Nominations for WCF President and Management Committee

New WCF President – nominations due by 31st October

Ian Burridge, our current President, will finish his four-year term at the end of this year. Ian has indicated that he does not intend to stand for a second term. The Management Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his hard work over the past few years. His time in office has been strongly influenced by the epidemic and the need to delay and reschedule all our Championships, and he helped to guide us through these difficult times extremely well.

We are therefore inviting nominations. The WCF President is the outward, most senior face, of the WCF. The President is responsible for helping to set the forward Business Plan and then in steering the Management Committee towards its delivery. He or she chairs our meetings and leads our strategic and policy discussions. Presidents are elected for a four-year term and may stand for a second term if they wish.

Nominations are open now and will close on 31st October 2023. If on that date, we have more than one candidate, we will move to a Member vote.

Two positions on Management Committee – nominations due by 31st October

As well as a new President, two members of the Management Committee finish their terms at the end of this year: Samir Patel and Hal Denton. They may choose to stand again, however, we would encourage new candidates to make themselves available.

The Nomination Process

All nominations, whether for President or the Management Committee, must be made via the Member Organising body to the Secretary-General and may be submitted by Full or Associate Members. Nominees may come from a Recognised Croquet Organisation (RCO) but must be nominated by a Member.

All nominations for these positions must be authorised in writing or by email by the candidate and by an appropriate officer of the nominating Member. Nominations must be accompanied by a brief résumé of the candidate’s personal details and their objectives as President or MC Member. They must be received by the Secretary-General no later than the 31st October 2023. A headshot photo would also be appreciated.

Election – if there are more candidates than open positions, there will be a Council Election. The process for this will be circulated should it become necessary.

Nominations for President should also indicate whether the person wishes to stand for election to the Management Committee, should they be unsuccessful as President.

For more information, please see this short document containing some relevant extracts from the WCF Regulations.  WCF President and Management Committee Nomination process

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Debbie Lines: Secretary-General by email -