WCF Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship 2019

The WCF Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship 2019 will be held at the Nottingham Croquet Club in England from Saturday, 20 July to Wednesday, 24 July 2019 in accordance with version 4.9 of the Event Regulations and version 8.9 of the Sports Regulations.


24 entries remain confirmed and are shown below (ordered by country and surname).

If a player with a Membership Place withdraws, their WCF Member may nominate an eligible replacement within 14 days.


1 Jamie Gumbrell AUS
2 Mohamed Rashad EGY
3 Yasser Sayed EGY
4 Karim Yasser Amaar EGY
5 Euan Burridge ENG
6 Callum Johnson ENG
7 Nathan Bullen NZL
8 Isobel-Alan Ward NZL
9 Edmund Fordyce NZL
10 Jeffrey Gatchell NZL
11 Jason Hodgett NZL
12 Kaleb Small NZL
13 Christopher Spittal NZL
1 Charles Sharpe AUS
2 Smilla Vinnen DEU
3 James Galpin ENG
4 Eden Rogers ENG
5 Albie Willetts ENG
6 Santiago Alvarez-Sala Jnr ESP
7 Nils Reisners LVA
8 Logan McCorkindale NZL
9 Eleanor Ross NZL
10 Jared Bassman USA
11 Blake Fields USA