GC Ranking Changes – to be implemented 18th December

On 13th December WCF Members approved some technical changes to the GC Ranking System.

The changes have been made to reduce artificially low grades in some of our developing Member countries. This is caused by two main issues: i) low grades set when players first start, and ii) insufficient exposure to players from other countries, causing a ‘closed system’, which keeps grades deflated.

Many players will notice a minor change to their GC grade when this is implemented on 18th December 2022. The changes are likely to be higher for those from our developing countries, in particular Spain and Latvia, but the impact of the changes will extend out to all players.

For those interested in the details, Appendix 5: GC Algorithm of the Ranking Regulations will be re-published within the next few days on this website.

Please share this information with your clubs and federations by whatever media you have available, this will ensure as few players as possible are surprised by the change.