The Ramsis Cup


The Ramsis Cup was donated by the World Croquet Federation in 2008 to be the trophy awarded to the winners of a Golf Croquet Test Match between teams of six representing Egypt and the Rest of the World.  The first Ramsis Cup Test Match was held at the Roehampton Club in London on 8 and 9 August 2008.  The format was the same as that used in the MacRobertson Shield, namely nine doubles matches and twelve singles matches.

In August 2008, every one of the eight GC World Championships from 1996 to 2008 had been won by an Egyptian, including the most recent earlier in that year in South Africa where Ahmed Nasr had defeated Reg Bamford (SAF) in the final.  The Egyptian team was formidable, headed by Ahmed Nasr (world champion in 2004 and 2008), Mohamed Nasr (world champion in 2006) and Khaled Younis (world champion in 1996, 1998 and 2002) together with Helmi Abdelgayed, Ahmed El Mahdi and Yasser Esmat.

The Rest of the World team was the strongest that could be found, consting of four UK-based players, namely Reg Bamford, Rutger Beijderwellen, Robert Fulford and Stephen Mulliner and two flown in from New Zealand and the USA, Chris Clarke and Sherif Abdelwahab.

Somewhat unexpectedly, and possibly aided by some wet weather on the Sunday, the Rest of the World team put on a superb performance and emerged the winners by the narrow margin 11-10.  Reg Bamford had the satisfaction of securing the winning point with a straight games defeat of Ahmed Nasr and thereby gaining some revenge for his defeat earlier in the year in the world championship final.

The 2016 Test Match

Eight years have since elapsed and the WCF was delighted to respond positively to a request from the Egyptian Croquet Federation that a Ramsis Cup Test Match might be held immediately before the GC World Team Championship in May 2016.  The WCF is most grateful to the Croquet Association for agreeing to act as national host and to the Hurlingham Club for providing the lawns.  The event will be held on Friday 13 May and Saturday 14 May and will follow the same format as in 2008.

The following teams have been selected by the Egyptian Croquet Federation and the WCF Management Committee.

Egypt Ahmed Nasr
Hamy Erian
Mohamed Karem
Mohamed Nasr
Mohamed Taha
Amr Baher
Rest of the World Reg Bamford
Robert Fulford
Stephen Mulliner
Danny Huneycutt
Sherif Abdelwahab
Will Gee



Tier 1 squads and teams

2016 Golf Croquet World Team Championship Tier 1

The following squads and teams have been announced.

Egypt Amr Baher (C)
  Hamy Erian
  Mohamed Karem
  Ahmed Nasr
  Mohamed Nasr
  Amir Ramsis
England William Gee
  Stephen Mulliner (C)
  Rachel Rowe
  Tobi Savage
  Lionel Tibble
Ireland Jack Clingan (C)
  Patsy Fitzgerald
  Evan Newell
  Charlie von Schmieder
  Simon Williams
New Zealand Paddy Chapman
  Chris Clarke (C)
  Jenny Clarke
  Mike Crashley
  Duncan Dixon
  Phillip Drew
South Africa Reg Bamford (C)
  Victor Dladla
  Judith Hanekom
  William Louw
   Chris Wakeham
Sweden Simon Carlsson (C)
  Joi Elebo
  Lewis Palmer
  Anton Varnas
Wales Peter Balchin
  Ian Burridge
  John Evans
  David Walters (C)
  Chris Williams
United States Sherif Abdelwahab
  David Bent
  Ahab Dincer
  Danny Huneycutt
  Rich Lamm
  Ben Rothman (C)

