2023 Women’s Golf Croquet World Championship

The 2023 Women's Golf Croquet World Championship will be held at Sussex County Croquet Club in West Sussex, England between Monday 7th August to Monday 14th August 2023.

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The dedicated Event Website  is now live. This is where player bios, the draw and other useful information will be posted as it becomes available.


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Qualifying Competition
A Qualifying Tournament will be held from 3rd August to 5th August 2023 at  Eastbourne, Sussex.

How to enter
The qualifier can be entered via the English CA's Online Tournament Entry System, which is found on the Compete page of the CA Website. To enter you must first register for (or renew) a Reciprocal Rights Account. If you have any problems, you can contact the CA Office (caoffice.org.uk) for assistance. Once submitted, the office should take approximately one working day to provide the necessary access so that you may enter online.

Main Event Format

The 56 players will form 8 blocks of 7 players each generated in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 4.  All matches will be best-of-3 13-point games.  Matches will generally be single-banked, with double banking only used if scheduling so requires.  Except in emergency conditions, games will be played without time limits.

Qualification for Knock-Out Stage: the top 4 players from each block will qualify for the WGCWC Knock-Out Stage.  Ties on match wins for qualifying places will be resolved in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 6.  Non-qualifiers will be eligible for the Plate Event.

Knock-Out Stage:  the Knock-Out stage will be drawn and seeded conforming to the WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 7 Section B.  It will be single-banked, except in emergency conditions, and played without time limits. Knock-Out Round 1, 2 and quarter-final matches will be best-of-3 13-point games. Semi-final and Final will be best-of-5 13-point games.

The Plate: this will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 2 and will consist of block play followed by a knock-out stage.

The Bowl: this event is open to all players who lose in the first round of the Knock-Out Stage and will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 4.

The Shield: this event is open to all players who lose in the second round of the Knock-Out Stage and will be played in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations Appendix 8 paragraph 5.

Z Event: the TM or a deputy will manage a Z Event for all players who have been eliminated from all other events but wish to continue to play.

Hours of play: players should be available to start play at 9.30 am each day.  There are no floodlights at the club but at this time of year the light will be good enough to play until at least 8.00 pm.

Practice:  players will be able to practice from 9.15 am each day on their allocated court and for 5 minutes before the first game of each match.

Lawns: SCCC has 11 full size croquet courts available.  A speed in the range 10-12 Plummers is anticipated assuming normal weather conditions.

Hoops: the hoops used will be Aldridge Competition Quadway hoops [6.3.23 please note change to hoop type that will be used], set as specified in the WCF Sports Regulations (as close as possible to, but not less than, 1/32” clearance).  Hoop alignments, widths and firmness will be checked prior to the start of play and at the beginning of main event matches.  Players themselves will be permitted to firm up the hoops by gently tapping with a suitable mallet before playing a hoop stroke.

Balls: Dawson balls will be used.

Practice: players wishing to practise before the event starts will be welcome at SCCC between 12pm and 4.30 pm on Sunday, 6th August, though some lawns may be unavailable at times for maintenance and hoops will not be set to tournament standards.

Opening Ceremony: A formal opening ceremony will be held at SCCC on Sunday 6th August with a light finger buffet.

Accommodation and Travel: SCCC is easily accessible by train or car from London or Gatwick Airport.  SCCC is close to Brighton and Worthing which are large urban areas with a wide range of hotels bed and breakfast and rental properties.  A list will be put on the event website with contact details.  The area attracts a lot of visitors in the summer. Players should be aware that early booking of accommodation is essential.

We anticipate that most players will stay in accommodation in the Brighton to Worthing area and so will be able to reach SCCC by public transport if they have not hired cars.  It is suggested that players find accommodation within 20 miles (32 km) of SCCC.

Catering and Social:  SCCC, has a long-established tradition of providing good quality home cooked lunches with kitchen facilities in the club house and a team of volunteers who cater throughout the season.
Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea would be available for sale to all players at all venues. SCCC also has a bar that will be staffed throughout the Event.

Internet, publicity and Communications
Wireless internet connections will be available. Live streaming is expected to be arranged on some days. A dedicated website for the event will be available a few months before the event starts.

Main Event Key Dates

Invitation Date


This is the date that Members will be formally invited to send players to participate in this event.

Response Date


This is the date by which Member nominations for Ranking and Wild Card places must have been received by the WCF Management Committee. Members must also specify the number of Membership Places they wish to take up and RCO's should advise if they would like to request a Membership Place.

Allocation Date


The World Ranking List to be used to determine the initial allocation of Ranking Places is that published at the end of the Allocation Date. 

Announcement Date


By this date the breakdown of places will be advised and players awarded an Initial Ranking Place or Wild Card will be announced.

Closing Date


This is the last date Members can nominate players for their Membership Places. Within 1 to 2 days the MC will announce recipients of Membership Places and Replacement Ranking Places.

Player Contact Details & Bios


This is the date by which players are asked to provide their contact details, bio's and a headshot photo. 

Entry Fee Due Date


Per Sports Regn Appendix 2 6.1. Any players awarded a place on the Announcement Date will lose their place if they have not paid by this date.

Main Event Cut-off Date


This is the date after which returned places are generally filled by creating extra Qualifier Places instead of Replacement Ranking Places.

Qualifier Key Dates

Qualifier Entries open


Entries will open upon publication of the CA Fixtures Book (on-line and in print)

Qualifier Allocation Date


Entries received by this date will be accepted in ranking position order as shown in the Qualifier Ranking List.

Qualifier Closing Date


Last date any players will be accepted into this event.

Key Personnel

Chairman of Organising Committee

Jonathan Isaacs

Tournament Director

Tim King

Tournament Manager

Mike Town

WCF Event Lead

Debbie Lines

CA Event Lead

Ian Lines

Tournament Referee

Ian Cobbold


John Low

Soha Mostafa and Hanen Aref at the GC Worlds at the 2019 GC Women's World Championship from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

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