Vacancy for an ERC Event Co-ordinator

The European Regional Committee (ERC) are recruiting for someone to administer the European Championships. The role will involve managing all the admin required for these events. Typically, the ERC schedule two to three events each year. The European Club League may be added to this role for the 2026 season onward. The administration for each championship event includes:

  • Initiating the event – this involves emailing Members the Invitation via email and website notifications.
  • Managing all follow up emails and communications with Members.
  • Collecting and managing the entries via an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Liaising with Tournament Group to agree the event structure e.g. player numbers and format.
  • Publishing the award of places to Members and on the website.
  • Liaising with the WCF Treasurer to ensure all Entry Fees are received and chasing players for these.
  • Requesting the Player Information via a Google Form and tracking receipt.
  • Setting up a Player and Officials WhatsApp group.
  • Managing any player withdrawals in line with the regulations.
  • Liaising with the host organising committee as Event Lead.
  • Ensuring the WCF website and Facebook pages are regularly updated with Event news.
  • Setting up the post event Player survey and then collating and summarising the feedback received.

These activities are managed through email, Google forms and most importantly Excel. An excel template will be provided but may need tailoring for each event. The role holder should therefore have some proficiency in the use of spreadsheets. The role holder will be expected to attend the ERC monthly online meetings, and join in debates, but will not be a voting member of the committee.

Training will be provided by Debbie Lines, the current WCF Secretary-General with additional support from Roberts Stafeckis, the current ERC Chair to whom this role will report.

An honorarium of £250 per event managed, will be payable.

The post is expected to start early September, in time for the start of the admin cycle for the 2025 events, invitations for which are due to be sent out in October.

If interested, please email Debbie Lines for more information or to apply. Applications close 31st July 2024.