2016 ACWC entry list

2016 Association Croquet World Championship

Entry list as at 1 April 2016

Ranking Places  
1   Claire Bassett Australia
2   Kevin Beard Australia
3   Ian Dumergue Australia
4   Greg Fletcher Australia
5   Robert Fletcher Australia
6   Stephen Forster Australia
7   Peter Landrebe Australia
8   Dwayne McCormick Australia
9   Jim Nicholls Australia
10   Keith Aiton England
11   Gavin Carter England
12   Jeff Dawson England
13   James Death England
14   Marcus Evans England
15   Harry Fisher England
16   Alain Giraud England
17   Gabrielle Higgins England
18   James Hopgood England
19   Ian Lines England
20   David Maugham England
21   Stephen Mulliner England
22   David Openshaw England
23   Mark Ormerod England
24   Samir Patel England
25   Richard M Smith England
26   Pete Trimmer England
27   Danny Johnston Ireland
28   Paddy Chapman New Zealand
29   Jenny Clarke New Zealand
30   Michael Wright New Zealand
31   Duncan Reeve Scotland
32   Reg Bamford South Africa
33   Jose Riva Spain
34   Matthew Essick USA
35   Jacques Fournier USA
36   Danny Huneycutt USA
37   David Maloof USA
38   Ben Rothman USA
39   Ian Burridge Wales
40   David Walters Wales
41   Chris Williams Wales
Wild Card Places  
1   Edmund Fordyce New Zealand
2   Felix Webby New Zealand
Membership Places  
1   Callum Hyland Australia
2   Alan Walsh Australia
3   Christophe Bergen Austria
4   Brian Cumming Canada
5   Paul Emmett Canada
6   Debbie Lines England
7   Robert Wilkinson England
8   Bruno Hess Germany
9   Richard Griffiths Jersey
10   Andrejs Savinovs Latvia
11   Peter Filbee New Zealand
12   Campbell Morrision Scotland
13   Sam Murray Scotland
14   Peter Just Sweden
15   Tudor Jenkins Wales
16   Jim Bast USA
17   Paul Bennett USA
18   Doug Grimsley USA
19   Robert Hurst USA
20   Stuart Lawrence USA
21   Stephen Morgan USA
22   Chris Patmore USA
23   Jeff Soo USA
Replacement Ranking Places  
1   Alan Honey Australia
2   Christian Carter England
3   Steve Jones New Zealand
4   Annabel McDiarmid England
5   John Christie New Zealand
6   Mike Taylor USA
7   Harper Peterson USA

 The seven highest placed players in the Qualifying Tournament will receive places in the Championship.


2016 ACWC Replacement Allocation Ranking List

 2016 Association Croquet World Championship

 As at 23 February 2016, the following players comprise the Replacement Allocation Ranking List.  The list will be recalculated as at the end of the day on which a vacancy occurs or a player on the List receives a Membership Place.


Replacement Allocation Ranking List      12mMaxDG
1   Nick Chapman Australia 1,991
2   Sherif Abdelwahab USA 1,986
3   Eugene Chang England 1,985
4   David Wise Australia 1,966
5   Mike Todorovich USA 1,965
6   Rob McAdam Australia 1,960
7   Leo Hawkins England 1,952
8   Simon Jenkins USA 1,952
9   Ian Plummer England 1,944
10   Leo Nikora USA 1,940
11   Kathleen Colclough Australia 1,926
12   Martyn Selman USA 1,919
13   Rory Kelley USA 1,910
14   Andrew Hope Scotland 1,889
15   Ian Harshman USA 1,747
16   Kenn Boal Australia 1,742


Miranda Chapman wins the Women’s AC World Championship

Miranda Chapman, representing England, defeated Gabrielle Higgins, also representing England, 3-2 in the final held on 1 August 2015 at Nottingham Croquet Club.

Over 100 spectators watched Gabrielle take a 2-1 lead before Miranda took the last two games 26-0 to take the title with a well-controlled delayed triple peel.  The games scores were -10, +4, -23, +26, +26tp.

In the semi-finals, Gabrielle beat the defending champion, Jenny Clarke (New Zealand) 3-1 while Miranda defeated Alison Sharpe (Australia) 3-0.


2015 GCWC – Qualifying Tournament

2015 Golf Croquet World Championship Qualifying Tournament

  • Dates: Tuesday, 3 to Thursday 5 February 2015
  • Venues: Morrinsville Croquet Club and Claudelands (Hamilton) Croquet Club
  • Headquarters: Morrinsville Croquet Club

    Manager:         Joan Jenkin, 110A Studholme St, Morrinsville, New Zealand

                            Tel: (07) 889 6789



        Asst. Mgr:      Geoff Young, 202A Tower Rd, Matamata, New Zealand

                               Tel: (07) 888 4995


Entries may be sent to either the Manager or Assistant Manager Entry Fee: NZ$60


  1. Entries close with the Managers on Monday 19th January 2015.
  2. Places may be limited. Entries will be accepted in grade order up to 7th December 2014 and thereafter in order of application.
  3. Overseas players may pay entry on arrival at tournament.
  4. The top four players will be awarded places in the Golf Croquet World Championship.