GC Rules 6th Edition – Consultation Draft published * Interim Update 22-12-21 *

** Update ** 22nd December 2021
The GC Rules committee has shared an interim update of the proposed changes, following feedback received so far through this consultation. The Interim Update document below includes a Changes Log and the Rules in the form that will be submitted to Members for approval in due course if no further changes are thought necessary.  The Rules are also fully commented in the text to explain the reasons for each change.

The purpose of sharing this document now is to allow further feedback to the WCF GCRC before the consultation closes on 15 January 2022.

Your attention is also drawn to the fact that the WCF GCRC will not reach a final view on the responses to the two Consultation Questions concerning Rules 5.1 and 10.5 until the end of the Consultation Period.  The draft alternative wordings are on page 45 of the Rules section of the Interim Update document.

6th Ed public consultation Rules Version 21Dec21 Interim Update

Original Post
The WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee has published a Consultation Draft of the proposed 6th Edition of the WCF Rules of Golf Croquet. The relevant documents are:

6th Ed public consultation_Introductory Statement
6th Ed public consultation_Rules
6th Ed public consultation_Comparison with 5th Edition
6th Ed public consultation_Consultation Questions

Comments on the Draft are welcomed from all interested parties and should be made via your Governing Body or its Golf Croquet Rules Committee.

The Consultation Period ends on 15 January 2022 and it is hoped that the final form of the 6th Edition will be in place by early next year.