Development Projects – Updates

Brian Lozano has been in touch to say that he had a catalogue or GC matches on Youtube already in place and has since already added an AC catalogue too, they can be found here San Diego Croquet Youtube Link Brian is happy to collaborate with anyone who thinks they can help build on this resource and help with the non-Youtube material.
Following a suggestion from Sally Harper (Australia) that an online croquet quiz might be a good idea we were inclined to agree, although we do not see it as a WCF Development Project. We have contacted Chris Clarke and he has agreed to host an on-line “World Croquet Quiz”. He intends to hold quizzes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting next Tuesday 7th April. The times and further details will be posted to the Notts List, Australian List, Facebook and WCF Website in due course.
We have added a further project to the list of ideas, a Club Court Booking System and this is one of the projects where we currently have a live lead. We also have initial leads on #1 Established Croquet at other sports venues, #6 creating video content to attract young players and #8 League Management.
The original annoucement with a full list of projects can be found here