ERC Update – February 2024

Minutes of ERC Meeting Date: 16.02.2024

Participants: Roberts Stafeckis, Andrés Alvarez-Sala, Michael Böer, José Alvarez-Sala,  Debbie Lines, Begoña Elzaburu
Apologies: Alan Looney, Duncan Caterall

1. GC EC - Event Lead - Andres
Allocation of Ranking Places:  EC will have 32 places. As there are assumed 20 membership places to be awarded there will be 12 ranking places available. Entry is high, so it was agreed to explore options to increase the field size.  [March update - Following discussions with the Tournament Director and the host club it was agreed to keep the entry size to 32]

2. GC WEC - Event Lead - Begona
General discussions re entry numbers. 38 entries for field of either 32 or 28 - to be discussed further.  Debbie to work with Begona to train her on the responsibilities of Event Lead.

3. AC EC - Event Lead - Alan
Very few entries so far 19 applicants will fill the membership places. Alan was excused from attending the meeting.

4. European Club League
There were more entries than places. All participating teams have been informed about their heat to play. In case a club is participating in ECL with two teams it was clarified that the entry fee of 60 € is due for each team and not per club.

5. GC U21 EC 2025
Confirmation of Czechia as Preferred Bidder. It was decided that GC U21 EC 2025 shall be awarded to Telc, Czech Republic. They have 2 lawns now but another two lawns will be ready until next year. Event Lead will be Michael.

6. GC EC 2025
Event bid from Budleigh Salterton bid from Budleigh Salterton received.

Next meeting will be held on 13th March.

Michael 22.02.2024