Hong Kong Croquet Association joins WCF as RCO

The Management Committee are pleased to announce that the newly formed Hong Kong Croquet Association (HKCA) meets the requirements to join the WCF as a Recognised Croquet Organisation (RCO).

Our contact there, Tom Ingram, has been working with the Hong Kong authorities for some time now to get the HKCA formalised and approved. They have two clubs, the Hong Kong Cricket Club with 27 members and the Hong Kong Club with 15 playing members. Their website is in production and a link to that on the Members page will be shared soon.

In 2022 the HKCC hosted 4 tournaments and ran a league from Sept to April. These tournaments were singles and doubles Association and singles and doubles Golf. They have plans to hold National Championships next April.

Please offer them a warm welcome, and if you are in Hong Kong, why not get in touch and pay them a visit.