First heat of the European Club League takes place in the Algarve

This first heat was greeted with beautiful weather with no clouds whatsoever.

The four competing teams of Roehampton, Vilanueva, Algarve and SigLig all arrived safely and had a little practice on Friday evening.

Each day started with 30 minutes practice/preparation and then continued with 45 minutes games double-banking on our 2 lawns. We applied a 4-minutes rule to avoid delays.

All games went smoothly except for 2 where players forgot to measure their starting time, but these were resolved to achieve a fair result for both sides.

Each day we had a nice lunch at the club house from 13.00 to 14.00 and on Saturday we enjoyed lovely Portuguese food in the best restaurant in the area. Our club arranged the Buggy Bar right next to the lawn and provided cakes and biscuits for everyone free of charge.

As expected, the 1st place goes to Roehampton Team after they managed to win all 3 matches and were clearly the best squad by a comfortable margin.

All teams enjoyed the event thoroughly and assessed the quality of the lawns as good. There were no complaints received, so all in all, a great success.


The players in the first heat in the Algarve

The Algarve Croquet Club (stock photo)