 32 players. The entry fee for successful entrants will be £48.00.

There will be 4 blocks of 8 players, each generated in accordance with the WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 4.  Block matches will be single games.  Games will generally be double-banked. Except in emergency conditions, games will be played without time limits.

The top 4 players from each block will qualify for the Knock-Out Stage.  Ties on match wins for qualifying places will be resolved in accordance with the WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 6.  Non-qualifiers will be eligible for the Plate Event.

The Knock-Out stage will be drawn and seeded conforming to the WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 7 Secton B. It will be double-banked, except for semi-finals and final, and played without time limits.

Round 1 (last 16), Round 2 and Quarter-finals will be best-of-three 13-point games and played without time limits. Semi-finals and Final will be best-of-five 13-point games if time allows.

The Plate
This will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 2 and will consist of block play followed by a knock-out stage TBC.

The Bowl
This event is open to all players who lose in the first round of the Knock-Out Stage and will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 4.

The Shield
This event is open to all players who lose in the second round of the Knock-Out Stage and will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 5.

Main Event Key Dates

Invitation Date


This is the date that Members will be formally invited to send players to participate in this event.

Response Date


This is the date by which Member nominations for Ranking places must have been received by the ERC. Members must also specify the number of Membership Places they wish to take up and RCO's should advise if they would like to request a Membership Place.

Allocation Date


The World Ranking List to be used to determine the initial allocation of Ranking Places is that published at the end of the Allocation Date. (Note: 1).

Announcment Date


ERC announces recipients of Ranking Places 
This date is also the Pandemic Go/No Go decision date.

Closing Date


This is the last date Members can nominate players for their Membership Places. Within 1 to 2 days the MC will announce recipients of Membership Places and Replacement Ranking Places. 

Entry Fee Due Date


If there is a reserve list, any players awarded a place on the Announcement Date will lose their place if they have not paid by this date.

Main Event Cut-off Date


This is the date after which returned places will not be filled.

Key Personnel

Tournament Director    

Roberts Stafeckis

LKF Representative          

Sandra Harlinska

Tournament Manager

Sandra Harlinska

Tournament Referee

Viktors Harlinskis


Tomass Freimanis

Sadly this announcement once again has to be accompanied by the clause that everything is subject to covid related travel restrictions, and players are advised not to enter any binding travel arrangements before the final confirmation that a specific event will definitely take place.


Copy of Invitation

RESPONSE DATE: Sunday, 20th March 2022

This is the date by which all European Members and RCOs are requested to inform the WCF ERC:

(a) if they want to take up their Membership Place or Places. Full Members are entitled to two Membership Places. Associate Members are entitled to one Membership Place. RCO’s should advise whether they would like to request a Membership Place;

(b) the names of their eligible players who want a Ranking or Membership place in the Event.

Individual players who are affiliated to a WCF Member and want to gain a place in the Event must announce their availability via their Member.  However, if a player is not affiliated to a WCF Member and is not eligible to represent any WCF Member, they should contact the ERC  directly. Please use the email address erc@worldcroquet.org for communication related to this event.

ALLOCATION DATE: Sunday, 27th March 2022

The highest grades achieved by players in the 12 months ending on this date will be used to determine the initial allocation of Ranking Places.

ANNOUNCEMENT DATE: Sunday, 3rd April 2022

The players who have been awarded Ranking Places will be announced on this date.

This is also the date by which a Go/No Go decision in relation to the pandemic will be published. We recommend that players do not incur any costs before this date.

CLOSING DATE: Sunday, 17th April 2022

This is the last date on which Members can nominate players for Membership Places.

If you wish to play in this event, you need to apply via your Governing Body who will submit their nominations to the ERC by Sunday, 20 March 2022. Your Governing Body may have their own selection criteria and timetable which you need to follow. Whatever the local procedure, please give them time to review your application and pass it on to us.

For more information about this event, please contact Roberts Stafeckis who is organising this event on behalf of the ERC. Please contact him on email: erc@worldcroquet.org