WCF launch GC Referee WhatsApp Group

The WCF are pleased to announce the launch of a WhatsApp group called ‘WCF Global GC Referee Queries’.

The purpose of this WhatsApp Group is to provide a platform for addressing queries relating to unusual refereeing incidents or unclear interpretations of the GC Rules in order to establish a unified global approach.

Queries will be raised by national moderators, who have been nominated by their local governing body.  Answers will be provided by the Chair of the WCF GC Rules Committee – currently Stephen Mulliner.

Referees with queries should address them in the first instance to their local moderator, contact details for this person can be obtained from your national governing body.

At the moment this group is for GC Refereeing queries only. We are keen to see whether the use of WhatsApp for this purpose is successful before setting up an AC group as well.