Swiss Tournament Management Spreadsheet – updated 8th May 2024

Tournament Management Spreadsheet *Updated May 2024 to fix bug in Mar 24 version*

This a macro-driven Excel spreadsheet designed to assist Tournament Managers to run both formal and flexible Swiss tournaments.

It generates automated pairings, lawn allocations and results tabulation. Formal Swiss pairings are in accordance with the CA Tournament Regulations.

There is also an auto-management mode to allow the players to manage, whilst the Tournament Manager plays!

Download the spreadsheet: Swiss Tournament Managemennt Spreadsheet version V7.1.4

The following documents may also be downloaded: 

Tournament Management Manual V7.1

Tournament Management Quick Start Guide V7.1

Sample Auto Manage Player Instructions


I am having problems downloading the spreadsheet?
As the spreadsheet contains macros you may have have to amend your virus software settings to allow it to be downloaded.  For example, With Norton anti virus software, Excel can give a 'file corrupt message' if opened automatically after the download but opens it OK if you subsequently manually open the file from your download directory.

How do I contact the developer?
Send an e-mail to
Does it work with Advantage GC?

One limitation is that it does not cope with Advantage GC games as it can not currently handle the possibility of a player having a -ve hoop score at the end of a game and  the winner of a game going to time actually having a lower hoop score than the loser.

Why does the downloaded spreadsheet already has data in it?
The download is set up as a partially complete tournament so you can see how the program looks and can immediately try entering results and scheduling games before having to set up your own tournament.