The Rules of Golf Croquet

The Rules of Golf Croquet

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The Rules of Golf Croquet are published by the WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee under the auspices of the WCF Council which has the final responsibility for approving changes in the Rules under WCF Statute 107.3.  The terms of reference of the GCRC are set out in WCF Statute 107.4.

The GCRC consists of a representative of each of the five largest GC playing countries and an additional member whi is appointed by the other WCF Members.

The GCRC expects to publish a new edition of the Rules every three or four years.  The current edition is the 4th Edition which the WCF voted to adopted with effect from 23 November 2013.

Members of the WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee:

 Gordon Smith (chairman)  New Zealand
 Gordon Matthews  Australia
 Georg Dej  Canada (and other WCF Members)
 Amir Ramsis  Egypt
 Tim King  England
 Mohamed Kamal  USA

Introduction to the 2013 Golf Croquet Rules

This follows two years of deliberations by the WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee on possible changes to the Rules. The prime intention has been to clarify the wording throughout and to produce changes where players have shown concern about some of the Rules. Naturally, not all of the Committee and our advisors have felt the same way about all of the Rules discussed, but we have probably considered nearly every possible variation that would make any sense. It has not been easy, given the wide range of player skill, physical ability and determination, the differences in cultures and the age range of players for whom we are providing an environment. We have arrived at a set of Rules that we believe will be acceptable to most players, without being totally unacceptable to any. We appreciate the efforts made by those of our respondents who contributed suggestions for improvements to the draft Rules.

The 2013 Rules of Golf Croquet can be found at 2013 Golf Croquet Rules

A commentary on the changes in the 2013 Edition can be found at 2013 Golf Croquet Rules – commentary on changes

The 2015 Official Rulings to be applied to the 2013 Rules can be found at 2013 Golf Croquet Rules – current Official Rulings